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Cultcow Russell Greer / @russellgreerofficialinstaSwift-Obsessed Sex Pest, Magical Star Buddy

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Cryin RN, May 1, 2017.

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Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Russell_Greer
  1. Lately in Russell:
    Rekieta, @Null and Sriracha read us a bedtime story (chapter 9 of Russell's book)
    Cow crossover with Sam Ambreen: Russell's investigating Null uh oh
    Russell subpoenaed a UPS store owner to find Taylor's address but the mean judge said the law doesn't work that way
    Russell is now e-infamous in China! feat. Kiwi Farms
    Russell was the subject of
    a Medium article focused on his stalking. Way to go, slugger! (archive)
    Russell wrote a response to his brothel legalization case (link goes to .pdf)

    2018 Taylor Swift Lawsuit Status:
    HE DID IT, THE MADMAN! Russell filed another lawsuit against Taylor Swift (multiple posts containing docs). Note that these posts contain his dox. Please refer to Kiwi Farms rules and the helpful message below.

    Taylor's lawyer's assistant got SERVED
    September 14th, 2018: Russell wrote a 91-page request for default judgement (searchable text here). But he served the wrong lawyers, and Taylor's actual lawyers request the judgement be denied.
    September 21st, 2018: Russell writes 31 pages arguing that NUH UH HE SERVED THEM RIGHT because he called a bunch of lawyer's offices and they didn't return his phone calls.
    September 26th, 2018: Russell submits his plans to serve Taylor, or just get the court to waive service. TaylorQuest 2018 continues.
    November 2018: Russell has failed to actually serve Taylor with papers. The judge has given him until January 2019 to serve or this lawsuit is over.
    December 2018: Russell filed an EMERGENCY MOTION (.pdf) to ask for more time to fail to serve Taylor. He's spending his time wisely by serving more UPS stores (.pdf #1, .pdf #2).
    January 2019: Russell still can't figure out how to serve Swift and requested another emergency extension.
    Feb 1, 2019: Russell's lawsuit denied by the judge for repeated failure to serve.

    13/1/2018: DO NOT CONTACT RUSSELL. This is a forum rule. Do not try to "help" him. Russell is prolific without any external prompting. This is what makes him entertaining.

    Lolcow Rundown:
    This guy came to my attention after an extremely cringey Facebook conversation between him and the object of his true affection, a random stripper, got posted to /r/niceguys. Reddit is full of weenies who won't post real names, but this is Kiwi Farms, and this guy is endless lolcontent. Russell is an ex-Mormon loveshy/litigiouscow with a visible congenital disability (Moebius Syndrome). He believes that this entitles him to pester hookers and tard hard all over Facebook. He's especially triggered by hot women that don't know him totally ignoring him. Unbelievably, this dude is uglier on the inside:


    Russell is the Florida Man of Utah. He attempted to open his own brothel after (he claims) a Vegas hooker stole $4000 from him. Pimpin' is obviously illegal in Utah, but that's totally mean because Russell gotta get his fuck on, so he tried to file a lawsuit against the Governor of Utah:
    spoiler it didn't work

    Russell's attempt to bring honest Libertarian values to the whores of Utah got dismissed in May 2018 (archive of article). His dreams of running a budget cathouse may be crushed, but he can still tilt at his original windmill...

    Russell vs. Taylor Swift
    He became newsworthy in 2016 for attempting to sue Taylor Swift for not using a song he wrote just for her.
    Instead she had the judge dismiss it, an act of bigotry graciously caught on camera by local news... What a heartless bitch *sigh* If only her PIG FACED MOM had actually died of cancer! Maybe he should have sent Tay a death threat instead:


    Dumped by TSwift's attorneys, he moved on. Until August of 2017, when, spurned by Miss Ariana Grande's agent's lawyer Greg Skordas, he decided he was writing a scathing tell-all book, featuring illustrations by an Indonesian gig artist. To nobody's surprise, the book is shitty. Links to his book are found at the top of the OP so do not give Russell money.

    Russell's resumed e-stalking Taylor in 2018, around the time his brothel lawsuit got shit on by actual lawyers, and filed a "$100 million dollar lawsuit" against her. This long-ass Rekieta video is pretty comprehensive re: his claims of damages (same as his first lawsuit - Taylor wouldn't listen to his "gift" song) and his chances of touching her butt this time (zero).

