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Dramacow Ryulong / Michael CohenFanatic Wikisperg, Anti-Gamergater and All Around Asshole

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Cynical, Jun 20, 2015.

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  1. This is a thread about Ryulong (Micheal Cohen IRL), a man on a mission to make sure every place he submits content to that has anything to do with Gamergate tells the story his way, and that way means "GAMERGATE IS HITLER".

    Yeah, I went there, but as you'll see, that's not far off.

    First, he has an ED article


    Now, everyone knows you should take ED with a mountain of salt, but in this case, most of the information is quite accurate, so let's cover his banishment from Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia used to be Ryulong's home turf, and from there, when he wasn't dominating articles about sentai shows, he was like that guy in 1984 who sounded like a duck, who, and I paraphrase the book here:

    "had a furious, violent desire to denounce anyone who did not consider Gamergaters as the vilest of thought criminals."

    However, as this page and it's subpages indicate, his abuse of power, harassment of users, and making certain pages his property resulted in Wikipedia deciding he had to go:


    Which resulted in his permanent banishment, which resulted in him leaving this parting shot on his page:


    It should be mentioned, however, Ryulong had his reasons for being a white knight:


    Basically, he had a blatant bias and used what power he had on Wikipedia to enforce it.

    He also decided to whine about his banishment from Wikipedia on Reddit, and no less a person that Jimbo Wales himself told him to get over it:


    Of course, this didn't mean his war was over, he just went to Rational Wiki to continue fighting, and here's some pages you can read to see, just like on Wikipedia, he has an agenda to push, and if he has to be an asshole to do it, it's for a good cause, fuck Gamergaters:




    Of course, he did get voted for a block on RW for pulling the same shit that got him booted off Wikipedia, complete with the same histrionic bitching about how he's just trying to do the right thing and fighting evil trolls:


    He was then resysoped less than a day later:


    Basically, they refused to kick him out so they could deny his enemies a chance to crow about it, even though they reached a community vote he had to go. Then again, if you read the talk pages above, he has a lot more people willing to defend his actions than he did on Wikipedia.

    In essence, Ryulong is a histronic bully who insists on pushing his version of how things should go on any wiki he has power and influence over, and he has no shame or restraint using those powers to make sure things go his way, and if he has to shit all over people to do it, he will, and like all lolcows, he takes losing that power and being called out pretty badly.

    More links:



    http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?showforum=45 (that's right, an entire subforum about this guy)

    http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Ryulong (it isn't just Gamergate he's an ass about)



    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAct...ulong_is_working_with_the_gamerghazi_mods_to/ (yeah, like Ryulong cares about little things called "conflicts of interest")



    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=Ryulong (yeah, he's a troper, surprised?)

    http://techraptor.net/content/wikipedia-attempts-redeem-neutrality-gamergate-article (techraptor article about Ryulong's naked bias and hypocrisy)

    http://ryulong.info/ Tumblr.

    https://archive.moe/m/search/username/ryulong/tripcode/!!X20mO9bchxe/ Some of his posts on 4chan's /m/

    http://forums.henshinjustice.com/showthread.php?14634-Who-s-Ryulong/page2 (Ryulong was an asshole going several years back)



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    #1 Cynical, Jun 20, 2015
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    Cynical The world sucks? Good.

  2. So this is what it would be like if @Moleman9000 ever had administrative powers.
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    Randall Fragg

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  3. I didn't think this guy was still around and assumed he had faded into obscurity after getting his ass kicked on Wikipedia.
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    chimpburgers Big league
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  4. I remember a bunch of toku fans cheering when the ban happened. Dude was an asshole when it came to editing toku-related pages.
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    Kamen Rider Black RX

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  5. The mass celebration across the internet when this guy's assholishness caught up to him truly warmed my heart.
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  6. Was he very anal about certain things in toku-related pages? Did he ever try to pass something such as a head-canon as fact in them?
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    c-no Sad Dramatic Noodle Eater
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  7. Why do so many lolcows use the exact same username for every website they use,
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    autisticdragonkin Eric Borsheim
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  8. Well, I don't edit wikipedia so I don't know the specifics of it all. What I do remember was a bunch of Power Rangers fans wanted to make the page for Dino Charge before it aired. They had the cast list, when the first episode was scheduled to air, episode summaries, trailers, all that shit and Ryulong wouldn't let them go ahead and create the page. From what I understand, the dude kept all the toku-related articles pretty barebones.
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    Kamen Rider Black RX

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  9. Oh man, Ryulong. This guy has a fucking history in the tokusatsu community- I don't think I have found anyone who actually likes the bastard. He's widely considered to be an annoying piss-ant who spends far too much time editing articles on wikipedia. In a community where you have to be at least a little bit of an autistic manchild, he stands out above all.

