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My question is how do you get the normies on board? They make the bulk of the user base of everything, and are a key part of modern site traffic. How are you gonna get them to even bother with RSS?
all hope is lost for the normies. the bottom line is that for anyone who actually gives a shit and wants to be the slightest bit epistemically responsible, something like RSS and other forms of personally curating one's content (like just going to your favorite news sources directly) should be more widely known.

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the video in the OP is actually not too bad. it's actually great advice: if you dont want to worry about being censored or unpersoned on the internet, build your own website. the great thing about this advice is that unlike some other advice, it doesnt seem to have a time limit, since presumably, no matter what, you'll always be able to make your own website, at least if you have the know-how. i do not. a thread on how to do that might be neat too (the zillions of sites on "how to set up your own website" notwithstanding)
In addition to what everyone else said, Luke Smith, the guy who made the video in the OP, will probably be doing some videos on making your own site soon, and he's pretty good at making this type of tech stuff accessible and understandable.
Is this a Discord clone, or more likely the thing discord copied?
I'm pretty sure Discord came before Riot/Matrix, but Riot is better because it's based on an open standard, it's more decentralized, and it doesn't steal your data and sell it like Discord does.

The problem besides publishers gimping it is that the big companies want you to get a specially curated news feed from Google or Facebook where an algorithm picks and chooses what you should be reading. This also makes blacklisting of "problematic" news sites such as Fox News, Breitbart, and especially InfoWars a lot easier as well.
The recommendation algorithms are a significant advantage for Facebook and the like. I’m surprised that the area hasn’t seemed to receive much attention for RSS.


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Is this a Discord clone, or more likely the thing discord copied?
The Matrix protocol (which Riot is a client for) is an open source federated protocol that allows for Slack/Discord like features (persistent chat logs, voice/video, rich text) in addition to optional E2E encrypted chat.

The fact it's federated allows you to connect to other Matrix servers (called "homeservers") via your own homeserver. You can think of this like email. Your email provider can ban you, but other email providers can only block you from sending messages to them. You can see me demonstrating the federation feature in my screenshot by viewing the Linux chat hosted on the main official homeserver via the KF server. I never directly connect to the official Matrix homeserver.

Now only if KiwiFarms displayed most recent post instead of the OP every time.
Is there an easy way to rss-ify threads
There are scripts out there to convert any page to a feed. With a little URL trick that always redirect to the last page of a thread, it is easy to keep tabs on hundreds of threads (or any page, really). That is what I do.

besides Facebook, Youtube, Reddit
Reddit still offers good RSS feeds, so I would not group it with these others.
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If you're REALLY loony you could probably make a crappy beautifulsoup script to scrape your website of choice. Luckily most forum software includes RSS (As most forum software fits into this spectrum of unpopular self hosted technology)

Also, how is the matrix specification as compared to IRC? I looked into IRC and there's tons of cruft and hacks needed for modern usage (Mostly string stuff but theres a few other cases IIRC) which isn't all that well documented in one single place. How easy would it be to make a simple shit client?

Edit: Also, how low power is the specification? Could I run it on an Amiga or an old DOS pc for instance? (Worst case scenario)
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If you're REALLY loony you could probably make a crappy beautifulsoup script to scrape your website of choice
That could have almost been me, only I am not loony: mine is not crappy, is not in python and works wonderfully.
Currently, from my 5000 feeds, 80% are scrapped.

Luckily most forum software includes RSS
Even if they do offer some RSS, scrapping is almost always better.

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