safespacing special snowflakes on the farm. - ... and duck test pronoun poll.

What's your approach to misgendering exceptional individuals?

  • completely ignore them

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slumming in this sewer of cyber trash
"Lolcows tend to thrive in communities with like-minded people who do not criticize their behavior."
oh the Irony...
As kiwifarm mauds dash to safe-spaces spergie echo chamber, for their special snowflake damsels in distress! XD

WTF! Seriously now?
I provide informative input and when a kid asks, I even explain why I refer to non-binaries as "Xe", but my simple duck test goes way over the mauds head... (as usual).
So here it is again for the spergies, but with a different hair color this time.

(Hint for autistics: replace "duck" with "xe").


a summertime treat
I have noticed the further down in the forum list you go, the more borderline neogaf it gets. You'll get genuine aloggy or salty ratings over pretty mundane comments on cows that strike a chord within the users with similar cowish behavior. Never comments but that is to be expected.

The cognitive dissonance is pretty mind blowing but is also in line with general mentally ill/leftist world views.
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