    Suing Swift the Second is not going great for Russell, but it's been good for the peanut gallery, as he's been especially bitter and angry on her public Facebook pages.

    Russell vs. Ariana Grande
    On August 2nd, Russell had a court date in SLC thanks to his poorly-filed lawsuit against Ariana Grande's agent alleging damages due to emotional distress. (Russell tried to bring gifts backstage to her concert; security told him this is a no-no and let him take a picture with her anyway; Russell's butt hurted because she wasn't smiling enough and they were mean, or something.) Representing Ms. Grande's agent Scooter Braun was Greg Skordas, an experienced, professional lawyer. Representing Russell Greer was... himself. Would Russell get that court-enforced date with Ariana? ALAS! No. Russell got smacked with the short dick of small-claims court (click for a full transcript courtesy of legendary Kiwi agent @sharshorita, Semper Fi). Check out video of Russ outside of the courtroom being a weirdo. Russell decided that Ariana Grande was sour grapes anyway and returned to his lovequest for Best Waifu Taylor Swift.

    He Filed How Many Lawsuits?
    At this point in time, the lucky number is 6. Let's quote @Fag Smut for a concise rundown:

    Russell vs. The Fairer Sex
    In his spare time, Russell creeps on C-list attractive ladies such as Farrah Abraham and Instagram models. He seems to have a weird modus operandi of hiring Internet dudes to write shitty songs for his popstar targets like Katy Perry or Heidi Klum, and then sending them the songs and getting pissy when their agent sends it to the recycling bin. Let this post from @Zombiefaceddwarf demonstrate:

    According to a
    comment on a news article, Russell did some seriously creepy shit in high school, for which he spent some time in county jail:

    Russell Instagram bullied a girl who later killed herself (RIP) and then tried to raise awareness in her memory.

    Russell vs. The Internet
    Russell never stops posting, which means that Redditors and his many haters have collected a lot of this guy's weird shit. Such as this post containing a helpful tip about discrimination. Or his 2 1/2 star self-published e-Book Why I'm Making It Legal for Your 18 Year Old Daughter to Get In Bed with a Complete Stranger for Only 500 Bucks: A Short Essay from a Pro Se Litigant who is Challenging the Utah Brothel Bans. Reviews are in and they're, uh,

    When he's away from the computer or unable to read his comments, Russell deactivates his Facebook. This sometimes happens multiple times per day. This is because his post-to-set-to-private time can be under 1 minute if someone comments something he doesn't like. Russell craves approval and purges any post or anyone that's less than a total ass-kiss.

    Russell is aware of Kiwi Farms and would like us to TAKE THAT OFF THE GOD DAMN INTERNET. Except you can't serve people over Facebook and laughing is legal. KF gets a cameo in his "Why I Sued Taylor Swift" as Kiwi Orchards, the off-brand clone, because Russell isn't a real paralegal and doesn't understand fair use. His 2018 request for default judgement against Taylor Swift thoughtfully included Null an accessory to her evil plans, plans he alleges happened before this thread was created.

    In early 2018, Russell was cruelly deceived by trolls who posed as Katy Perry's agent. They tricked him into sending a very regrettable almost-nude. Russell briefly lovequested for Katy and wrote her a terrible song, linked below, but his passion seems to have died down just when her feud with Taylor did.

    Russell has been on the Internet for a LONG time - at 15, he was using his real name to offer helpful tech tips.

    Russell vs. Reality
    Russell Godfrey Greer is from Evanston, Wyoming, and went to Evanston High School. He was born March 7, 1991 along with a healthy twin sister. Russell, but not his twin, was given up for adoption and adopted by Scott and Debra Greer, who still live in Evanston. Russell has met his birth mother & sister but the relationship is not good. His birth sister lives and works in LA, which might inspire Russell's obsession with celebrity. His birth name can be found here and he's used it as an alias in the past to like his own Facebook comments.

    He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City with an Associated of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. He is 27 as of March 2018 and worked in the mailroom of an unspecified business before being fired because of discrimination, probably. He worked for the Man at Wal-Mart until July 2018, when he was fired for leaving work early without permission. Please do not release his workplace locations without contacting OP or a mod as we have confidential Kiwi informants to protect. Thank you.

