Careercow Saira Rao / sairasameerarao / Race 2 Dinner / Race2D / In This Together Media - Failed congressional candidate whose existence revolves around hating white people

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It's quite telling she lives in a wealthy, mostly white, gated community. She could have moved into a neighborhood that is mostly populated with POC, but she can't give up her wealth privilege. She needs to sit with that truth and stop centering everything around her feelings of needing to live in good neighborhoods with good schools. That sounds like internalized racism to me. POC will always have low quality neighborhoods and schools as long as people like Saira flock to the good neighborhoods instead of working to make the schools and neighborhoods where POC live better.

Somebody needs to start a dinner where wealthy POC like Saira can pay $2500 to be yelled at by poor people until they acknowledge their wealth and class privilege and admit that they are the problem.
It's extremely telling that her kids now attend private school as well. Even the best public schools in Denver, i.e. the ones in Saira's own neighborhood, aren't good enough for her. (As an aside, Denver offers school choice enrollment, so people can opt to enroll their kids in public schools outside of district boundaries. Saira could literally plop her kids in the brownest school in town if she wanted to, but yeah, that's not going to happen.)

Also, a few million dollars gets you a lot more in Denver than in NYC or its more respectable commuter burbs. She moved west to be part of the elite instead of just another high-earning but dime-a-dozen Manhattan professional.

She's such a monstrous piece of hypocritical shit.
She probably secretly loves being surrounded by white people. Among people who aren't white, nobody is going to put up with her shit. Most white people probably don't dare stand up to her bullying for fear of getting crucified for being racist, even the ones who aren't wracked with white guilt. She can be a rude, obnoxious cunt 24/7 and almost never have to worry about it coming back on her.

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She probably secretly loves being surrounded by white people. Among people who aren't white, nobody is going to put up with her shit. Most white people probably don't dare stand up to her bullying for fear of getting crucified for being racist, even the ones who aren't wracked with white guilt. She can be a rude, obnoxious cunt 24/7 and almost never have to worry about it coming back on her.
Wealthy brown people are extremely racist towards poor brown people. It’s a modern day caste system. Saira surrounded herself with white people because she’s white on the inside. She wants a gated community with perfect houses and lawns, she wants a quiet community with low crime. She wants everything that makes rich, white communities great along with all those educational and connection opportunities for her two kids.

Yes, she went to Denver because her money went father than Manhattan where she couldn’t be considered 1% and be amongst the upper crust whites.

She’s really mad she lost her election and by a huge margin, she lost to a white woman, 32% to 68%. People fucking hate her in Denver including POCs.

Her husband is a director of a hedge fund.
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How, exactly, does a white person give up being white? You can't choose what race you are, and you can't change it just because some loon says she'll stop being your friend if you don't somehow figure out how to do it.
"Whiteness" is the woke version of the word "toxins." Nobody can define it but you can buy a lot of expensive bullshit to get rid of it.


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Looks like she has a ton of baggage due to issues with a few people who happened to be white. She reminds me of that Black Hitler guy. Rather than deal with her mental illness and trauma she chooses to lash out at people for being white.

Saira, your friends didn't leave you because they wouldn't give up their whiteness. They left you because you went loco with the woko and you got mad at them for actually caring enough to tell you they were worried.

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You know what they say: facts are racist and transphobic
Is she trying to instigate a race war or something? Because I can't think of one good reason to constantly say racist stuff about white people and then send them off to google "racism" to "educate themselves". You know what will happen? They'll find stormfront or some other site that will at least not be calling them evil 24/7. Pissing people off and accusing them of being racist for "microagressions" and then turning them loose on the internet to figure it out is beyond dumb. If you are trying to change people's minds, wouldn't you at least want to present your facts to counter arguments against it that they might see on the internet?

Couldn't they at least put together a website that has all the educational material white folks need to avoid microaggressions? It would be pretty easy to educate people if you did something like that. You'd just need to give them a link to the information. Is that really too much work for them? Newsflash: activism is generally an unpaid activity (unless you are a lobbyist). Lots of people volunteer their time and energy and money to causes they are passionate about. If you will only do it for cash, maybe you just aren't that committed to the cause. Reducing the amount of racism in the world seems like enough of a reward on its own. But maybe that's just me.

