Ryan Trout / Ryan The Lion -

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Nyet Molotoff

I'm not a fed, really.

What comes to mind when you think cringe? Foam adventure? A once common but now overused term? 3 AM JewTubers? Well for me at least it's this 2016 iSimpzz lookalike.

Ryan Trout is a self professed autistic Tik Tok star, Dancer, and political activist whose activities include; Sucking virtual BBC for internet points. Standing up for convicted felon, professional snitch, and pedophile Daniel Hernandez (Takeshi 6ix9ine). And of course making god awful content on the internet for us all to enjoy.

Clearly Ryan is the modern example of a renaissance man. With 100K followers on InstaWhore, nearly 1M zoomers on Tik Tok, 800k on Whatever the fuck this is, and with a Cameo (Where washed up stars beg for money). Clearly an impressive following of zoomers that don't actually watch his content. His content is far too numerous to put all of it here and I'm not autistic enough to look through all of it. Most of it is either him ranting for however he feels about something which he little to no understanding of or him blatantly stealing others content with nothing added to it.

His YouTube channel is Ryan The Lion.

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Who is this guy to you though? Not your personal army. Cringe autistics are a dime a dozen, he's not a lolcow unless you're coming with something better than this weak bullshit.
His content is far too numerous to put all of it here and I'm not autistic enough to look through all of it
Don't tell us to do your job as an OP for you, faggot.

William Tell Underpass

I think I need my hand held through the 'what makes him funny' part a bit more...
Maybe I don't find autistic children funny enough to be here....

Wheezy Asthmatic

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Oh honey, no....

You're new here so a few pointers:
  • Not your personal army. If you have some grudge against him, doing a low-effort post in order to sicc us onto him isn't going to work. Hell, even if you actually went back and did the work on this dude, we STILL aren't going to harass him like you want. This forum is for documenting and discussing lolcows. If you want someone harassed, take this shit to Twitter and say he's racist
  • Please calm down. You're really angry over what appears to be some kid just doing TikTok shit.
  • Lurk more. You clearly haven't been here long enough if you think this kid passes the bar for a lolcow. You're essentially screeching about a child doing harmless shit to people who have seen dudes talking about shitting themselves, fucking [insert people / things they're not supposed to], dudes losing their shit because someone won't wax their balls, dudes claiming to make an OS that talks to god, some lady eating / covering herself in shit to fight racism, and so much more.
With that in mind, welcome to the Farms! Stay safe and have fun! :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:

Meat Pickle

Either you are stupid, a fed, or both. Your OP is shit and you should feel bad.