Ruby Rose undergoes emergency surgery after stunt injury almost leaves her paralyzed - Aka: Batwoman actor in New Socjus Infested Series gets her Back Baned by the Karma.

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Somewhere out there, johnny knoxville is laughting about another dumb actor almost crippling itself even though they have all the security in the world


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What she's trying to say is she wants to make sure the doctors didnt fuck up and leave a toolbox and a bag of rubber bands in her back before stitching her back up. Video proof of evidence.

Evidence is one thing, but editing and posting it on social media is another. Seems more like it's for shock clicks/attention.


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It would have helped her play Batwoman tbh.

They'd never actually have a complex and interesting character like that.

I'm not above laughing when bad things happen to horrible cunts. I'm just disappointed it only *almost* paralyzed her.

Weren't there a bunch of assholes just crowing about Interchangeable Nigger Manlet Comedian #3 almost being paralyzed, because fuck him and his mean jokes?


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Tom Cruise be like.


All this does is make me think that an Oracle series done right would kick so much arse.

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Bree Larson has set a terrible and dangerous precedent, one that hopefully Ruby Rose's fuck-up here will end.

Bree Larson's 'stunts' were pathetic. Tom Cruise does them because he's been doing them his entire career and probably could be a professional stuntman. Its not even something he brags about, he just does them because he likes it and feels its more authentic. People ask him because the stunts in the MI movie are insane. Like he is piloting the helicopter. He trained 16 hours a day for it. He's got a camera in it which he had to operate. He did a HALO jump. Because when he has that 'OH FUCK IM GONNA DIE' look as Ethan, its fucking real. I actually wonder how much insurance they have on it. And that underwater scene in Mission Impossible is one shot with Cruise holding his breath for six minutes. The shit he does is impressive and has massive dedication to it. Which is a problem, because unless you have that same dedication, these things are incredibly dangerous.

He also wants to give the audience as much entertainment as possible. Say what you will about Cruise, he loves his audience, doesn't belittle them and doesn't shit all over them when they shit on him. At least in public. He goes out of his way to make things entertaining and legitimately loves sci-fi and was the only reason Edge of Tomorrow got made. He allegedly spends hours with his fans and is great to the crew on his films and learns all their names and shit. Obviously living with him is something else, but there's a difference between meeting people who like you, your coworkers and your home life. But still, he doesn't shit over the people that like him.

Unlike these people. Even when Cruise stared in the worst bombs ever.

I don't wish bad on Ruby Rose, but they butchered Kate Kane for this. And she's been a snappy cunt to everyone with even the mildest criticisms. Also maybe this will put things into perspective: DON'T GET PARALYZED FOR A SHITTY C-TIER CW SERIES.

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A lot of people doesn't understand that stunt actors exist not because the actor could be unable to do the work (some, like Cruise, can), but because in case they get hurt, there are hudnreds of people who will be on halt as the production has to be delayed. Cruise gets away with it because he is Tom Fucking Cruise.



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Pretty slow curse this time.
How would "go vegan" fight Trump? This is why all of these awful celebrities are so annoying. They don't give a damn about Trump, they just use the Trump hate to promote their own petty issues.

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I remember Danny Trejo said something to the effect of leaving the stunt work to the stunt people, because if the stuntperson fucks themselves up, they can get another one. If the star fucks themselves up, it means that hundreds of crew members are out of a job. There are exceptions like Tom Cruise, but he gets away with it by being a hyper-dedicated nutjob who wants to make the most entertaining movie possible. A show on The CW really isn't worth getting fucked up over by comparison.

I wish her a speedy recovery politics or not, and it's kinda cool how her and Vince Neil are the only ones who said "Fuck it" and showed themselves going under the knife.