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"Why am I expected to be able to back up my worldview!?"
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YES Saira. White people are in fact doing you a favor by caring about white people's racism against people like you. A big favor. White people care more about racism of their own than any other fucking race on the planet, and hand out tons of stuff to teh poor (or rich as fuck in this case) non-whites because of it, while getting little to nothing in return. No one should know that more than you with your $2500 dinners of mediocre pasta and insults. Do you think black people are going to pay you for that shit? Nah, because they don't give a shit, no matter how racist their grandpa is or if they're relatives of Idi Amin, who persecuted the hell out of Indians in Uganda. They're not going to give you a dime, and good for fucking them. Nobody should because you're an entitled, abusive, self absorbed grifter.

Everyone who responds to your accusations of racism with anything that shows more care and concern than the Nordic Gamer meme and "Get lost curry nigga" is in point of fact doing you a huge favor by giving a shit about your feelings and living conditions (despite you having absolutely nothing to complain about there), which is more than you'll ever do for them. So get lost, curry nigga.


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Couldn't they at least put together a website that has all the educational material white folks need to avoid microaggressions?
Or just treat them as what they are, which is nothing. They literally don't exist and as a millionth of an aggression, wouldn't even be worth giving a shit about if they did.

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Lecturing about "microaggressions" almost certainly makes people more racist not less. If you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around some specific group of people, what are you going to naturally do? Avoid them, of course. Especially if they tell you that white people like you are the source of all their problems; avoiding them is doing them a favor anyway, right? Not to mention that going on about insignificant problems certainly strongly conveys the impression that minorities have no real problems (unlike you); they must have it pretty good, right?


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Doing some cursory research on this train wreck, I found an interview with her by a local source.

Interview with a Vampire (archive) -- nothing super-interesting, but gives a little insight into the mindset before the full meltdown from losing the election happened.

Diana DeGette's Primary Challenger Is Done With the Democratic Establishment

Chris Bianchi | February 12, 2018 | 8:53am

Thrust into the political spotlight after penning a viral Huff Post op ed about how she was severing ties with the Democratic Party's mainstream, Saira Rao now has her eyes set on her first elected position: Diana DeGette's longtime seat as the representative for CO-1, the congressional district that covers all of Denver as well as slivers of Arapahoe and Jefferson counties.

Rao's frustration with mainstream Democrats stems from her belief that her passion and long-term support hasn't been adequately received, and that not enough has been done by some in the party to counter increasing levels of racism in America.

Rao is a 43-year-old mother of two who moved to Denver five years ago, and she owns a media publishing company that focuses on putting kids of color in more children's books.

Unseating DeGette, a 22-year congresswoman who won her Democratic primary by nearly 73 points in 2016, is a monumental task, but Rao says she feels compelled to run to offer a contrarian voice to the Democratic establishment that she has come to disagree with.

Westword: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this position.
Saira Rao: I have been super-active in Democratic politics my whole life. My first vote was cast for Bill Clinton in 1996. I've volunteered for everybody. And just like everybody else, I became incredibly active after the disaster of November 2016. I really sort of dug in and started doing fundraisers and was donating to every single campaign, and kind of along the way I realized that centrist Democrats wanted something from me: namely, money and time. They didn't want to hear about my concerns; as our country has become more xenophobic in the last fourteen months, my concerns have largely been racial.
I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, in the 1970s, and the level of racism that my family has experienced since November 2016 has far surpassed anything that I experienced even in the capital of the old Confederacy. It's been scary. My late mother was called the n-word on Facebook (Rao is Indian-American). My husband was chased down the street and told to go back to his country and called an Arab and a terrorist. Good family friends had a twelve-year-old kid assaulted on the metro in D.C. for being Asian. My kids have been very, very scared. I would voice things like this to party folks, and they just didn't seem to care.
Everything kind of came to a head last fall over a whole bunch of things, but it led me to write an article for the Huffington Post about breaking up with the party over the fact that I felt completely like a pawn as a brown woman. And what ended up happening after that was a deluge of emails, a lot of them saying "Bye, Felicia," a lot of them saying "I'm with you, I'm no longer voting for Democrats," which is a very dangerous thing. And then a bunch of people said, "Why don't you run for office?"
Over Christmas, I really couldn't sleep, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I realized that my issue with Democrats in very safe seats, who are not using their power and their privilege to advocate for the disenfranchised, is what was really bothering me.
Diana DeGette's Primary Challenger Is Done With the Democratic Establishment

