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Turns out even a simple innocent hobby such as achievement hunting will harbour a good amount of community sperging and drama, particularly on Steam, where a competitive aspect can be added thanks to leaderboards like Astats. One such group, 100Pals (a splinter group of the original 100% Achievements Group, or 100pAG), has gone to such lengths to be the definitive community for it that it has spent the time to write an honest-to-god 13-page textwall rulebook on achievement hunting.


Among other achievement hunters, this group appears to be the subject of great derision for its community, which consists mostly of little kids puffing up their stats with low-effort, low-quality steam titles. These "games" offer upwards of 5000 achievements for nothing more than a single mouse click. Some of these only require a single launch. In spite of this, the group carries on claiming and striving to be the biggest and best group of them all, even if it subjects the rest of the Steam community to pathetic levels of begging.

However, the higher-ups in particular seem to have drawn quite a bit of negative attention to themselves, especially the owner of the group, Xeinok.

And yes, he has mentioned being filthy rich before.

Ryan Eric Well, a.k.a. Xeinok, is a rich egotistical dickhead who will frequently preach for 100Pals as being the cornerstone for achievement hunting, despite his group being a 100pAG splinter. If you dare to either point out otherwise or even be slightly unaware of their lingo, he will not hesitate to flame you.



One thing to mention about Xeinok is that he appears to be quite big on polyamory, to the point that it has become one of the talking points for him to use to elevate his social standing among other emotionally-stunted OCD sufferers.

He likes to remind people of his little hobby, even if it's very clear to most (a) that he's just fluffing his metrics up with shovelware.

There are plenty of other videos of Xeinok too, wherein he more often than not utterly loses his goddamn mind over either games, his own perceived "fame", or the rare moment of realisation at the precious time he wastes on little badges.
Xeinok raging at LOL
His response:

Xeinok rants about his efame

Xeinok unfriended Birdkiller
(will supposedly unfriend anyone who associates with Mr X, the uploader of most of these videos)

How Xeinok starts conversation
(too big to upload to Mixtape)

5 Minutes of Hardcore Achievement Hunting
(soon to be archived)

There is also a video where presumably he and his girlfriend talk about how another person in the achievement hunting community (possibly off LUElinks, needs further clarification) raped her.
Ironically enough, on a PC Gamer article mentioning him (alleged to be an interview he paid for), there are rape allegations against himself.


DM towards someone because they were sitting idly in 100pAG's Steam group chat


More 100pAG ranting



Following this, he went on a ban spree on 100Pals' Discord from people making fun of him raging at someone burping in VoIP. Oddly enough, claims he doesn't have a sense of smell.


Losing his shit at someone venting in an... IRL achievements channel? I don't even know.

Chats shit about 100pAG's Discord before being b&

Has said before that that he wants to buy the old group and carry out some sort of merger.





100%ING "LIFE" :story:

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

He also places his trust in some other interesting people to moderate his group.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

One of the moderators of the 100Pals Discord who is supposedly somewhat ban-happy, having at one point banned another veteran achievement hunter off the Discord out of pure dislike. Frequent poster of transgender-related thoughts and material both on Facebook and her own site.


Was also a sysadmin for Halfpixel splinter forum Halforums until 2010 according to her wiki page on it.

DFE'd some time over a year ago
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


Described by a few of the veteran achievement hunters as a koreaboo who was too incompetent to help run the OG achievement group, too incompetent to release some guides which had been long awaited, too incompetent to run events and even too incompetent to play any actual video game other than, say, LOGistiCAL. Frequently appears to stream himself failing miserably on Rocksmith with an out-of-tune guitar.



(wip section, more people and screencaps to be added)

newman / thenewman1424: Astats/100Pals moderator known for being inhospitable, even going as far as banning anyone from rival groups such as 100pAG (mainly those banned from Pals) from an event organised for the 'Yes, I am the real garry!' achievement in Garry's Mod. Also banned on SteamRep for TF2 gift-wrap scamming.


Deiru: 100Pals "ambassador" whose mission in life is to redirect anyone and everyone to the off-topic discord channel if they mildly annoy him with tangential discussions. Every time. Will also claim a number of different disorders for pity points (currently fucking colour-blindness).

DrFestus: lolvacban. One former prolific cheater in the achievement community makes the claim that he most likely used Cheat Engine's built-in speed hack feature to speed up grind time on Unturned. Stupidly, he was unaware that VAC is still enabled on single player or local LAN servers and failed to disable it before running the hack. As Cheat Engine is like the first thing VAC checks for, he was banned within a day.

