World Russian military historian is arrested after he was dragged from river with the severed arms of his student girlfriend - Lecturer at St. Petersburg State University Sokolov admits to killing a girl after dismembered body found in his apartment; he's 63, she was 24.

Most detailed source in English:


A leading Russian military historian was arrested on suspicion of murder after he was dragged from a freezing river carrying two severed arms in a backpack.
A decapitated head and a body along with a saw covered in blood were later found at Professor Oleg Sokolov's flat in St Petersburg.

The young woman - identified by police sources as 24-year-old Anastasia Yeschenko - was a student of the professor, reported Russian media.
She had been in a relationship with the historian, 63, when he 'accidentally killed her' following an argument, according to the report which stated he had confessed to police.
Professor Oleg Sokolov (right), 24-year-old Anastasia Yeschenko (left)

student.jpg student2.jpg

Earlier reports had said the victim was a relative.

Multiple reports say the academic is in detention in hospital suffering from hypothermia. He was dragged from the icy Moyka River in St Petersburg in the early hours of Saturday morning. In his backpack were two female arms severed at the elbow and a gun. The gruesome corpse and a severed head were found at his nearby apartment on Moyka Embankment, say reports.

Sokolov is considered a leading Russian expert on the Napoleonic Wars and is a professor at St Petersburg State University.

Russian news sites now report that he was accused of student beatings earlier, but it is unclear if he was reported to the police.
Sokolov also planned to kill himself after the murder, dressed as Napoleon. Considering he was one of avid proponents of historical reenactment movement, not really surprising. If you are interested in finding out more gruesome and sad details, Fontanka has a series of articles (in Russian) regarding new developments.

break these cuffs

Blue Falcon Actual
No report on the ABV. We all know it was through the roof, but I want numbers damn it. Also, how hard can it be to get away with murder in Russia?


"nanoposts with 90° spatial rotational symmetries"
Thanks to the eminent Oleg Sokolov I too remember the part of Napoleon's life when he chopped up his wife and went for a swim afterwards.

Also this guy's cited on a bunch of Wikipedia articles on the Napoleonic Wars lol
I hope they don't all get removed though.

Does anyone know how this sort of thing was handled on Wikipedia in the past?


Well, that's all, folks
Too much drink...and met his Waterloo. Groan. If he just contracted it out to those damn Saudis there would have been no problem.
As it was, some sites reported that Sokolov told detectives during his interrogation that he planned to commit suicide afterwards wearing the uniform of Napoleon.
He did not seem to understand he was committing a murder not writing a Russian novel.
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