Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer - Swift-Obsessed Sex Pest, Magical Star Buddy, Now On Probation for E-Stalking, Pipsqueak

The twitchy agitated virgin Russ?
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Or the cool confident chad Skordas?
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It could be the lighting, but it looks like Russ is wearing a different suit in that pic. (The one he usually wears is grey, that one looks black). I also recall him wearing a double-breasted jacket in one of the brothel pictures, so I guess he does actually have a few different suits. (Though he probably bought all of them at Goodwill).


"I want to f**k you sex sex sex"
That's a pretty nice hard tail that Skordas has. Can't tell if it's a Shovel Head or Iron Head, but it's definitely far more impressive than that beat-to-fuck Jap dirt bike that's probably owned by Russhole's dad or older brother and likely doesn't even run.

Or Russ would dump the clutch with the throttle wide open and the bike in gear, and end-o the bike over backwards on top of himself. Then he'd have to sit there crying and trapped until someone with some actual strength comes to life the bike off of him.

Looks like Hush Puppies/some kind of loafers.

G. Bruce Skordas (Australia)
G. Nigel Skordas (England)
Gregg William Wallace McSkordas (Scotland)

Yep, he's had that smiley pic for, what? Nearly two years now? It's old as fuck.
Husband says it's a Sportster engine.

So..... Something I'm still not clear about. Of all chicks that are in Instagram why Russ decided to obsess over this one of all people? She seems like a dime-a-dozen of Instagram 'Influencers'.
I asked the same question - I was wondering if there was any trait beyond "conventionally hot chick" which the women Russ obsesses over have in common.

It could be if they're listed as "single" at the time, since Russ deludedly believes this means he has a chance with them. (Yovanna is currently listed as single; Taylor may have been a few years ago, then Russ started throwing a bitchfit when she started dating someone else).

Also, I agree, she isn't nearly as famous as his other targets; she doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, and is pretty much only significant for having dated Justin Bieber several years ago.
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It's a shark. That's on land. Motherfuckers.
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I very much enjoyed voting for his basedness in the election even though I knew he wasnt going to win ag. Utah is way too Red/LDS to handle the Skord.

Anyway, I fully support Russ on his magical musical journey because:
1. It's funny
2. It's not going anywhere ever
3. If he keeps sinking his money into shitty songs, he cant afford the brothels and the girls don't have to deal with him

I want to thank you, for all the colors that flank you, you illiterate retard 💖

Pip Squeak

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I love the bit of video after the Ariana trial where Russ waits outside for Skordas as if they're going to shake hands and congratulate each other on a good job. This being the trial where Skordas mentioned Pipsqueak stalking Skordasette, of course.

Although you can only see Russ's hunchback in his too-big dad shirt, his body language is great. He visibly shrinks and looks an utter pratt as Chad Skordas breezes past him. His "wtf do I do now to look like I meant this to happen" thing going on as his head jerks around like a fucking chicken - you can sooo feel the awkward.

It's a lovely moment in the Pipsqueak Vs Based Skordas lore.