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Molṑn lolí

"Blake had gold, that means she was in love with the person who wore yellow! It was all planned! ALL PLANNED!"

Just ignore how they both where implied to be into dudes with one having a blatant male love interest set up only to be dropped in a rush right before this shipping started. It was totally planed from the start. Just like Kora.


Omarun Botan desuyo


Domo Arigato
This is ok but if I ship rubyxblake because under the red coat is an entirely black dressed from head to toe I get called a pedophile.
Speaking of which, does ruby even knows who blake is and what she've been doing for the last few volumes?
I don't think any of them do. Even Yang's "relationship" feels more platonic and surface level, and she helped kill Adam.
Movin on up!

DC April 2021 solicitations and covers revealed | GamesRadar+

DC April 2021 solicitations and covers revealed | GamesRadar+ (

And speaking of the Justice League, they'll crossover with the characters of the hit Rooster Teeth anime RWBY in a new limited series titled RWBY/Justice League from writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Aneke, which introduces versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman who dwell in the world of RWBY, which is known as The Remnant.

The DC Universe and the world of RWBY collide in this new miniseries! Discover the Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince of Remnant as Team RWBY comes face to face with new versions of DC's paragons of justice. A new Grimm is running rampant around the island of Patch, and Ruby and Yang must team up with a young farm boy to stop it! Meanwhile, Blake meets a mysterious woman who's appeared on Menagerie, but what is her purpose? And why does she act like she hasn't been around modern society?

Rooster Teeth hit RWBY crossing over with the Justice League | GamesRadar+

Rooster Teeth hit RWBY crossing over with the Justice League | GamesRadar+ (



Domo Arigato
Kind of annoyed it isn't like the crossovers with Avengers or Power Rangers but a whole new reimagining of the big three. I would have loved to see the girls react to the likes of Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.


Domo Arigato
Here's the thing: who outside of the big three can DC trust on to get casuals interested in whatever they do?
But from what I've been seeing, the standalone series is considered a load of shit, how in the fuck is this supposed to change that? /co/'s already not enthusiastic about this. Not just because the RWBY comics are shit, but because DC in and of itself is shit.

It goes hard, alright. Hard into the trash with the rest of RWBY.

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