    Russell is a good ex-Mormon boy and still doesn't drink coffee. He goes to Starbucks and orders hot cocoas. Yes. Oh, and now he drinks this?

    Russell graduated with an Associates Paralegal degree in 2015, after 5 years of college. He did at one point work for the Utah Attorney General's Office. He uses his 2 months of paralegal work experience to bring the firm arm of the law down on 10's that won't date him. It's just like dueling. He was banned from Lyft for being creepy as fuck, but don't worry, he beat the system.

    Because Russell is a litigious little dude, he often self-doxes, as an address is required to file legal paperwork. His current dox is usually available by reading his court cases. He has most recently learned from his past mistakes and filed using a P.O. Box. Way to go, buddy!

    Previous addresses:
    903 E Cobblegate Drive
    Sandy, UT

    3306 E Del Verde Ave
    Salt Lake City, UT 84109

    689 Vine St
    Murray, UT
    (source is registration for one of his demos)

    1450 South West Temple Apt D206
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    (source: self doxx lol) (evicted for creeping lol)

    Facebook: Greer Russell (archive) (archive 2) - note: frequently goes dark when Russell can't actively delete comments, like when he's at work
    E-mails: musicnmovieguy777@gmail.com, russmark@gmail.com, likely other burners
    Mormon.org bio: Russell Greer
    Shitty Youtube: MrLDSpianoman (archive)
    Instagram: changes handles every month or so. January 2019: @russellgreerofficialinsta, December 2018: @theofficialrussellgreerinsta, October 2018: @youhavenolifeifyoupostthis, August 2018: @greerr12131415, April 2018: @mr.brightside623799. Previously used @ilovebeingme26666, @russellgreer1303, @coolunderestimateddude91,@rocknrolla996, @pianostud199125 (archive), @russman91, @russgreer25, @wdustin251, @paradiselost912, @milehighneon, @dudeunderestimatedcool62, @brightside623799, @coolguywithoddviews26
    Twitter: @LBoy1926
    Twitter for his imaginary brothel, "Mile High Neon": @MileHighNeon
    Quora: Russell Greer (archive)
    Thank you, CatParty and CasualSeppuku:
    Soundcloud: russellgreer25 (archive)
    LinkedIn: Russell Greer
    Change.org petition begging Taylor Swift to record his song: right here (archive)
    Russell was the subject of a Medium article focused on his stalking. Way to go, slugger! (archive)

    **Russell often uses alternate aliases on Facebook/elsewhere to evade "trolls". He uses alt accounts "Brett G Ross" and "James Berg" to like his own posts. He's also used the aliases "Redmond Ross", "Feldhendler R Leon", and "Karlie Miller". He may have sockpuppeted as a chick called "Carlita".

    That strip club was RESEARCH
    Tinder sucks
    Russell knows why people hate him
    Russell gets evicted because of a kind gesture
    Russell's coworkers love his music
    Dennis Hof is his bestest friend!
    He was previously fired? from his job as a stocker at Costco (per Reddit (archive)).
    Russell yells at neighbourhood kids
    Russell plans to spam celebrities with his Taylor Swift e-book
    Russell went on a "date"... with a hooker, like some of us called.
    Russell wants to punch a song in the face.
    This is how Russell's instagram wooing usually goes...
    Russell rants incoherently about TSwizzle.
    An IRL contact of Russell schools him with a righteous beatdown, to KF approval.
    Russell is SO MAD at Kiwi Orchards
    Continually SO MAD at Kiwi Orchards

    Russell cries on video because trolled :(
    Russell competes in the oppression olympics
    Russell finds Null's dox
    Russell's REAL mad at KiwiFarms, doesn't understand copyright law
    Russell vs. people from the real world
    Russell's planning another Taylor Swift lawsuit but he STILL hasn't actually filed it
    Russell's budget is cheap hookers only
    The US government b&s Backpages + Russell's brain, where one-night stands are exactly like hooking
    Russell walks out on his Wal-Mart job and gets fired, UNFAIR
    Better times, before Taylor Swift stabbed him in the heart
    Russell renamed the instagram account he uses to hit on blonde Midwestern cheerleaders to imply that we have no life how DARE he
    Russell proves that he lurks this thread and ignores good advice

