Ruby Rose undergoes emergency surgery after stunt injury almost leaves her paralyzed - Aka: Batwoman actor in New Socjus Infested Series gets her Back Baned by the Karma.

Wilhelm Bittrich

What a blatant display of poofery
May 27, 2019
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Pretty slow curse this time.

Thank you, Ruby, I'll just have decided where da missus and me are going to have diner tonight, they'll serve a really good Filet Mignon there.
Okay I get that these days everyone videos everything in their lives, especially celebrities, but was that fucking editing and music track really necessary to make it seem like it's a fucking soap? Jesus lady, your life was in serious danger, and I don't even like you. Please take your health more seriously and get well soon (you cunt).

Plenty of actors do their own stunts because the payoff is pretty sweet and the credibility eternal. Or dare you patronize a WOMAN, you shitlord!?

Two herniated discs = usually painful but not life threatening. Her life was in serious danger is an utter exaggeration.
Watch her fucking video, it's a standard surgery for herniated discs. Millions of Americans suffer from herniated discs,
but ofc The Bull Dykes (tm) life was at danger, my fucking ass.


It's MA'AM... tis.
Dec 21, 2018
"To anyone asking why I let them video it..Did you not watch that Greys anatomy episode where they left a towel in a patient??"
...I don't get it.

"Ruby Rose urges fans to fight Trump by going vegan"
...I don't get that, either.

I knew literally nothing about this lady before today, but so far she sounds kinda... Maybe it's more than just her spine that has issues.

I remember when she would pop up on Australian TV back in the day and it seemed like it was her goal to remind everyone at least once per appearance that she was a lesbian. It's really important that you know that. That she's a lesbian. Very important. Lesbian.

Bree Larson's 'stunts' were pathetic. Tom Cruise does them because he's been doing them his entire career and probably could be a professional stuntman. Its not even something he brags about, he just does them because he likes it and feels its more authentic. People ask him because the stunts in the MI movie are insane. Like he is piloting the helicopter. He trained 16 hours a day for it. He's got a camera in it which he had to operate. He did a HALO jump. Because when he has that 'OH FUCK IM GONNA DIE' look as Ethan, its fucking real. I actually wonder how much insurance they have on it. And that underwater scene in Mission Impossible is one shot with Cruise holding his breath for six minutes. The shit he does is impressive and has massive dedication to it. Which is a problem, because unless you have that same dedication, these things are incredibly dangerous.

He also wants to give the audience as much entertainment as possible. Say what you will about Cruise, he loves his audience, doesn't belittle them and doesn't shit all over them when they shit on him. At least in public. He goes out of his way to make things entertaining and legitimately loves sci-fi and was the only reason Edge of Tomorrow got made. He allegedly spends hours with his fans and is great to the crew on his films and learns all their names and shit. Obviously living with him is something else, but there's a difference between meeting people who like you, your coworkers and your home life. But still, he doesn't shit over the people that like him.

Unlike these people. Even when Cruise stared in the worst bombs ever.

I don't wish bad on Ruby Rose, but they butchered Kate Kane for this. And she's been a snappy cunt to everyone with even the mildest criticisms. Also maybe this will put things into perspective: DON'T GET PARALYZED FOR A SHITTY C-TIER CW SERIES.

I have a (joke) theory that Scientology are doing illegal cloning and have made multiple clones of Tom Cruise for this reason. In all seriousness though, as mad as he is I love his style.