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Forum threads don't do a good job of giving people space to talk about livestreams. For instance, if Boogie shows up on Ralph's livestream, what thread do you take it to? Where do you talk with other people while it happens?

This is the answer to that question. Feel free to post links, speculate about upcoming livestreams, talk about ongoing ones, etc. Don't worry too much about quality posting, but do try to give some context to what you're saying so people can follow in posterity.

If something major happens, try to write up summaries in relevant threads to keep everyone up to date.

Ralph's currently streaming.


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He's basically blaming Tonka, Zoom, and someone named Anal Vape have conspired against him.
Anal Vape is one of those guys who manages to insinuate himself into everything going on. he kind of came to prominence when he was doxxed by Joachim Hoch and Zoom, which lead to the Backyard Bloodsports split-up, the Killstream where Zoom was called a pedophile for saying (on record) that he made his girlfriend watch CP with him, and finally the IBS Apocalypse stream. He now runs a stream called the Shitshow, tries to join every Discord server and get admin/mod privs (*a la* Greatest Goyim).

Just a bit of the lore.


What I posted in the Jim thread:

It's interesting how it's a stream and not just a simple Vocaroo like when he took his IA channel down. Obviously he's been reading this thread and waiting for the last part of the dox to get posted so he can start it, which tells me there's something he's planning out.

We'll see what he has up his sleeve in the next half hour. With a wild card like Jim, you never know.
Like I wrote in his thread, my guess is that he will treat it like something he always called would happen and joke about how much of a nothingburger it is.
Then make all the snarky remarks that he knows the Sargonites will be making anyway, to beat them to it.
Hell yeah, the 8 Mile approach. It'd be cool to see him pull something like that, to say the least.

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Who else is excited for the Jim stream? I hope it's a trash fire myself

I think the stream will be in his normal fashion as long as he keeps a level head. If he gets emotional that's when the it will be fun. At the end of the day it not Jim's reaction that is important but it's all the hanger-ons.

I wonder if show like the killstream will keep the upward trend if Jim is not around because he was a big draw and I dont think ralph has enough personality to keep it up.


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I wish the poll was about what the stream was about like is 1. "Jim dying of his canceraids" 2. "Did jim get doxed" 3. "Is jim deleting his channel again because he got bored". But oh well. I hope this isn't "my MRI came back and my lung cancer is terminal stream."
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I hope it's a joke stream. If this nigga Jim leaves, knowing everyone else in the world's been pining for his dox, I am going to be very disappointed. I will have some sort of understanding, but I'll still be disappointed. It would really suck if he left again.

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Jim's been pretty careful. I'm skeptical that they were actually able to find his actual dox now.
That's why people know to call him jim, right? Or his paypal being the key to knowing his in Minnesota?

Hell yeah, the 8 Mile approach. It'd be cool to see him pull something like that, to say the least.
That only works when your problems are relatable and endearing. This guy is a degenerate drunk who can't go five minutes without getting in trouble with the law on the road. all our lives are trainwrecks, but this guy's life is an embarrassing dumpster fire. At 37 you should know better.
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