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The reasoning usually is that pro se do not know how to state a claim properly due to lack of knowledge on both how to do so, and how to look up how to do so. Russel seems to be no different, even if he allegedly has legal knowledge.
He thinks "it made me feel bad" is a claim. That's essentially what all his suits boil down to. Taylor's agents told him no, that made him feel bad. AG didn't respond to him, that made him feel bad. We talk about uncomfortable truths regarding him. That made him feel bad, and anyway he's moved on so everyone else has to as well.
BASED SKORDAS strikes again! That sound you hear in the distance is a head tightening to previously-unseen levels.
His head is gonna tighten so much from this legal smackdown that he's gonna collapse in on himself and form a black hole. Skordas lays out the defense's case clearly and succinctly, in contrast to Russ's rambling mess. I eagerly await Russ's well-reasoned response to these filings.


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That. Is. Beautiful.
It’s a legal document telling Russell “to fuck off, nerd” and explains the absolute lunacy of the “suit”, in general. He absolutely will not/ is not capable of responding in kind. Well done.
He obviously will reply, and his reply will be long, nonsensical, rambling, whiny... and absolutely beautiful to behold. Mr. Ralph may be providing the corn, but it is Mr. Greer who gives us the side dishes.

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Based Skordas proving once again that he is the anti-Russ. I bet he had the time of his fucking life writing that as he sipped a glass of expensive wine in his giant house hundreds of miles from the Rio Rapist
At this point, I'm having a hard time not believing Skordas hasn't made it his life's mission to stop Russ.

Didn't @Null explicitly state that Mr. Skordas was NOT doing it for free, and did indeed charge our herbalist overlord for the legal services rendered?

Seeing as he represented Arianna Grande and was running for some political office, that must not have been cheap. But boy did he fucking deliver. Reading that motion was the best Russ event of 2021.