A number of other individuals may be involved too, be it either as moderators/admins or "ambassadors", whatever that's supposed to entail. (archived)
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Have all these accounts been deleted? You're only directly linking archives.


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Have all these accounts been deleted? You're only directly linking archives.
they haven't, but the rules said to archive every link. i wasnt sure if that meant post only the archived ones or post both links, but i can update it to include the normal links.

E: mostly fixed

guess achievement hunting goes hand in hand with... fitness? ight.
and of course there's yet another manifesto for it.

Welcome to the 100Pals Fitness Quest!

Join together with other motivated pals so we can all conquer our goals together. If you’re trying to get stronger, faster, add muscle, or reduce fat, then this group is for you! Decide for yourself what your body goal is: if we’re focusing on fat loss, but you’re underweight and focusing on adding muscle - that’s fine! Tag along for discussions to stay motivated and accountable for your own journey. The important part is that everyone puts in some hard work toward their goal.

3 workouts per week is the standard beginner starting place. I would not recommend starting with less than that, and wouldn’t recommend getting too excited and shooting for something like 5-6 unless you’re 100% confident you can hit all those days without burning out (if you’ve never done that before, just start with 3).

Phase 1: Mid-September to mid-October - Gradual ramp up of adjusting to new habits, learning about some nutrition basics, practicing new exercises, and lowering our carbs week by week. Low pressure - make your mistakes now so you can learn from them and avoid making them again later!

Phase 2: Mid-October to mid-December - #Ketopals, a focus on fat loss and health as we shift our diet to full ketosis (<20g carb per day for first 2 weeks, can add in a bit more after), lifting in full swing, try not to skip any workouts!

Phase 3: Mid-December to mid-March - Return to high carbs and fuel more intense workouts! This is a great time to prioritize muscle gain but overall all performance from lifting and cardio should be rising as you use this extra nutrition to really take it to the next level in the gym. For those looking to extend their fat loss onward, feel free to continue keto OR experiment with carbs here (fat loss with high carbs is still effective, just different!)

Finale: Mid-March to mid-April - Ultimate achievement month, be thinking about your longer term goals to work toward during your progress in phase 1, 2, and 3. This is your time to really nail some numbers you’ve been after and be proud of what you’ve accomplished! You should be able to look back at the beginning of phase 1 and be a very different person physically, both in appearance and in gym performance.

If sticking with the standard beginner 3 day: Tues/Thurs/weekend day is a popular schedule because you can be flexible with Saturday vs Sunday depending on social plans. Mon/Wed/Fri is also popular for people who plan their workouts at a specific time before/after school/work that makes it easier for them to stick with it in their schedule, and know that the chaos of Sat/Sun plans would lead to them skipping sometimes. Choose a schedule that fits you the best and try to stick with it every single time. If you skip workouts, you won’t get very far.

Basic lifting schedule to start with, which should last for 3-6 months depending on progress:

Day A:
Barbell Squat 4x4, 1x5+
Barbell Overhead Press 4x4, 1x5+
Lat Pulldown 3x12
Overhead Rope Tricep Extension 3x12

Day B:
Barbell Deadlift 4x4, 1x5+
Barbell or Dumbbell Incline Press 3x6, 1x7+
Seated Cable Row 3x12
Curls 3x12

Format: [Exercise] [Sets]x[Reps]
Rest time: 3-4m on first two exercises, 1.5-2m on last two exercises

3 lifting workouts per week (no back to back days)
Alternate A and B (ie: Mon A, Wed B, Fri A, Mon B, etc.)

Move up 5 lbs every workout unless you fail reps
Use the same weight for all of your sets, even if you can’t complete the set

Start LIGHT at the beginning of the program, work your way up! Practice!
First two exercises of the day: focus on weight moved
Last two exercises of the day: focus on technique and control

For warmups, you can do a lower weight version of the same exercise and make sure you’re feeling good and ready for your main sets
Example using 315 lbs:
Squat 10 reps just bodyweight, 10 reps of 45 lbs (empty barbell), 8 reps of 135, 5 reps of 225, 3 reps of 275, then start with main sets and stay at 315

If warming up for lower weights, you may feel fine with only 1 warmup set, use your judgment

Keep a log of your workout date, weight used, and reps every single time no matter what
Tracking your progress is exactly how you spot issues and fix them
Can use the notes section on your phone for convenience

Q. Do I need cardio to look good?

A. Not necessarily, but you should if you can make time for it. Cardio more important for health and long term stuff internally, not as an external “fat burner” like some think. If you can fit in 20 minutes of low intensity cardio after each of your 3 lifting workouts that can be a fine place to start. If you want to go for longer or do cardio on non-lifting days, that’s even better. The key is to regulate the intensity so you aren’t super sore from cardio and thus messing up your next time lifting. You could also do, for example, 1 long easy session, 1 short hard session, and 1 medium session per week.

