Rotisserie Chicken Mook-bong 09/15/19 - Day 89 of 100

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I pulled off your wings, and I laughed.
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Couple things:
1) This really drove my hate for her to a new depth
2) She is so painfully unfunny that it’s hard to listen to
3) “IM NOT EVEN LYING RIGHT NOW” yes because usually you are, so thanks for clarifying
4) She’s self conscious about burping but not about being 600 lbs and eating a family sized chicken
5) “I’ve never had a muscle” true
No but she farts and breaks furniture.


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imagine making nearly 200k a year from barely lifting a finger but to be so repulsive and vile and self disfigured and immobilized that even 99% of survival sex workers and people in brutal manual labor jobs barely living paycheck to paycheck STILL would never trade places with you.


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You're totally right. The thing that struck me is not moving a portion of it to a separate plate. Who doesn't use a second plate and carve off some rotisserie chicken?
A bitch who wants to put her nasty paws all over the thing so no one else in the house wants it.

I’m willing to bet she ate that veggie platter, changed shirts and then ate the chicken. That chicken is one of those that comes in a plastic bubble from WalMart.

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Well. The one perk of her being such a contemptible sack of human shit, is that when the Devil himself finally takes her rotten soul, nobody has to feel bad about it.

She died doing what she loved, after all. :tomgirl:

I kinda like that she's not even giving the pretense of trying anymore. Nothing's beneath her. I fully expect her to do some kind of mukbang/asmr video of her just eating a giant cake and farting for the feeders. She'll call the new series FART WITH ME 💨✨🍰 | Having My Cake And Eating It Too. People will watch and she will still get paid.

Bless her heart. She's got nothing else at this point. :noticeme:


Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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Clickbait per usual. She's trying to bait viewers by making them think a fat girl is about to devour a chicken on camera. Then she turns the tables and daintily rips pieces of meat from the carcass, doesn't quite finish. So people will think "Wow! She has restraint!" But once the camera turns off she will start ripping chunks off, dunking the meat into various dipping sauces while sucking her fingers. GG.
My guesses are Ranch and Honey Mustard. Two deathfatty staples.

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Apparently eating a third of a rotisserie chicken is healthy :story: we know this bitch ate all of it off camera nikocado style. Amber you never fail to be the shithead that keeps on foaming at the mouth with diarrhea.

Also there are some nice passive aggressive comments thrown in here and there.. she must be seething and losing her shit over yesterday's events but her narc brain is still figuring out a way to do damage control. Sorry Amber but when the only thing your mind can cook up is the equivalent of your slop soups you're not going to have much luck. Praying for an extra hilarious shitstorm:optimistic:

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