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Discuss Rust in this thread.

For those of you that don't know what Rust is, Rust is a game made by Facepunch Studios (the devs that made Garry's Mod) about survival. It plays like a combination of Minecraft and DayZ, letting you build towns by crafting building materials, hunting animals with various weaponry, and beat disconnected players lying on the floor to death, making them lose everything in their inventory and destroy everything they've created when they reconnect.

Upon it's Steam release, the game made more money that Garry's Mod ever did in only a few months, and it's still in Alpha.




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I'm surprised a game about bullying black people and female-presenting men doesn't have a larger thread on KF.
Not being able to change your character is sorta subversive and hilarious for the triggering at the same time. Ironically being a small black woman in the game is a pretty big advantage, it's super helpful at night and your hit boxes are smaller.

This is arguably the best game I've every played. I have an embarrassing amount of hours since legacy. It just keep getting better and better. Whenever I get sick of it I take a few months off and come back and there is so much new stuff and the meta has changed enough to where it feels fresh. I would honestly say that it's a contender for the best game ever made, there is just an incredible amount of shit you can do and it's all tinged with crazy human interactions that you just don't get in any other game. The shit they are doing now with drones and the vehicles and the electric (and logic) system is what a game like Cyberpunk or even GTA series or Skyrim could only dream about implementing. Rust is so far ahead of any other game in its systems and it just seems to keep outdoing itself.

There are problems, for sure, the learning curve is probably the biggest. And the inability to really "play" the game unless you're in a team (or on a small group server). But I would say, yea, it's fucking awesome.

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