Any other questions can be posted in #life-achievements and will be added here. There are no stupid questions - it’s better to ask and know, and someone lurking may be wondering the same thing but afraid to ask.



also a little something extra to tie in with the rape allegs
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Be more kind, my friends.
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gets a tad better. Xeinok recently reviewed Monster Hunter: World.
man in his 30s becomes depressed over a videogame.

View attachment 575253
View attachment 575254
View attachment 575256
View attachment 575257
"I stay at work in my office late, dreading to come home, because I'm afraid I'll get hit again."
A normal person.
"I stay at work in my office late, dreading to come home, because I know MHW is there."
An exceptional person.

guess achievement hunting goes hand in hand with... fitness? ight.
and of course there's yet another manifesto for it.



Now creating a fitness group for a bunch of people who play video games all day isn't actually that terrible. Could've made it seem a little less aggressive and demanding for sure, but some pretty helpful tips in there. The Bragging was pretty ridiculous. I know a lot of fitness groups who share pictures with a similar attitude, but its for encouragement, not that "I dare you to take a hit from these" nonsense he was posting. This Japanese comment is astounding though. Is he referring to when he raped the Asian chick here? He actually didn't know what she meant by "no" and "stop?"
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achievement hunting youtuber and owner of Steam group 0.1% Horheristo recently uploaded a 5-minute compilation of Xeinok's """HARDCORE ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING""" after his $300 donation to AGDQ. it's about as pathetic as you'd expect.


muh elitism and trolling

naturally also has a hissy fit in 100Pals chat.
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two screencaps have resurfaced of chatlogs between Xeinok and two other long-standing achievement hunters, mostly regarding his ban from 100pAG's steam group around a year ago and his existingly unstable relations with the two. notable excerpts have been transcribed below their respective caps.

Cos: 100pals is nothing like 100pAG. It's a perversion of what our group was. You have people bragging about 1 hour 100%'s, people are actually complaining about games being too long at 5 hours. It's fucking casual.
Cos: This is NOT 100pAG
Xeinok: Alright Cos...... good luck with your minimum wage jobs and anger.
Xeinok: On your tiny island.
Xeinok: With no true friends and no happiness in your sad, angry life.


Xeinok: You're a very depressing person and I know the stress of it all gets to you - that's why you quit being a mod.
Xeinok: You were never good at it anyway, you're emotional and fueled by hatred. You're antisocial and you're a failure in normal society.
Xeinok: You're a joke and I'll soon pass you even on AStats.
Xeinok: Enjoy your stress, enjoy your pain, enjoy your anger. We don't need people like you trying to ruin achievement hunting.
Xeinok: Are you planning to continue rejoining and leaving over and over again?
TheCrowFather: No.
TheCrowFather: My Re-join was a miss-click.
Xeinok: hilarious
Xeinok: Any last thing to say?
TheCrowFather: You are removing me?, Xeinok.
Xeinok: You have literally told me nothing, this entire conversation.
Xeinok: As usual.
Xeinok: Why would I speak with someone like you?
Xeinok: I try to be nice and have all staff members be nice and just check in with people and see if they are okay when they suddenly leave, but you are not saying anything at all... and in the same time period I have seen you "participating" on the dead 100pag steam chat.
TheCrowFather: I was "participating" since late 2015, Xeinok.
Xeinok: And?



be a better gamer :story:

Update 1 (2/25): it's been over a month and apparently a few people on 100Pals including Xeinok himself were alerted to the existence of this thread. because of this thread, several Pals members keep talking about a group of pAG members being involved in "doxing", despite the fact that no addresses or any personal information have been included here. one person of interest, Amorous Eyes, also went into delete-fucking-everything mode and nuked their personal site.