    Russell vs. Our Ears
    Katy Perry, You Won't Ever Have To Sing Another Sad Song
    Russell's Song for Heidi Klum (warning: cursed audio)

    Russell vs. Our Eyeballs
    Russell's hot Valentine's date outfit
    Russell's eclipse glasses
    Russell with Dennis Hof, chief pimp of the Bunny Ranch
    Russell's Mormon days
    The hot girls he dated
    Russell as a li'l one (CURSED IMAGE)

    (ty @Yellow Yam Scam)

    *Russell Godfrey Greer should not be confused with actual author and presumable nice man Russell L. Greer
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    #1 Cryin RN, May 1, 2017
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    Cryin RN

    True & Honest Fan

  2. This guy definitely seems like he belongs in the manosphere.
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  3. This guy reminds me of Jay Thunderbolt. I don't know why it is that he reminds me of Thunderbolt, but he does.

    Jay Thunderbolt was this guy like 5-10 years ago in Detroit who ran a strip club out of his home. He used to be a bouncer and bodyguard at strip clubs, but he got shot and his face got paralyzed. He then started hosting strip parties in Detroit.


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    yawning sneasel

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  4. Reminds me of this Musical

    But then again, so does every Mormon
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    Feline Darkmage

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  5. Ive been following him for about a year, used to have a screenshot of his doxx as he posted a photo of some legal docs with all his info visible. I'll see if I can find it.
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  6. upload_2017-5-4_11-41-49.png




    his soundcloud


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    #6 CatParty, May 4, 2017
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    CatParty Boo
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  7. What's wrong with his lip? Is he just biting it or is that like some sort of deformity? And dude you might not want to wear a suit and tie if you cant make it look good by making sure that, you know, it's centered up and not all jacked up with the collar wrinkled and the knot off center. An outfit like that is only attractive in the right setting and when they make you look capable and confident, not somebody's autistic brother who works as a bank teller but even then can't get it right half of the time and are constantly miscounting money and getting in trouble.
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  8. Hair-lip.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  9. [​IMG]
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    LightEmittingDiode Ages 16+, choking hazard, may contain nuts

  10. those chompers.. he looks like a rat.
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    shibbolethal we're in bat country now

  11. If you find anything interesting on him, archive asap because he is DFEing now that he has internet attention. Anyway, here is something deleted from his facebook:

    He has sent demands:

    Russell Greer

    20 April at 22:37 ·

    This is the letter that I'm sending to Taylor Swift herself and to her agents.
    Ms. Taylor Swift
    C/O 13 Management
    Jay Schaudies,
    Robert Allen
    Nashville, TN
    Letters also being mailed to Ms. Swift’s listed houses.
    Dear Ms. Swift:
    As you may know, I have been suffering for almost a year from the damages you, your agents, your family and your followers have inflicted upon me. After much debating and pondering, and much writing letters to your places of your address to try working this out, I have decided to file a lawsuit against you in federal court. This isn’t easy for me. I care about you, but I have suffered a lot and lost a lot.
    This is a Notice that I will be suing you for the following causes of action that you, your family, your agents and fans inflicted upon me:
    1. Negligence
    2. Negligent Misrepresentation
    3. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    4. Vicarious Liability violating Agency Law
    5. Defamation
    6. Trade Libel
    7. Intentional Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage
    8. Negligent Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage
    9. Unfair Competition Under Business and Profession Code
    10. Breach of Confidence
    11. Public Disclosure of Private Facts
    12. Common Law Misappropriation of Likeness
    13. Misappropriation of Likeness Under Civil Code
    14. False Light
    15. Punitive Damages
    16. General Damages
    17. False Advertising Under Business and Professions Code
    18. Slander
    19. Libel
    20. Fraud
    21. Constructive Fraud
    22. Deceit
    23. Abuse of Process
    24. Your set of Unsolicited policies violate the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
    25. Your set of Unsolicited policies violate federal small business law
    26. Your set of Unsolicited policies violated state equal enjoyment laws
    27. Furthermore, your unsolicited policies are arbitrary.
    28. Material Representation
    29. Malice
    30. Assault/Battery
    31. Undue Influence
    32. Inherently Dangerous Activity
    33. Invasion of privacy
    34. Misuse of Publicity
    35. Suit in Equity
    36. Unjust Enrichment
    37. Negligent Entrustment
    38. Violating the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914
    Not only do I have a legal basis and legal standing and damages to bring these claims against you, I will be requesting a jury, as I believe the facts speak strongly. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I would like to mediate with you to avoid all of this and to avoid bad publicity. I would like for you to mediate with me and do either three things:
    1. Come to Salt Lake City and go on a date with me.
    2. Produce my Holocaust movie.
    3. Find a way to do my music.
    Taylor, this all started because I couldn’t get a simple “Thank You” from you after I invested so much time, money and effort in impressing you after relying on your negligent representations. I was treated like a criminal and was degraded by everybody associated with you. Your fans attacked me and hurt me. Due to your position, you have an obligation to quell violence from your followers. Courts are now agreeing on this about President Trump and his influence and representations and how he has a responsibility to not incite his friends. And guess what: no contract is needed between us.
    I look forward to your reply. If I do not hear from you by May 10th, the lawsuit will be filed. We can avoid this. Let’s work this out.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Russell Greer https://www.facebook.com/russ.greer.18/posts/10212629415275316

