Gross Sabrina Vaz (sabrinavaz1)Produced by Daddy

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by formerfatcow, Jan 19, 2017.

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Did Dad get a half-chub?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I'm shocked there's not a thread about her already but I wasn't able to find one. Let me know if I was mistaken.

    Sabrina Vaz is a 19 year-old aspiring pop-star from Ontario, Canada. She's been whored out on YouTube by her father since 2009, when she was only 12 years-old. Granted, what 12 year-old wouldn't want to play along when Daddy says he can make her famous?

    Her second video uploaded to her account is her "at 9 years-old" singing At Last by Etta James.

    She can decently carry a note, but she sounds like she has a serious sinus infection. Regardless of the actual control she has over her voice, the sound of it is kind of grating on the ears.

    She just can't manage to exist without looking like she needs the shit slapped out of her. She looks like such a bratty little kid and the whiny and nasally singing voice only further proves that.

    This also gives us a glimpse at her failed rock-star dad who produces and directs and a majority of what she puts out music wise.

    Once she gained a decent following on YouTube, she started putting up crappy music video covers, filmed and mixed by Dad, of course.

    Key parts to look for:
    • Sabrina's dad doing sub-par back-up vocals
    • Glaringly obvious auto-tune
    • Bad syncing of audio and video
    • Sabrina failing to hit high notes even with auto-tune
    Every song is a guaranteed shit show.

    Then she started posting videos about tattoos and piercings, becoming more adult-oriented in content while still posting mostly Disney-grade music videos (not in quality of course but in appropriateness for children and length of skirts etc).

    Then in late 2013 her videos started getting a little creepy, especially when you consider the fact that her dad is on the other side of the camera the whole time. She made plenty of music videos that weren't direct copies, but she had to be in a nude bodysuit for Wrecking Ball? She had to lick the sledgehammer? Miley was trying to be overly sexual, that was her thing. Why did it need to be a thing for a (at the time) 16 year-old girl.

    And don't forget her insane collaborations with her mom.

    You cannot convince me that she thought this sounded good either. This one sounded like complete shit and she's literally grinding on a man in lingerie. WHILE HER DAD FILMS.

    Really her entire channel is just slowly transitioning into soft-core porn, I guess? All produced by Pop?

    And then there's this excuse to touch her almost-naked body on camera and then post it, under the guise of being an informative shower routine (there's not really such a thing but people also don't normally show their full bodies in bikinis the whole time).

    Cool, Sabrina. Nice shower routine. I do mine the same except I only use one kind of soap once instead of two kinds of soap twice.

    Need more lingerie and Mom in the same video? No? Too bad!

    It's bad enough to pressure your children into the entertainment industry at a young age because you failed at your dreams, don't make her music videos with creepy incest-y undertones. She's well aware that people feel this way and she's posted a video basically just saying "It's not like that so shut up". Very convincing. Also just because you don't have anything for your dad doesn't mean he hasn't gotten a half-chub watching you roll around on the bed in lingerie at 17.
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    formerfatcow Current Skinny Bitch

  2. What did I just watch?

    I feel sorry for the girl. She's a direct by-product of her parents. Has no self-preservation instincts because she never developed them. Also, well done shitty parents, you've jailbaited your own daughter ever since you could put her in skimpy shit. When she ends up a drug addicted prostitute, you can thank for yourselves.

    This is some really uncomfortable shit. I thought Rain Florence did, but Sabrina takes the cake.
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  3. If anyone votes "no" on the poll the only possible reasoning I can see would be "because he got a 'full chub,' then came in his pants"

    Edit: Sabrina dad.PNG
    That thumbnail says a lot, doesn't it :(
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  4. He must have read the same parenting books as Kiki Kannibal's dad.

    Nothing says "I'm Humbert Humbert 4real" than finding any excuse to put your daughter in lingerie and skimpy outfits. I'm pretty sure Miley was looking to shock and scandalize suburban parents, not provide them with inspiration for their next home movie.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  5. I foresee yacht parties with rich Saudi businessmen in her near future. Cocaine addiction will most likely follow after that. Poor girl. She's really pretty IMO.
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    RobertPaulson They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.

  6. Daddy, why do you keep adjusting your pants?
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    Ulfric Stormcloak

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  7. Her dad should probably be the main subject here. Do you have deets on him?
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  8. All these videos look and sound like slutty Kidz Bop
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    Rabbit Bones

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  9. How long until we find out Dad's been molesting his little girl since she was like 8?
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    Varg Did Nothing Wrong

    Varg Did Nothing Wrong Au milieu de mes semblables / Je vois des monstres

  10. Is Daddy the Male version of Margo?
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage This Entire Timeline is Autistic
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  11. I wouldn't trust her dad doing the laundry if you know what i mean
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    yawning sneasel

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  12. Her patchy lipstick in the Wrecking Ball video is driving me insane.

    In all seriousness, she's gonna be seriously fucked up. I always feel bad for the people who have super fucking weird parents. It's like they were never given a fair shot.

    eta: death to whoever holds their microphone like that (in the second video). That bothers me so much.
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    Blake Bumbleby

    Blake Bumbleby [yasscat intensifies]
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  13. Oh dear.

    We've got an even more tragic Gloria Tesch here haven't we?
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    CWCissey Charming Man
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  14. Seriously with these implications would anybody really be surprised if the dad did worse

    I feel so bad for this girl
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    Shit Waifu

    Shit Waifu The Gendered Slurrer

  15. The singing quality is not terrible, but karaoke level at best. She doesn't come across as having had any kind of vocal training, which seems weird for someone who's been chasing this particular rainbow for about a decade.

    I agree, I think Dad's the real story here. Being charitable, I'm guessing he saw all these teen popstars and thought, "Hey! My daughter can sing! $$$!" and everything else is just a cash grab. Of course, that does suggest he's fine with people fapping over his daughter if it brings in views, but it's marginally better than the alternative possibility that it's him doing the fapping.

    I really hope she's not pinning everything on this, though. Not to be bitchy, but I just don't think she has that star quality about her. Maybe it's because the videos are crap, but I can't see her as the next Miley or whatever she's aiming for. If the plan is this and only this, then I see lolcowdom in her future.
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    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend

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