Careercow Roy "Dr. P" Philipose - Delusional "Super Genius" Who Gets Assblasted by Trolling Daily; Tried to ask Elon Musk for a CEO Job.


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There's one more thing I want to share, and it's rather big. So big, in fact, that I need some help sorting through it.
If anybody is willing to dedicate an hour of their time to take some notes and/or write a short summary, please message me (I need about 9 people).


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Did dear Mr. Philipose with his totally real job in finance run away from the challenge or what?


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You do think of yourself as a level 2 supergenius, and here's the proof:
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Be prepared for some high-class autism when I drop the rest of this vid.
I would truly like to know what constitutes "level 2 super genius?" Who came up with this quantifier? Why does Dr.P here think this phrase is something that is in common use? Did he read it somewhere in a book like "The Secret" or some other woo to solve all of your problems while making you rich,or did he invent it?

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Take a shot every time he says hmm.
Why does Dr.P here think this phrase is something that is in common use?
He knows it's not common use. Do you know how psychologists, lawyers and other intellectual professionals will sometime throw words around to low-key show some concept you're trying to grasp is so commonplace to them that they even have a word for it that you're not familiar with? This is how Roy uses it - to show you he's so much smarter he's even"level 2 right brained".

But you know, when lawyers could tell you something about "preponderance of evidence", the best Roy can come up with is "super genius" ?‍♀ if it sounds infantile, that's because it is.

Speaking of big words, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a name for someone who is so unaware of how unskilled they are that they actually think they're above-average. Dr Philosoposer is basically the living embodiment of it when saying shit like this.


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Not sure if this has been posted already, but Roy had another website:
The site redirects to a blog, which is now invite-only.

I was able to find an archive here:

edit: If you bother to check the sites that he links to, you're gonna find some garbage reporting, fyi.
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You ever read something and think, "This person has no idea what they're talking about"?
All the time, but it's rare someone's this up their own ass.

"It seems people only want to listen to their politicians and school teachers, rather than individuals like me, who have a good idea of what is going on. That is bad. Most politicians are lost. I am not."

I can't understand Roy's genius because I listened to my freshman-year Economics course professor and my local elected official. They're so lost in life.


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It takes a special kind of moron to think "I spent 12 years and $120,000 getting a very basic college education. I then failed to get any well-paid jobs in the time since. This is not evidence that I am stupid. It is in fact evidence that I am super smart, and college is, in fact, bad."

College/university isn't for everyone, especially arrogant dimwits like Roy. But plenty of people do just fine with their degrees. He's just very, very stupid.