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What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub?
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Who'da thought?

Pretty sure they aren't going broke. Most likely it's to keep random nobodies like Russ from using their resources frivolously.
"AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION · EIN: 36-0723150 · Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 501(c)(6) · Donations to this organization are not tax deductible."

It's a professional organization that provides services to the industry. Why would they have donations and grants? His persistent dumbness is really irritating.

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Proof he's definitely recording it:

Pip Squeak

I feel stupid
“In a non-sexual way”

Ffs. Normal people don’t even think like that. Normal people aren’t so thirsty that every contact with another person is about getting shagged or not.

I’ll put money on him specifying that they’re not doing anything sexual because she’s had to make it abundantly clear to him that he’s getting none from her.

He’s so fucking gross.


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1.86km in half an hour?

Is he going at post-hip op Grandma speed on that thing?

That's not a workout for somebody his age. That's like calling a stroll around a park a workout.
Give him a break! He's disabled!

I mean, his disability has nothing to do with his ability to jog a mile in under an hour, but it's still a disability and therefore something something suck him his penis!


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Welp, still waiting for the Yovanna bashing to start up on his twatter and/or failbook pages. He's already had a bash at all the people who didn't respond to his big drop with thunderous applause and the Yovanna social media intern has only responded with polite thanks instead of booking a flight to Lost Wages and immediately running into our magical star buddy's room, tearing down his foul workpants and start sucking him his penis, so you know the fantasy has been soured in his mind by now. Coming up with some kind of excuse to sue Yovanna like his mental gymnastic magnum opus of 'Taylor swift is false advertising her niceness!', and we'll see the sour grapes posting starting up soon and sooner, I am sure.
It should be dawning on his about now that the trite little thank you he got from whoever runs Yovanna's account is all he's going to get. She's not going to follow him back. She's not going to DM him. She's certainly not going to meet him and fuck him.

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A cold feeling gripped the pit of Russell's stomach. The Motion to Dismiss hadn't been ruled on, and he had been granted his Hearing. He had come to court, ready to "lay the smack down" on the Orchards and thier incompetent lawyer Skordas. He was ready.
But, when the judge had called upon him to present his arguments, they hadn't complimented his suit! Didn't they realize that not every Plaintiff and pro se litigant would think to wear a suit to court! Were the cracks already showing, the biases already seeping through? If they didn't even complment his suit, would they ignore his brilliant, well-pled plights?
"MR. GREER, please make your argument and stop staring at the floor. You are the one who requested this Hearing., after all."
"Yow Honger, I rekest that you recuse yoseff from the case, due to yo odvious vias agains the disadled..."

Pip Squeak

I feel stupid
Has Russ discovered flavoured water? Amazing find, now I can stop chugging back pure sugar water.

Pipsqueak, 10 calories is still a shit ton for a drink. Tea, coffee, water, calorie free soda etc etc is the stuff the grown ups drink. Then, we also eat vegetables rather than chocolate fucking pancakes so that’s a thing too.

Nobody come at me telling me this twat has an average IQ. He’s as thick as shit.

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“In a non-sexual way”

Ffs. Normal people don’t even think like that. Normal people aren’t so thirsty that every contact with another person is about getting shagged or not.

I’ll put money on him specifying that they’re not doing anything sexual because she’s had to make it abundantly clear to him that he’s getting none from her.

He’s so fucking gross.
It's a holdover from several years back when guys felt the need to say, "no homo" to make a hug "not gay".

But then considering that Pipsqueak is totally bi it just comes off as being weird.
That's not a fucking workout. That's a stroll through the park. And if he was really serious he'd be doing an hour on that thing.

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He should have learned by now
Here you have a biography of Russell in one sentence.
Edit: I forgot to introduce myself, I’m a newfag but long time lurker. Pretty sure Russel is my favorite pipsqueak of a cow.
Welcome! I hope you enjoy you your time here.
OK boomer.
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Proof he's definitely recording it:
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Really? We're really giving up on "Yo, Yovanna" less than two weeks after the music video came out? Hope springs eternal, I guess.
The new song post is already gone and replaced with this:
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I don't want to contribute to sidetracking the thread into yet another hyperbole-laden discussion of how horrible Russell's taste in everything is, but I have to say that cotton-candy-flavored sparkling water doesn't sound very nice to me.
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1.86km in half an hour?

