Rural Southern blacks -

Ped Xing

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Rural Southern blacks and rural Southern whites are very much distinguished only by skin color. About half the cowboys I know are black. If anything they're just slightly more likely to appreciate jazz, and dress a little more smartly.

Pitting the two groups against each other has been the tactic of elite Southern whites for 250 years or more.

Urban blacks are intolerable, but then, so are Yankees.

EDIT: Honestly when I say "Yankees," I mean urban whites. Northern rednecks are fine; they just talk funny.

Rogue Boob

Bish, please.
There are two kinds of people when it comes to Atlanta, either you love the place for some reason, or you have legit reasons to hate it.

Having grown up there, it wasn't all that bad until it metastasized and they handed the governance over to the entirely wrong crowd of people.
Now the roads are fucked all to hell, it's full of the wrong kind of Yankees, and the whole place smells of piss and diesel for some reason.
I won't deny there are some decent black communities down there, but you sure won't find them in the urban parts of town. From what I can tell they've mostly spread out eastward since Midtown got gentrified and the latinos and asians took over north Fulton and Gwinnett. Just visit or drive around, don't stay unless you have relatives.

Memphis is the crusty anus of the South and nobody can ever convince me otherwise.

Humans just weren't meant to live like sardines in a can. I'd rather know I have a neighbor and where his house is than be able to see him 24/7 from any given window.


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Houston is the Haiti of America
Every time I am passing through those big East Coast cities, all of the airport workers are black and speaking that Haitian Creole to each other. And every time I think I am hearing someone on the street talking French, I only have to wait a few more seconds to determine that it is really a Haitian talking Creole on the phone.
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Ped Xing

!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
Humans just weren't meant to live like sardines in a can. I'd rather know I have a neighbor and where his house is than be able to see him 24/7 from any given window.
I don't even know my only neighbor less than half a mile from me. He and his wife are nice folk who keep to themselves. I know his cattle though.

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