    I remember that he used to be viewed somewhat more positively, since he would provide mirrors and uploads of various Tokusatsu CDs, as well. Then Wikipedia happened./

    Raging autism.

    https://twitter.com/Ryulong Actual twitter; one in the OP is fake. This one is protected, however, after GG harvested salt over his banning.
    http://ryulong.info/ Tumblr.
    https://archive.moe/m/search/username/ryulong/tripcode/!!X20mO9bchxe/ Some of his posts on 4chan's /m/.
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    Hodor z-list shitposter

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    AnOminous so what
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  10. He insisted on certain names, such as 'Buddyloid' in the Go-Busters article, for terms in the shows. Now anyone with even passing knowledge of Japanese knows that there's a few sounds in other languages (primarily Germanic and Latin ones, IIRC) that don't really map-up with Japanese itself- b/v and l/r are both the biggest examples.

    The Buddyroids were the android sidekicks in that season. Buddy + Android. It's an obvious play on words, hell I think one of the producers of the show confirmed that was the proper translation- but don't tell him that. It's clearly 'Buddyloid', one of the mistranslated magazine scans/toys/TV-Nihon subs say so.
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    Hodor z-list shitposter

  11. Thanks for the heads up about that Twitter, adding the other links to the OP.

    Saw Ryulong has contributions on Wikimedia Commons, surely he can't be as much of asshole there, right?

    Well, no.


    Here is an incident in which he edit warred with someone, and even after it ended in his favor, he still had to be a dick about it. Also, he spent a lot of time ad homineming on the editor he had an issue with instead of not acting like an asshat.


    Followup to the above, has him dismissing what happened to him at Wikipedia as mere "politics", as if being an asshole on one project had zero bearing on repeating that behavior on another.

    Checked out Wikiversity, his talk page is a goldmine of evidence he's an asshole wherever he goes:


    He has accounts on Wikinews and Wikiquote, but they are fairly dull.


    How do you say "cockbag" in espanol?
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    #12 Cynical, Jun 21, 2015
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    Cynical The world sucks? Good.

  12. Could be worse. They could also use the exact same password for every website they use...
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    Henry Bemis

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  13. About time we had a thread for this wackjob.
    Bolsa de polla.
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    #14 Corypheus, Jun 21, 2015
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    Corypheus Totally not evil

  14. Sadly, Ryulong didn't even really stand out that much in terms of being an utter asshole. Wikipedia is so full of assholes that you really have to go out of your way to stand out. It's surprising the finished product is any good at all, because the admin side is really full of utter turds and barely functional humans who seem to spend most of their time trying to find ways to drive off the people who actually contribute content.

    Ryulong just finally ended up staking out a completely indefensible position and holding to it to the point it was politically infeasible to continue shielding for his sociopathic behavior, even for people who more or less agreed with him. To that extent, his banning was "political," but it was also political that he wasn't banned long, long before now, because being an absolute piece of shit is nothing new for this guy.
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    AnOminous so what
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  15. Apparently Ryulong is rather infamous among employers in South Florida because of his firey exits from jobs he is fired from. I think at least one of them was because he was obsessively editing Wikipedia instead of doing his job.

    Also, I think one of the admins of RationalWiki contacted him because on one occasion he was editing articles non stop without a single break for almost a full week.
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  16. Fortunately, some fragments remain. All but the last two archived versions of his twitter page were taken before he protected his tweets.

    EDIT: Here are some more archived tweets, much of them overlap with the ones in the previous link I provided.
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  17. That's some hardcore spergery for fucking Power Rangers shit. :story:
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    Francis York Morgan

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  18. Ryulong just got demoted again:



    However, it seems Hipocrite fought the decision to do this pretty hard.


    Hipocrite is STILL fighting it, just resysoped Ryulong again.

    We may need to make this the Ryulong and Hipocrite thread:


    I also expect Ryulong user rights will be the target of an autistic tug of war for quite some time.


    The salt is strong with this one.
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    #19 Cynical, Jun 21, 2015
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    Cynical The world sucks? Good.

  19. The idea that a Wiki is a team effort is lost in Ryulong. The fact that they won't can him because it will make his critics happy is akin to refusing to get a cancerous tumor removed because it would validate the people who always told them to stop doing things that made it worse. The only loser is the guy who refuses to remove the cancer.
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