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I cannot wait to hear how Tulsi viciously discriminated against poor Russ, because she wouldn't immediately get on all fours for him when he told her he was giving her his vote. This is honestly too good.
Is Russ even registered to vote? Is he a registered Democrat?

Edit: to be clear I'm not asking about his political philosophy, I know he doesn't have one. I was wondering if he was registered D, R or NPA. Could he even actually vote for Gabbard in the primaries?
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Is Russ even registered to vote? Is he a registered Democrat?
He caucused for Trump so republican or independent I assume.


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Russell has no coherent political philosophy or principles. This is a guy who voted for both Romney and Ben McAdams, a Democrat, in the last election. He assigns himself the oxymoronic "progressive libertarian" label yet he has argued against a woman's right to choose who they get to sleep with, which is neither progressive nor libertarian. Trying to determine what his politics are is a fool's errand.

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Actually, I think when Russ is venting, ranting and raving, that's when people get exactly the RIGHT idea about him, because that's when the true, entitled, selfish, petty, childish Russ comes out.

Not that it matters how Russ presents himself, because just a short while with him is enough to discover what a shitty person he is.


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I want to say that address is old. But it’s in West Valley and Russ only being able to find housing there makes sense.

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That’s actually a question. Have we ever heard of Russ trying a bar to hit on women? Or is he too good for that because he doesn’t drink?

The boy barely tolerated his dancing hooker drinking on their "date".

Also, does Russ literally do this with every hooker he can? He seems so dead set on his fantasy of wooing them with dinner (lookin' at you TaySwi #notadate) and I don't get it. Iirc he a shy eater, right? So why this Greer Triad of Woo: suit, flowers, dinner? It's it his Mormon upbringing? His lack of actual relationship experience? It's just so basic and yet he manages to fail spectacularly at it every time.

He's so predictable I bet that this is how all his fap fantasies start out too 🤢


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So why this Greer Triad of Woo: suit, flowers, dinner? It's it his Mormon upbringing? His lack of actual relationship experience? It's just so basic and yet he manages to fail spectacularly at it every time.

I think it's his terrible social skills paired with his Media addled brain. Notice how Danger Russ always wants to be painted as the underdog.

Personally I think there's a touch of gay panic in there too.


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Just a very quick note for @Pineapple Fox and @RussianParasite

Bars in Salt Lake City are normal bars. There are some odd rules like a server has to pick up your last drink before putting a new one down, but that joining a club thing is gone. I remember it from a long time ago, but even then it wasn’t a hassle, just like a a 2 dollar cover charge. Haven’t had to do that in years.

I don’t think you can buy hard alcohol in a grocery store, just beer and wine. You have to go to a government liquor store for that but they have every thing you need and they are everywhere, like Starbucks.

I’ve been to SLC lots of times but my last time was about 2 1/2 years ago. I don’t think I’ll be back again, but I liked it. Very pretty, a lot more cosmopolitan than you’d think. Good restaurants, theater scene, big name acts, plus skiing and a Mountain View wherever you look, and even decent shopping. A lot of white people and blondes but that’s even changing and more ethnicities are showing up.

I’ve never been to the other cities in Utah so it maybe different. I don’t think they have “dry counties” though. SLC is very normal, except all things lead to the temple. :)

Now...I’ll go back to waiting until Russ notices Babraham is ignoring him.


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I'd honestly love to know when he got it in his head everything has a price tag and everyone has their price.

He has this obsession with thinking there is no such thing as actual principles, everything can be broken down to a discrete value, and he thinks he can haggle that down to something he can afford or what he thinks it's worth.

He doesn’t believe that women have agency. Remember the post, it was a while ago when he still had friends, he was going on about how women shouldn’t be allowed to say no to him and someone asked him “what if a woman wanted to sleep with you, but you weren’t attracted to her?” He said something like ‘no I wouldn’t sleep with anyone less than a 9 or 10 because that’s what I am and why should I have to settle for someone less attractive than me?’

I mean, overlooking the screaming disconnect between what he sees in the mirror and what the rest of us see, he goes after very successful women and believes they should be happy to settle for him, a janitor with bad genes and poor hygiene, but he wouldn’t settle for anyone who he believes is beneath him because he’s a man and why should he?

At the risk of sounding like a screeching harpie feminist, he really does believe that women only exist for men and are only valid if a man decides to validate them. He makes my fucking skin crawl. Imagine being at his station in life and reducing a female politician to a “babe”. That’s the only value she and every other woman in the world has according to him.
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Oh look Russ is manic again. Getting a reply to his email must have set him off. At least he realized it was from her team and not her. I'm sure he's already emailed her a pdf of his book and run down of his plights.

Russ doesn't have a real political party. He just votes for whoever he thinks is cooler/hotter or might pass laws that are in his favor.