Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer - Swift-Obsessed Sex Pest, Magical Star Buddy

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And now I'm picturing Russell, when he's finally hit rock-bottom and is a homeless crazy person, standing on a metered freeway onramp during rush hour with a cardboard sign that says TAYLOR SWIFT RUINED MY LIFE--ANYTHING HELPS--WILL PARALEGAL FOR FOOD, and nobody thinks to give him any money because they're too wrapped up in either trying to decipher it, or sperging over how ineptly-written it is.
Me, I get some Bulla vibes. In ten years, after Russell takes the bus from his sex offender village, he'll show people his trapperkeeper covered with pictures of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and all the women he is with (sexually). Yet even Bulla managed to marry someone before becoming a degenerate. Ouch.


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From the guy who brought you "If I can't have brothels, you can't have abortions"
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Also, this is a really cool song
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You’re right, Russ. Just like your “plights” are not the same as some little dying kid in a hospital. Just because both of them involve a fan wanting to meet Taylor Swift, doesn’t mean she’s obliged to meet with both. A little kid dying of cancer is not the same as a bitter man trying to use flattery to gain access to a star’s social and professional network for his own career gain. One deserves attention, the other does NOT.


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Russ needs to look up the meaning of the word nepotism.

Also, I wonder if the new sign is written on the back of the previous sign? Which would mean he's been hauling that thing around through multiple moves. Super creepy.
Living his best life, unable to afford a second piece of paper.

He’s a stalker, so anything and everything related to his stalking is a trophy used to reinforce the emotional connection. Law papers, saying he’s “in a lawsuit WITH Taylor”...even a sign he mistakenly thinks she may have actually seen online (she hasn’t) is a tenuous connection to being part of her life.

That or he assumes someday he’ll be world famous and people will bid millions for the original sign.

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Does he even have a working computer at this point? As far as I can tell he seems to just use his phone for everything, and doesn't do anything that requires a computer anyways, except for writing pamphlets on prostitution and the Taylor Swift story.
If there's anyone both stupid and stubborn enough to try to write a book on a phone, it's Russ. Gotta save every last penny for that hooker fund after all.


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Seeing as Russ is also a sore loser who simply will not go away, I don't feel he's got much room to talk here...
“Ugh, another woman I don’t want to put my penis in, why do they exist? How do they get on the telly when I can’t? Only hot people should exist! Hot people and me.”


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The last few pages...holy shit. Nepotism, PowerPoint guys, Racism, False Equivalencies, it’s unbelievable what goes on under his trauma lumps. .

I’ve been following Russ since this thread began, and sometimes I still can’t believe he’s truly real. Can so much disaster come from a single human being? Racism, stalking, strange social climbing methods, delusion, sue-happy, anger, dirt, mysogeny, self-gightousness, victimhood, mean-spirited; hell, even misunderstanding basic words- I could go on and on about his personality. He doesn’t have a single redeeming quality. Not one. It’s hard to imagine Russ isn’t a character played by a master actor. But nobody is that good.

His family must be absolutely horrified. His biological sister would be terrified to have a kid lest there is a genetic component to this, and his real sister must be afraid to bring her family near because you know he only talks about hookers. At least bio-mom can heave a huge sigh of relief that she did the right thing and gave him up, ,and adoptive parents can console themself with the idea that, at least, their genes are not involved.

I have to say, this cow gives me more amusement that all the others on the forum combined. After the NZ horrors IRL and Schofield ones here, it’s nice to laugh. I just hope he doesn’t end up taking his weird hatred to the next level. He’s pretty weak-minded, fortunately and still very Morman despite the whores. But you never know.

No point to this post I guess, his weirdness just hit me. Definitely looking forward to his song, but knowing Russ he’ll drag posts about it out for a year.

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I have to say the longer and longer he goes on hyping this song, about how great the singer is, how it's the door to the industry, yadada yadda, the more and more I doubt that he has anything beyond the title and a few lines he makes up when he posts on FB. At first I did believe that he had pooped out something and had gotten some internet schlub to sing it, but this longer this goes on the less likely it seems. It's been what, 5 months?



Do not dumb here. Not dumb area here.
I love it when really stupid people use big words to make themselves look smart. Ah, never change Russhole, King of all Tards!
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Seeing as Russ is also a sore loser who simply will not go away, I don't feel he's got much room to talk here...
What do you want to bet he doesn't even know who she is or where she's from? She's a larger black woman who should be flattered he even gave her a cursory mention.

His obsession with people's appearance will never not be hilarious to me. Rusty is literally the last person who should go there.

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I mean, maybe he can get a job writing children's nursery rhymes? From what he's shown us of his song, that seems to be about the level he's operating at.
Even the most inept, basic bitch, lazy, patronizing writer of children's songs wouldn't try to make a rhyme with the same fucking word, let alone a song writer trying to craft a chart-topping single intended to be listened to by adults. Doesn't matter that the word has multiple definitions, no one does that. The whole purpose of rhyming is to use different words that sound similar. And a word like "mean" is really fucking easy to rhyme with. Just off the top of my head: dream, seen, been, team, teen, jean(s), gene, meme, scene, queen, lean, scream, steam, seem, 'tween, between, wing, sting, sling, fling, bring, king...I mean, this is kindergarten shit.

I'm beginning to think Rusty is more mentally challenged than we first figured if he can't even rhyme "mean". I know pop songs these days are lazy and formulaic, and no one is expecting the people to write them to pen Shakespeare-esque sonnets, but at least fucking try, y'know?

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It’s funny that he rips on Stacey Abrams for no reason besides that she’s fat. I thought that everything is rigged and it’s all about looks. How did this fat woman manage to make it so far in life Russ?

(Hint: intelligence and hard work)

Abrams graduated from Yale Law — the indisputable best law school on this planet.

Russ has some worthless certificate from a strip mall school for stay at home moms and people who can’t speak English.

Who’s the inspiration here?

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I wonder if he's ever going to do a freudian slip and refer to Taylor as his girlfriend in a post. (He'd edit it right away but our russ-inclined archivists catch everything.) It's far from being something I'd assume but I honestly wouldn't put it past him to think that she is his girlfriend.


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I wonder if he's ever going to do a freudian slip and refer to Taylor as his girlfriend in a post. (He'd edit it right away but our russ-inclined archivists catch everything.) It's far from being something I'd assume but I honestly wouldn't put it past him to think that she is his girlfriend.
Well his relationship status on Facebook is still "its complicated" sooooo...

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