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“Dates”. I’m guessing his “dates” were friendly girls who were too polite to decline his request to take picture with her.

also, he looks a lot healthier at his heavier size than he does now.
I have never in my life taken a photo like this of a first date. The only reason to take a photo like this on a date is if the date is at someplace cool.

random Mexican restaurants don’t fit the bill. I’d feel so weird if a first date tried to take my picture with him like this.

This is above and beyond his normal "I'll take a hooker on a date and she'll fall in love with me" delusions. He actually believes so much that he went and bought furniture. It doesn't matter that it's used, Russ has never been bothered to even invest in a fucking chair because he's dead set about not spending any extra money a month so it can go in his fuck funds. And he believes this $$ or even (low) $$$ investment is the best deal he's ever paid to fuck a hooker that will definitely good in love with him for sure this times. We might have reached peak delusion.

I can't wait for the aftermath when she inevitably refuses to visit Russ.
Judging by his recent posts on her page she has already stopped replying to him. He will definitely think she owes him the $5 for the couch though.

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He truly thinks he's a nice guy, and being a narcissist, he thinks he's the only nice guy around. He did the same thing in his book, where Taylor tearfully tells him that his song was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her. He really thinks everyone else treats women like shit. Except he's not a nice guy, he's an utter asshole, and many men are nice to sex workers for whatever reason.
If all men were assholes who treat women like shit, like Russ seems to believe, there wouldn't be many marriages and would probably be a lot more lesbians. The logical fallacies that Russ conjures up are mind boggling.

He didn't look seriously ill, physically or mentally. Now, he looks both, an unwashed, etiolated stick figure of a man, animated only by psychosis.
Anyone who doesn't understand how mental illness can also affect your physical health need only look at Russell Greer to get an excellent example.

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I can't believe he actually bought a 'couch' thinking Danica will come stay with him. The utter fucking disconnect from reality...
After purchasing a couch cover off Amazon thinking it was a couch? I can believe it.
The only question is the sort of "job" Russell had to "hand" out in order to transport that "couch" from the thrift store.

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Problematic af.
i swear, he is such a dumb fuck. Anyone with at least a 2 digit IQ can look at a couch and think “would I be comfortable sleeping on that?” before deciding that someone taller than him would be comfortable on it as well. I bet the fucking CouchCover would be easier to sleep on than that piece of shit.

I am wondering if he went to the thrift store trying to buy a $$ couch for $ (like he does with everything) and got stuck with that!
Remember that Russ is a midget with no concept of empathy. He probably thinks it’s plenty of room. And he’s an idiot so probably just assumes all women are smaller and more compact than him.


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Russ and this racebaiter need to hook up, they're both no-talents who are fantastic at seeing discrimination where there is none:
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Russ tries to insult an Alaskan:
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Check your privilege, little girl!
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How do you know she's not disabled Russ? Not all disabilities are readily apparent. In fact, your statement, dare I say it, sounds a little discriminatory since it implies a condition must be visible to be considered a disability.

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True, but Russ only cares about his disability, I don't even think he cares about other people with Moebius

And "discrimination" is not giving Russ exactly what he wants

but everyone knew that already

He's still butthurt about not getting on AGT. Probably 99+% of people who try to get on the show, even people who have genuine talent, get rejected.

something, something discrimination against disabled Russ


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How do you know she's not disabled Russ? Not all disabilities are readily apparent. In fact, your statement, dare I say it, sounds a little discriminatory since it implies a condition must be visible to be considered a disability.
A week or so ago I got into a minor disagreement with a friend about wether "privilege" exists in the form SJWs use. She seemed to thing it did, and I was sick of the argument. So finally I jokingly said privilege doesn't exist and if you disagree it's because of your ableist privilege. Luckily it worked the way I hoped it would and she laughed and changed the subject.

Russ would have said it in seriousness and the argument would continue on to this day, with him thinking he was right.