Is he going at post-hip op Grandma speed on that thing?
That is almost certainly 1.86 miles. Not that it makes it much better (I walk faster than that and I'm 5'1"), but it's slightly less pathetic. And it does look he he did the whole thing at the highest incline, so...

Nonetheless, it's still literally the stupidest fucking thing to brag about.


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Russ asks for a hearing
I'm dumbfounded. The two things he hates most about his disability are his droopy face and his speech impediment. He knows people have a hard time understanding him when he speaks. He complains about it fairly regularly. How can he possibly think trying to make oral arguments himself is going to work out favorably for him?

Yes, he's entitled to a fair hearing (in general, not necessarily in this instance) and he's got the legal right to make his arguments in person (or via Zoom), and the judge is obligated not to hold his disability against him, but we're talking about a system being run by people, not robots, and people get frustrated quickly by barriers to communication.

A judge is going to run out of patience fast trying to understand Russ. He sounds funny for like 5 seconds but then he starts to naturally piss people off because they can't understand him. I've dealt with people with speech impediments. Having to ask someone to repeat himself half a dozen times every god damn time he opens his mouth is fucking maddening even if you're in a good move.

If he actually gets this hearing, that judge is going to be grumpy with him once he opens his mouth and starts mumbling. You don't want the judge presiding over your case to be grumpy. You especially don't want him to be grumpy with you. He's supposed to be impartial, but he's human and being grumpy still subtly affects decision making even in someone desperately trying to be fair and reasonable.

What the fuck is Russ thinking?!?!

Ron Collins & Melinda both do similar things with their legal antics (Ron was diagnosed with malignant narcissism). They just keep making the same arguments over & over, as if the judge didn't comprehend them properly.
I wonder if "malignant narcissism" could also explain the behavior of sovereign citizens and the like, because they do exactly the same thing.


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Russ claiming 'she looks like she wants to behead me'....well it might well be that most people in this situation WOULD look at him like they want to remove his most ugly feature (his diseased brain, not his nerveless mouth) but in fact, she's holding very steady here, giving an amused and slightly flirty look to the camera, no doubt just practicing her vamping skills while being forced to take pictures with an ugly goblinoid pipsqueek in a smelly rumpled 20 years out of fashion suit.

And the thread's gone over this already ad nauseum, but I'm sure someone in Pipsqueak's life told him more than once that he's an adult MAN going to a tweener concert ALONE without a a goddamn suit--THEE suit--with the jizz stains from Men's Warehouse or Salvation Army bought on whatever was the color tag of the day.
And he brought gas station flowers and tard crafts to a young lady who wears shit like Van Cleef and Arpels and Jimmy Choos and certainly would not be caught dead shopping at Nordstrom Rack.
Didn't the Pipsqueak also charge at her while screeching like a demon out of Doom Eternal? WTF does that?? Like 10 year old girls probably do, but...
I wonder what it was he exactly said to Arianna? I've only done one meet and greet Don Ho at the Waikiki Beachcomber (yes, I'm old!), and that was like a minute at best with a couple pictures and we moved on to our seats to wait for the show.

I'd kill to hear what scary stalker shit Pipsqueak said to Arianna. Maybe based Skordas has some details...that poor man, but he's doing the Lord's work as Josh's Doomslayer.

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Why does he think that if he is too stupid to explain it on paper that somehow, slobbering, drooling and slurping disgustingly will make his mumbled gibberish more compelling?
Because Russell is dumber than a sack of rocks.

He believes himself to be much smarter than all of us regular folks. Since the court and everyone else didn’t understand/agree with his filings, he thinks he has to explain it orally.

Hopefully the court and everyone else will be smart enough to understand this time. Lol