Rotisserie Chicken Mook-bong 09/15/19 - Day 89 of 100


Fix animated profile pics @Null you gutless mothe
Lol, talkin smack about vegans when she's stuffing her face full of a whole fucking chicken.
And the way she says "lets not talk about that right now" at 2:50, and then moaning and stuffing her maw-just wow, eating to this women is the equivalent of orgasming.

El_Guapo's Sweater

Mental things is scary!!!!
She always looks like she’s so confused by food. “Why, what’s this? Rotisserie chicken you say? What a new and interesting flavor to me!” Fat gorls will work harder to emulate the qualities of healthy people than they will to just get healthy. Christ
Exactly .. like she hasn't devoured 2 whole chickens in one sitting before? And who are these other mook-bongers who do it? 400 lb. thinner people than she?? Hmmm .. so yes, you are equal Hamber .. troll along you nasty wench ..

Cuck Duck

Ducky Mo Ducky Momo, he's your very best friend!
I never thought she could beat the sausage and potato debacle, but here we are. Oh, and the chickpeas and rice. View attachment 937141
She's so fat and sick that she ACTUALLY looks good in this picture by comparison, even with messy hair!
Okay, maybe not that good by comparison, but still by a worrying degree

Turd Blossom

Yo, She-Bitch. Let's Go.
True & Honest Fan
Holy shit this was an especially bizarre, manic, lip-smacking, bone-sucking nightmare - even for Amber.

I'm glad she took a moment to shout out her many vegan fans who undoubtedly watch her channel for guidance, expert diet tips and ah-mazeeen recipe ideas like "ants on a log" and "microwaving frozen eggrolls".

Sorry Vegans.png
SecureLynn would like us all to know that unlike other youtubers she does not find it necessary to tell us to "thumbs up" the video, "leave a comment" and "subscribe the notification bell" - she just CANNOT do that y'all. Our gorl is very mature and knows that we'll do those things without her haranguing us.

After 15 minutes of being ear-raped by horrific sucking, smacking and slurping noises and bearing witness to our gluttonous gorl deepthroat a chicken carcass, thankfully we are informed that she's got everything under control.


In a stunning and brave moment of self-reflection, Amber has had a life-altering revelation: She's HEALTHY y'all! She just needs to start eating better!!

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