Dramacow Ryan J Craig / Mode_View / Demodeview / Aggrax - Anthropomorphic walrus, self-hating small-dicked fat virgin being groomed by a penis inversion cult

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Ryan, better known by his twitter handles Mode_View Demodeview and Aggrax, is a sad man who spends his time on twitter wailing about his sad life and sucking up to trannies.
The crux of Ryan's online presence is his crushing self-loathing. He hates himself and he wants you to know it.
Specifically he wants you to know about how fat he is and how small his dick is, so much so that you have to assume it's either a fetish or attention whoring on his part.

Speaking of fetishes, Ryan is an aspiring porn writer. All his stories feature a timid, fat, small dicked self-insert, usually with a tranny.

Archives of his stories:
Getting a Pounding
Planting Seeds
Making Green

Ryan first came to the Farm's attention in the Kevin / Kathryn Gibes thread as one of Kevin's biggest admirers. Whenever he's not crying about eating himself to death, Ryan is usually thirsting over twitter trannies:
1600816660136.png 1600817180495.png 3.png

It's no wonder then that Ryan himself is "questioning his gender". For a while he claimed to be non-binary and plural, with "Reyna" being his female alter ego/headmate:

Eventually, he admitted he made Reyna up for attention:
1600816070424.png 1600817296164.png 1600817280179.png

Nevertheless, his trans "friends", particularly Kevin, keep trying to talk him into transitioning. Will he cave in? We'll have to wait and see.
1600814828700.png 1600816927892.png 1600817409102.png

In spite of hang-ups about sex and his own body, Ryan has a penchant for posting grotesque nudes:
1600810350234.png 1600810170376.png 1600815823158.png 1600815067967.png 1600815109850.png 1600816758873.png

Oh, he has a "girl"friend (a) too. Meet Anna (a):
1600819007161.png 1600819160664.png
This is a polyamorous e-relationship, with the tranny "dating" several other people. They've never actually met so Ryan remains a virgin.

Outside of twitter

Irl, Ryan is a 31 year old college drop-out who lives with his parents (a). He has an actual job (a) though: teaching little kids swimming at the community pool.
He has accounts on a few other forums where he mostly talks about D&D and video games. He's active in the comments of Dr. NerdLove, some kind of relationship advice website:

Reddit (a)
Blog (a)
Fanfiction.net (a)
Literotica (a)
Disqus (a)

Dox, courtesy of @zedkissed60

Ryan J Craig
912 Washington St
Pekin IL 61554
DOB July 26, 1989 (age 31)
https://www.facebook.com/ryan.craig.9 (https://archive.ph/tDoM7)

Legal name: Annabeth Jane Thomas (changed September 23, 2019, in San Bernardino County CA)
Birth name: Andrew James Thomas
DOB July 11, 1984 (age 36)
https://www.facebook.com/Onyxtheprowler (https://archive.ph/https://www.facebook.com/Onyxtheprowler)
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True & Honest Fan
I'm happy to see this sad lump get a thread. As least he's managed to make somebody around him less miserable, even if it's just Kiwifarms trolls.

I mentioned this in Kevin's thread, but I maintain his "woe-is-me" pathetic disposition is an act for attention. He's managed to pinpoint every single thing that makes him miserable yet refuses to do anything to change it. Most people who are in a depressive state either don't know what's bringing them down or has some form of denial or dissociation to accompany the reason as to why they're that way. But he's surrounded by people who are all so ready to pat him on the back and raise him up on a pedestal for being a brave little boy and living through his depression. If his dour state isn't an outright lie, it's entirely self-imposed. The people encouraging it are equally at fault in my opinion, however.

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