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Pip Squeak

I feel stupid
Oh, what a thing to wake up to. That was beautiful.

Dear Judge, I definitely have jurisdiction because people are mean to me on Instagram. I have evidence of people being mean on Instagram to the point I had to stop strangers contacting me! This is to support my copyright claim against Kiwi Farms, for which I have bought a stun gun. I am also taller than 5'3" so you totally need to close down kiwi farms and here is a person who said they like my voice but it wasn't my voice. Did I mention that someone liked my AGT audition? Kiwi farms keep killing people and David called me a pipsqueak which proves that they have my copyright stuff, right? Anyway, reviews on Amazon cockblocked me and people working for Kiwi Farms did this because I have a fan, look! Here is a c&p from an intern, can you see the pattern yet? Let me be clear, Joshua Moon does not allow any harassment of subjects from his forums, therefore can be the only reason I am being harassed. Copyright and plights. People keep calling me a stalker, I may have lost count of how many injunctions I have against me and that one little criminal conviction for stalking doesn't even count because I haven't even raped anyone yet. Love from, Russell.

Fucking perfection.


Trying to teach law to another retard.
True & Honest Fan
Russell has filed his reply (10 pages) with Exhibits (46 pages) to Mr. Skordas' filings on behalf of Josh.
Thanks for uploading this here. Missed it when I was looking today. Uploaded it on Courtlistener for an easy to access/find backup to have later.

Russel 1.PNG
Russel admits that this response is frivolous. Furthermore, he implies that even in his opposition to the motion to dismiss he will not address Factor 1. That is never a good sign. Weak start, Russ, weak.
Russel 2.PNG
You need to explain why, though. You also need to be "likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief", "that the balance of equities tips in his favor, and that an injunction is in the public interest" - Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., 555 U.S. 7 (2008 )Russel 3.PNG
Russel: "I will address the claims in my next motion and not this one"
Also Russel: "I will address the claims in this motion
Hilarious, but stupid.Russel 4.PNG
Okay, so he does know the standard. However, I am doubtful that he will convince the court, given that he fits none of the points. He also missed the part where he has to prove that he is likely to succeed on his claims.
Russel 6.PNG
This is a conclusory statement which he never proves and is therefore invalid under Ashcroft v. Iqbal, 556 U.S. 662 (2009). And since it does not relate to the people he is suing (as far as the court is concerned anyway), the rest of his claims would be not considered. I'll cover them just in case.
Russel 5.PNG
1. Pretty sure Russel does not have criminal defense attorney.
2. Receiving a letter is not "hate mail", nor would that be illegal. Similarly, it is not harassment either. Many states (including Utah) have held that harassment, sexual(quid pro quo version does not) or otherwise, requires fear.

Sexual Harassment:
Jeanne Harrison, Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant-Appellant v. Eddy Potash, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation Robert L. Brown, Defendants-Counter-Claimants-Appellees. Jeanne Harrison, Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant-Appellee v. Eddy Potash, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation, Defendant-Counter-Claimant-Appellant, and Robert L. Brown, Defendant-Counter-Claimant, 112 F.3d 1437 (10th Cir. 1997)

Normal Harassment:
Utah Code § 76-5-106.

Harassment, in Utah, also requires a threat to commit any violent felony. (Utah Code § 76-5-106)

Edit as of 4/30. My mistake, he sued us for 76-9-201, which still does not defeat Branderburg test, even if it has a broader definition than 76-5-106 (it includes intent to "annoy, alarm, intimidate, offend, abuse, threaten, harass or disrupt the electronic communications" in addition to intent to frighten. In none of the cases does it apply, because 76-9-201 requires 1)intent to cause the above mentioned things 2) make repeated communications after Russ personally tells you to stop, and 3) to Pass the Branderburg test, othervise the punishment would be unconstitutional. I assert that my initial analysis was correct, and Russ has no case on harassment or electronic harassment because Russ has failed to prove all 3 of these "prongs".

While I cannot claim to know what the letter held inside, it is unreasonable to believe that a simple letter would induce fear.

Presuming, for the sake of argument, that the letter did place him in fear, and did threaten a violent felony, that would still likely be legal under the Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) test which allows all threats unless they "incit[e] or produc[e] imminent lawless action".

