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Doctor Placebo

Somebody asked for brains?
I find it funny that Ryan had an Eva obsession in the past that he's obviously ashamed of now yet he still cant help but mention it from time to time, so I clipped the times he mentioned it and made this.
This thread is fucking dead but I need to post it somewhere.
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Ryan needs to do a collab video with Alex Jones on how the globalists are making Eva real.
Don't act like you wouldn't watch the fuck out of that.

Fentanyl Floyd

Alt Hype makes some good videos, hes's not brilliant by any means, but he does do his research. It's not too surprising that he is a sperg, because why else would he bother making such videos.
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Faulk has admitted a couple times to having/have had a Chinese Boyfriend, and is also rumored to have dated Black Men, (I've heard rumors he was paid to have sex with a black man, but he denies this and I can't find anything on it).

:offtopic:Kalergi was ironically a lot more attractive than Ryan.:offtopic:
Just want to update Ryan's race-mixing status.

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