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Screaming crying perfect storms
Please, we don't. Let's leave the pearl clutching to the sweet summer children of r/rpdrcringe and r/rpdrdrama.

Frankly, given how those men spent months submitting tapes of them wanking and sticking fruits up their asses for vague promises of a role in some show, without suspecting anything amiss, they deserved what they got in the end.

I'm bringing this back from the dead. We NEED to discuss the Sherry Pie/Joey Gugliemelli/Allison Mossie scandal! TLDR; A current contestant has been disqualified for pretending to be a casting exec (Allison Mossie) and coercing erotic muscle building videos from multiple gay men (that included steroid use.) It's super fucked up and interesting. I think they need to cancel the show at this point.

Buzzfeed broke the story

NBC added more info
I don't think medua care that much unless the victim was a woman or it's a "hate crime".

I'm really surprised it took this long for something like this to happen. There have been allegations and/or rumours about at least three other queens being predatory towards young gay men and I'd say there's a few more that are just a lot more careful about covering their tracks. The drag scene full stop seems to have issues with boundaries, and the rpdr sub is no place to discuss it since they're a bunch of nervy hysterics.

I only found out previous competitor Peppermint was on I am Jazz by browsing the Jazz thread here, it didn't get a single mention on the subreddit. Probably because Jazz is a walking trainwreck and they can't acknowledge that Peppermint was wrong to get involved...
Sharon Needles got accused along with receipts of predatory behavior to some 15 year old girl.
Encouraged her to kill herself, blew weed smoke into her mouth, told her to cut deeper, whipped his dick out in front of her, pulled a knife, punched her, molested her, threatened to kill himself in front of her.

Also, Chi Chi DeVayne is dead at 34 due to sclerodermia.
edit: Forgot to mention Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez was arrested after spray painting the side of a house he had rented but had began squatting in
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