Russians -

Jean Rochefort
Russians are a people who speak a Russian language, which belongs to the East Slavic branch of Indo-European languages and mainly Orthodox Christian who live in Eastern Europe and North Asia. Russians make up the majority of the population in Russia.

They are one of the worst people ever. They are just so bad. They are drunkards and drug addicts. They believe that their nation is saint, and everyone else is bad and thinks only about destroying Russia. They believe that it's someone else's fault that the living standarts in Russia are on pairs with African countries. Russia has most of the HIV cases in Europe, both total number and per capita. Russians are overrepresented in Estonian and Ukrainian HIV statistics.
Russians are also very violent.
Their arguing skills are low, like really bad. If you tell them how bad they are, then they will assume that you are either Ukrainian, Pole, Finn, American, German or Turk.

Telling how lolcowish Russians are would be so long. It's just obvious that they are lolcows, just try to argue with some of them somewhere on the Internet or look at them.



How to know if cheese is Swiss? Neutral taste
Bloooooooooooooooooooooooody arse! It happened! We need translators and Russian users here asap! Luckily, I can help with the former.

OP needs some polishing though. There is tons of fucknut people and groups in Russia aside of zealously-patriotic and commie scum, that's why someone with more knowledge of the language and that sphere is needed or else the others will miss lots of stuff due to not having a lick of a ruski language.
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