however, in the midst of that, one source of mine recently brought my attention to a number of things uncovered off of LUElinks/ETI that should hopefully give some context on this individual as a whole. our boy Xeinok has been a very active LUElinks user in the past, having gained a lot of notoriety for his posts and his general attitude and as a result often being seen getting absolutely negged by half of the forum.

first off, his own LUEpedia wiki and user pages:

some choice excerpts in particular off the forum include:

- admitting to being an "ephebophile" (read: potential nonce)
- allegations that Xeinok's story in the 'cheesecake' video was a complete fabrication and that NES Kess, the alleged perpetrator, cucked him:
- his temporary ban off LL:
- attempting to buy someone's 9-year old brother to get them to transition into a girl, in a thread made by Xeinok purely to discuss a photo of a girl he finds attractive (wtf bro?????):
- photo of him with BBQ sauce smeared on his face, with discussion about said photo.
- more beef with NES Kess from a decade ago:
- other assorted negging from the rest of LL:

UPDATE 2 (2/26): Xeinok's going ham with reports. one long-time hunter on 100pAG, proudlarry, has had his discord account disabled for perceived "threats" against him.

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achievement hunting youtuber and owner of Steam group 0.1% Horheristo recently uploaded a 5-minute compilation of Xeinok's """HARDCORE ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING""" after his $300 donation to AGDQ. it's about as pathetic as you'd expect.

tiny battle-station in bedroom
lol no

Nothing about this looks like he's even moderately wealthy. Is there any proof he actually has tons of money?


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100pals has recently had an absolute meltdown due to the sheer level of incompetence that a community focused on dumb videogame trophies could have both in terms of peacekeeping with rival communities and even playing fucking videogames.



one of the things that 100pals had done in the past that drew ire from a lot of old-time hunters from the original 100% Achievements Group was how they carried out an event where people could get the achievement in Garry's Mod for playing with Garry Newman himself. during the course of that event, Pals made heavy use of blacklisting people who they deemed "toxic" (i.e. people who weren't interested in their gay ass splinter community).

fast forward to this March, and a group of people from pAG were able to do some work on some achievements for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 by decompiling the game and examining how it was that 5 then-broken achievements would actually unlock. since then, three have been patched via Steam's API while the other two have been found to work through other means requiring some extra setting up.

this is what caused the game to come back under Pals' radar, because this game is quite special to some of the higher-ups there. Hikikomori523, in particular, had yearned for this game to show signs of being fixed because of the fact that he had already been stuck with it being incomplete for years. that gave him and a few other Pals the idea to host events for people to be able to get their shiny new 100%s for a game no longer actively maintained for over a decade, but there was just one small problem:

they didn't fucking know how to unlock everything. they were just going to wing it.

and the best part is that the game only counts stats and achievements when a server has at least 16 non-bot players on it. there's going to be some unhappy people trapped into this game.

what's more is that despite people who did most of the work in examining them (such as Radiotelegrafist) wanting to reach out to Xeinok and Hiki themselves and explain to them how to unlock it, they chose not to give a single shred of credit and essentially told him to fuck off instead. they still wanted to just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks, and that would turn out...
...poorly. 6 and a half hours of jack shit, and that's only the first video out of several.



and how has that been sitting with other people?




to this day they have still been struggling with a particular game and causing a lot of people to get sick and tired. the majority of those people have also either left pals completely or been banned, and this caused some of the diehard members to turn antagonistic towards some of the people attempting to switch away.


and no, you haven't read that wrong. baxtr is a member who has quite literally been rushed to hospital for taking the advice of a videogame discord and undergoing a ketogenic diet.

this all eventually escalated into former ambassadors calling him out for being a twat:

censorship is also another thing pals are big on, what with the below message from a disgruntled user being promptly deleted.
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and no, you haven't read that wrong. baxtr is a member who has quite literally been rushed to hospital for taking the advice of a videogame discord and undergoing a ketogenic diet.

Do you have any more gold on this baxtr character? He seems interesting... in the same way that fatberg is interesting.
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Do you have any more gold on this baxtr character? He seems interesting... in the same way that fatberg is interesting.
he was also a former pals ambassador, and despite also being booted off still continues sucking up to xeinok and the like to get his position back.








he ragequit another discord server after baiting himself out for having shit achievements/stats:
(98.21% obtained from zero-effort 5000-achievements-for-nothing games)

was even banned on Astats for cheating in... 4 of those one-click spam games.

and speaking of fatbergs, he's posted some downright laughable videos of himself in the gym.
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