So, even in the best case scenario, his argument fails.
Russel 7.PNG
I will not be repeating the "And since it does relate to the people he is suing (as far as the court is concerned anyway), the rest of his claims would be not considered." argument, but know that it applies to every one of his exhibits.
"Watch me shoot at your peoples" is not a threat under the Brandenburg v. Ohio test. Similar threats that have been found legal are:
  • Threatening to break the necks of black people - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People v. Claiborne Hardware Co., 458 U.S. 886 (1982)
  • Threats to commit violence upon those (blacks and jews) who suppress "the white, Caucasian race" - Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969)
  • Threats to kill the president of USA - Robert WATTS v. UNITED STATES,394 U.S. 705 (1969)
Similarly none of the mentioned things are a threat (especially since the exhibit shows that the person had no idea where Russ lived)

Russel 8.PNG
This is not a threat. It's simply a question.
Russel 9.PNG
That might have been relevant if he managed to tie this to Kiwifarms. As he has not, it is irrelevant.
Russel 10.PNG
That's not harassment, that's defamation. It is not a defamation he'd succeed on because no damage was done.Russel 11.PNG
You didn't include that part in the exhibit. Nevertheless, it's entirely true, given that you were convicted for it.Russel 12.PNG
You only showed that you typed your name to the complaint form, nothing else. I'll assume this is a lie.Russel 13.PNG
David has the right to express his opinion.

Russel 14.PNG
False. He never said that. Your own exhibit disproves you.Russel 15.PNG
It's not false. We proved it in this thread.

Russel 16.PNG

Good summary of all the claims in this document.Russel 17.PNG
Notice that that victim statement was not included here. It's because it's a lie.Russel 18.PNG
False. That's not what the rule says. In fact, it even specifies that the burden to prove his claims is on him. Russel 19.PNG
1. Notice how it's not the correct circuit?
2. The context of this quote is about whatever or not the defendant has received mail, wherein there is a reasonable basis to make an assumption if there exists proof of the mail being sent. Naturally, it does not apply here both because it is a different situation and because there are no facts upon which to base such an assumption. Proofproof.PNG

Russel 20.PNG
Not enough. It is also false. People on your facebook friends list, people who have read the book, people who have read the news coverage of you, etc, would all know.Russel 21.PNG
This is blatant misrepresentation of what was said. Skordas said this in regard to copyright not harassment:

Russel 22.PNG
Like Skordas said, "Any possible harm that could befall Plaintiff from discussions on Kiwi Farms has already occurred". Russel cannot/does not suffer "irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief".Russel 23.PNG
As terrible as that may be, you have not shown it to be connected to kiwifarms.
Russel 24.PNG
And he just made an argument as to why the injunction would not help him at all. Congrats, Russ.

Russel 25.PNG
That is not an admission of "goal to ruin lives".
Irreparable harm standard was not met.

As to the second one, he just whines about how bad Null is. Null would suffer irreparable harm by even the temporary shut down of the site, because the site could never recover again.

For the third one, he seems to have misunderstood what "public interest" means and so he went on on how evil Kiwifarms is. Shutting down Kiwifarms due to what we say, would be very much opposed to the public interest of preserving our lawful rights, such as the First Amendment.

All in all, 1/10, bad job, Russ
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I also noticed how he's lying about that "David" ween mocking him for his audition that he "never made public."

Except he did. On both Instagram and Facebook. That video of him with the band, and the red tuxedo clip were both publicly viewable on both accounts until just the other day when he took both posts down at the same time.

He figures he can lie yet again by somehow pretending he never posted them even though they're archived here with the clips themselves, plus the dates and times he posted them.

You can't just delete something people have seen and saved since it was up for 2 months, and then accuse them of hacking or whatever because you took it down just now. Can't retroactively unpost it.

I think what Russell means is that the actual audition tape was never made public. What WAS made public is a short clip of 'his band' practicing. So when 'David' said we saw the tape, he meant that clip and Russell figured we hacked him once again.

What exactly is Russ' audition supposed to be? A retard jumping around stage to music? Even in the delusional world of Russell Greer, how can he possibly think that anyone would want to see this or that it is possibly inspirational? If anything the network would receive negative press as cruelly broadcasting some freak for laughs.

Is anyone else really uncomfortable with the idea of Pipsqueak Lipschitz buying weapons of any kind, given his history of viewing women as property and expressing his feelings that he is owed sex and attention from women? I'd rather he not have any type of weapons or tools that would make him feel bolder in real life or would help with forcing himself upon women in person.

As far as self defense goes, the idea of Russhole with a cheap stun gun is pretty funny, in and of itself. Stun guns are contact weapons, meaning you need to be very close to an attacker in order to use one. Russ is a scrawny little dwarf with no muscle tone, poor coordination, and impaired peripheral vision which drastically hinders his situational awareness. If he ever were in a self defense situation, the assailant would beat Russhole's ass, take his cheap stun gun from him, zap Russ until the battery is dead, then take anything of value Shit-lips might have on him. I really hope for Russ' sake he didn't actually buy a stun gun and he's just trying to look dangerous or make his legal claims look more legit.
i dont think russ is the type to ambush, kidnap and rape someone. i think he's too invested in his autistic self-image of a chivalrous gentleman to ever lay hands on a woman like that.