    He made a song he wants Ariana to sing:

    Russell Greer
    Published on Feb 9, 2017

    The music and flowers were given to Ariana by her assistants! I also met her and got a pic with her. She's such a sweet girl and I hope she says yes! The ball is in her court.
    The title says it all. This is a demo I wrote and had people produce for me. I want Ariana Grande to do it and make it ten times better. I will be meeting her next month and I am so excited.

    But then she didn't fall for him!!!

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  12. So, he just wants women to fuck him, I feel like money isnt the motive he just uses it as some sort of scare tactic to get them to date and fuck him.
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    xenomorph I've got more demons where that came from.

  13. upload_2017-5-4_13-42-44.png
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  14. It's actually extra funny because apparently Ariana Grande is reportedly kind of a bitch. And so is Taylor Swift, I think. I read something from someone who claimed to have gone to high school with Taylor Swift and she was apparently always the sort of mean-girls drama queen ringleader who was way better than everyone else and god's gift to the world or whatever, according to them. I mean it's just gossip but I could buy it.

    It's just funny to me that he picks these girls out to obsess over who are like, kind of objectively mean girls with way too much status and desirability and shit, Emma Watson's fucking walked around neckbeard stalkers before and mean mugged them, shot them the bird, but people like Taylor Swift and Ariana would, I think, take it more personally if nothing else because of ego. Celebrities are always egotistical, and part of it is, it has to come with the territory, to have that many people want you or want to be around you, follow you, whatever, but those two girls in particular I think flaunt it and make it a part of their personality. Other celebrities will try to down play it at least, I feel.

    This dude is actually more deranged than most dudes in the manosphere. The others are all like, entitled nice guys, and that's their own problem; this dude is legitimately nuts. He's by far the craziest of them, and I kinda love him for it. He's the Chris-chan of the manosphere.

    I dont see how this dude is a lolcow, none of this seems out of line if you ask me.

    Isnt it standard legal practice to throw not just the book, but the whole bookcase at the wall and see what sticks? I mean, dude just wants Taylor Swift to produce his fucking Holocaust movie, it's not that big of a request, come the fuck on!
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    #15 DuckSucker, May 4, 2017
    Last edited: May 4, 2017
  15. Facial paralysis caused by Mobius syndrome. It's in the OP.
    People with paralysed faces often have distorted mouths. His is all slack and lopsided because he probably has trouble moving his lips or keeping them closed.

    Of course he's use it as pity bait though. Typical loveshy.

    ETA: Ahahaha PTSD caused by Taylor Swift. That's almost as bad as Phil's PTSD from anime club.
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    varvarstvo 人就是鬼、鬼就是人。
    True & Honest Fan

  16. Why does he want to make a holocaust movie?
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    Tempest Voci Dal Nulla
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  17. Best book title. Ever!!

    Attached Files:

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  18. upload_2017-5-4_14-54-40.png
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  19. Quoth Wikipedia:

    Ugh. It's going to take all my Kiwi powers to laugh at this sad case.
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    MysteriousStranger unpopular
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