Rotisserie Chicken Mook-bong 09/15/19 - Day 89 of 100


I’m Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife.
lezbereal after she picked the skin off she needed some sort of dipping sauce (probably ranch) to stomach the rest of it. lean protein or hell even semi lean protein like the dark meat in the chicken isn't exactly our gorls' jam. If it's not loaded with salt or deep fried even rotisserie chicken meat isn't rich enough for our gorl.

fun related fact: Arnold's post workout meal was sometimes an entire rotisserie chicken and a six pack.

But our gorl ain't burning no 2K calories in the gym every day.
hell yeah, arnie. get those gains. i’ve seen some of the rock’s recovery meals, too. he’ll eat a plate full of fries and two gigantic ass burgers. he eats 5k calories a day and 10 lbs of food. it takes eating like a beast to look like a beast, i guess.

it always, always amazes me to ponder her experience with taste. this rotisserie chicken looks cooked to shit which means it’s dry and stringy. it doesn’t appear to have any spices, except for maybe salt and pepper. she didn’t have any kind of dipping sauce to make it even remotely palatable, not even tabasco. and she immediately dove into the crusty part of a scalded wing and started sucking, claiming it has the “most flavor.” as somebody who claims to be wholly unable to taste food anymore (and i believe her), her binge choices baffle me.

as an avid mspl viewer, deathfats cannot get enough of the trifecta: salt, sugar, and fat. they eat entire pizzas, whole tubs of ice cream. they chicken and gravy smothered biscuits, full of spices and salt and made with full-fat cream. a lot of fast food, particularly saucy burgers and whatnot. their tastebuds are decimated so it takes strong tasting, flavorful food and a lot of it to chase the high. i would love to see her intro. not just because they would show her bare laygees while she’s showereen, you heathens, but because i would love to see her real and raw binge experience. i don’t know if she’s just fueling her dainty fire by pretending she likes old people food - bland and tasteless and dry - while she secretly indulges in foods with a cocktail of spices and sugars and lard or becky funnels weight gain milkshakes into her maw every night so she can keep her subscriber count up. or if she genuinely sits around all day and wastes her life over indulging on dry ass rotisserie chicken and shitty brand-less grain bread.

not to mention, it almost feels... wasteful? like, let loose, gorl. you’re nearly 600 lbs. if you’re going to give up, at least die young eating some good tasting food goddamn.

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