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What's amazing is how good it makes Ashley look. Not hard to do, mind you, when "looking good" entails having a single brain cell about the issue at hand. And the spine to back it up.

It's amazing how the old podcasts have aged so well in comparison.* They just talk about whatever like normal people, and that was par for the course, rather than being noteworthy. Once again, Burnie seems to have made the right call in getting the fuck out. Though I do wonder about his skeletons in the closet, if what I've heard about Barbara (being the office bicycle) and his ex-wife (dumped almost explicitly for Ashley) are true.

* Aged well in that they're listenable, not that there's not some severe irony in old RT's opinions, politics, and friendships now.


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Come on, man. YouTube and its productions (or at least some of them) have come a way since the mid to late 2000s and the days of Windows Movie Maker.

i just have family who have worked in hollywood with actual showrunners and directors.

fiona getting to shout at her coworkers as they ad-lib through a youtube video series isn't exactly the same i feel.


The best jazz player around.
All I'm just trying to say is that YouTube can have at least decent production quality stuff sometimes. What level Fiona can reach...I'm not sure it's very high.

yeah for sure, Kobra Kai started out as a youtube thing, I have no trouble calling that a real show.

pretty much anything roosterteeth has made I wouldn't consider a real show, aside from RvB and RWBY.

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