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I know we’ve been busy laughing about the loveseat (where I doubt there will be any loving), but has anyone brought up where he’s going to put it? I thought he was renting a room. Do they not have furniture in the shared areas?
He may have his own space now.
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He may have his own space now.
He posted a picture of it and he seems to be in an apartment.

Hey fam, think of the positives, now he has a place his friends can sit when they visit!

Too much fantasy? Okay, now he has a place where his next publicist can sit when they plot their next celebrity lawsuit.

Still too much? he has a place to strangle the next whore who won’t play “Taylor” and instead, insults his slack face.

You are insisting on reality, huh? Ok, he has a new place to keep his dirty socks and underwear. Now they don’t have to be piled in the closet.

It’s just a loveseat but it came with like five dirty pillows. Will they end up on the floor, or perhaps lined up in his bed like a person...

Just to touch on the fact that Russ doesn’t ever talk about other’s with mobius.

1. most stories show people who are partnered and successful. That flies in the face of his ego defense that he needs hookers bc of discrimination by women.

2. I suspect he is jealous that most adults with mobius are either able to get the surgery to close their mouths or already have and it was successful. Russell was seriously crushed that his surgery didn’t work. His parents did not want to get it done and he pitched a fit until they relented. It’s my understanding that he blamed their choice of surgeon and that lots of the dysfunction starts there. I forget if I read that here, ED, or through the grapevine from my friend of his relative. Anyone recall that?

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The burning question I have is what he's going to do with the loveseat when he gets kicked out and has to move again? My biggest hope is he gets autistically attached to it because he "spent so much money on it!" and because he hopes it'll lure Instagram thots to his lair, and we get to watch him try to lug the thing around from place to place like an absurdist comedy.

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What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub?
I think the people who speculated that his parents bent the rules for him and made allowances because of his face were right. Now he expects girls to "give him a chance" because of his face when he wouldn't look twice at a woman with Mobius.
This reminds me of something Tiny Fey wrote in her book. As a child, she was slashed in the face by a stranger who crept into their backyard. Everyone in their community knew about the attack (and it left a scar which you can still kind of see), so they gave her special treatment because they felt sorry for her. This gave her the confidence to start performing. I guess in Russell's case it convinced him that he deserves special treatment under all circumstances. I wonder what pushes someone over the edge into being that self-centered?


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Found these from the last past weeks, and don't think they have been posted. He really went to town on the girls from that strip joint, it seems.
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"She likes the fat guys whose bellies jiggle"

Yes, quite a bit more than you. Are you mad that you lost out to the fat guys, Russ? You a little pissed off that your grotesque face and demands for kisses and sex get you passed over in favor of guys she's attracted to?

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Hey check this out, it's from Ferrari Kitty's profile:
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I can't wait for the day when he finally gets it through his head that some people are *gasp* attracted to things that deviate from the Hollywood/porn norm. And that there are people who like a little cushion for the pushin', like a bit of jiggle, etc. That there are even 10's and Chads out there who like that shit. Who like what they like because sex isn't about using people as status symbols to them.

Of course that would mean accepting that attraction is more complicated and that his face actually ISN'T why women won't touch him without (and sometimes even with) cash up front. So it may never happen.

But yes, Russ, there are women who look like that who genuinely like a jiggly belly. And even the ones who don't will gladly take a jiggly belly over a sociopath.