Pip Squeak

I feel stupid
I wonder how fame works in Russ's trapezium head? He seems to believe it means everyone loves you. Everyone. In fame, for every person who loves you there's another that hates you and fifty that never heard of you. Is everyone getting sued for not buying his shit or saying they don't like it or him?

What if he doesn't chart at number 1? Is he suing the population of the world or the record sales counting people? If the TV shows a video of a studly, male artist, is that going to be ok? What if Wembley is booked? Is Chad still allowed to wear his Nirvana t-shirt?

Dr. Henry Armitage

Head librarian at Miskatonic University
True & Honest Fan
The facts in Plaintiff’s Complaint do not show that Defendants have given more interest to his works than there would have been before. His users have done the opposite. They have uploaded copies of his works to Kiwi Farms for anybody to download, even after written notice from Plaintiff for them to be removed, telling each other to deprive Greer of money. As shown, the users on Moon’s site have trashed Greer’s works with hate sprees and one star reviews. To any objective person, upon seeing bad reviews, it would make it seem that Greer just is terrible at music and writing, as seen in the Complaint with the book marketer refusing to market the book because of the bad reviews. (Doc. 3, Exhibit P). But the truth is farther from that: people not connected to Kiwi Farms have said that they like Greer’s music. EXHIBIT H. But not everybody has been understanding or open. By nature, humans are gullible and if one stars are written, then they believe the worst. Publicists have been interested in representing Greer until they find the warnings and “truths” written by Moon’s users and then they do an about-face, doing a sudden reversal of direction. Because of the hate sprees, Greer hasn’t been able to get into the entertainment industry.
Russ, your book and songs are terrible, they are objectively awful. You write songs about pop stars and insta thots you want to put your wiener in and try to pretend it has a deeper meaning. The truths we put on here are just that, truth. We post things you have said and done publicly, these are your actions Russ not things we made up. We didn't make you sue Taylor Swift, or write a book about it that made you sound like a raving lunatic. We didn't make you stalk Erika or threaten to kill yourself on her front porch. That was all you Russ. It's not our fault you can't get into the entertainment industry it's your own lack of talent and penchant for lawsuits that makes you a liability.I love that we have confirmation that Russ thinks the only thing keeping him from fame and fortune is this thread.

I think the reason why Russ never wants to post proof is because he wont be able to remove it later on like he can on social media. Once he's proven wrong its public and would stay public forever. He can't do that, he must remain in control of his narrative at all times.
Even then, the only "narrative" happening is here on the Farms. Like if we indulge him and say he could in fact defeat the big bad Kiwifarms, he'd gloat about it for a minute and then regret it. We're the only people talking about him at all. Laughing at him, but still talking about him. Without the negative attention he'd be completely invisible aside from the courtesy two or three FB likes. Pretty sure that would hurt his ego even more.

Iron Hamster

Calculated chaos
As much as it pains me to say it, he might be telling the truth. The other guy might be gay, and thinks Russ is into him and won't take the hint. If this is what's happening, it's fitting. Russ does this to women all the time.
That's been my assumption.
View attachment 2108002

View attachment 2108004
Humans are gullible, eh?
Didn't he just recently put up a 1 star review of some place?

Cnaiur urs Skiotha

Breaker of Horses and Men
Hahaha it's so priceless how Greer still thinks that filing a lawsuit is like tattling on another kid in school. If he can just convince the judge we're big meanies and he's a good boy whose feelings are very hurt, the teacher judge will punish us. I haven't read his whole response word for word yet, but does he even mention copyright? The supposed basis of his claim? He just immediately launches into hate mail, stun gun, alt right, pipsqueak, etc. Also love how he talks about getting physical hate mail, mean Instagram messages etc. and just assumes they're Kiwis and expects the judge to agree without evidence that they're users here. Bitch you're a public figure, multiple news outlets have run stories on your insanity, you published a crazy ass book, anybody could have heard of you without coming here, and even if they have an account here, how does that make the whole website and/or Josh Moon accountable? Because he's operating on the same level he did when he was a child, where the teacher or other adult authority would just take the word of the poor frozen-faced kid that the other kids were being meanies and force them to be nice. I have no doubt that Russ was the worst type of cry-bully as a kid, although I don't know if his hellish mask of a face can properly cry or just sort of leak.

Pip Squeak

I feel stupid
Bitch you're a public figure, multiple news outlets have run stories on your insanity, you published a crazy ass book, anybody could have heard of you without coming here...
I came here because I'd heard of Pipsqueak. My first knowledge of him, I think, was the viral post of him crying that he got thrown out of a strip joint even though he took flowers and wore a suit. From there I followed his Facebook and googled occasionally to see what other stupid stuff he'd been doing. Then I found this thread and let everyone else do the googling for me cuz I'm lazy af.

That's my victim impact statement because I'm in England.