Saira Rao

Your campaign seems to be centered on race issues. But what sort of policies would you introduce?
I think we're at a real crisis point in this country when it comes to income inequality. Denver is sort of ground zero for that. There used to be affordable housing, [and now] it's crazy. The housing prices in this city have just risen astronomically, and I know a lot of federal officials say they don't have anything to do with that, and that's not true and that's intellectually dishonest. You learn in kindergarten that the hand bone is connected to this bone and that bone. Local, state and federal policy is all interconnected. What would be great is if we had people in Congress who say, "You know what, I don't know how much I can legislate around this issue, but you know what I'd love to do is recognize this is the real pain point among people black, white, brown, gay, straight; everybody in this city is suffering in that way." Let's put people together at the table and talk about how we can all come to some consensus. It can't be that real estate developers call the shots.

How do you plan to get the word out? What's your campaign strategy?
My campaign strategy is really reaching out to a lot of people who've been traditionally disenfranchised and getting my name out in those communities. Raising a lot of money, which we are in the process of doing. We are doing very well on that front, and hiring a huge ground team to actually get my name out.

How exactly do you beat an established incumbent in DeGette, who's been in power since 1996?
I think some interesting things are happening right now, just in terms of the election. Number one, this is the first year there's an open primary, so independents can vote. A lot of them will likely vote Democratic and will be progressives, and once I get my name out, likely vote for me. We've got a huge, highly watched gubernatorial race, so I think voter turnout is going to be a lot higher. And reaching with this huge field game — reaching people who typically have felt disenfranchised and get them registered to vote, and get them out to vote. That's how we win.

Do you fear that by launching this primary you risk dividing the Democratic Party and playing into Republicans' hands?
Number one, this is 100 percent a safe seat for Democrats. I wouldn't have done this otherwise. Number two, I think I want to re-frame that a little bit. It's not the right way to look at it. It's very obvious that the Republicans are our enemy, if you're going to look at it in this partisan way. But cleaning the Democratic Party and getting in new leadership and putting an A-team into the Democratic Party is equally as important as getting rid of the Republicans, because you can't beat the Republicans without your A-team. I'm not breaking up with the Democratic party; I'm breaking up with the Democratic establishment. They don't speak for me, and they don't speak for a whole lot of people who feel disenfranchised. As a matter of just logistics and practicality, I think Democrats assuming that all Democrats are going to show up for them in the midterms is not going to happen. We saw that black women largely won the election for Democrat Doug Jones (in Alabama's senatorial run-off in December). Let's see how that works out. Let's see how in-tune he is to their needs. I can tell you right now, a lot of progressive people don't feel like the Democratic Party is their party; they really don't. I think we need to have new leadership in there to really galvanize those folks, and really give it to the Republicans.
It's very problematic to have an institution that doesn't have term limits, Congress, and not have open and robust primaries. That's the only way you have choice. The party being wedded to incumbents hasn't worked. It has not worked. So let's try something different, like having open and robust primaries so that people have genuine choice and we can have a discussion of ideas, and people can choose who they feel represents them best instead of just giving them one option year after year, decade after decade. It doesn't make any sense.
The Republicans have used that to make everybody afraid of other brown people and terrorists, and that's why you see south Asian men gunned down.
I was actually in India (during the December 2000 Red Fort terrorist attack in Delhi). My cousin and I had just left, we'd been at the Red Fort, and we just left. We were at dinner that night, and the amount of Islamophobia that was being floated around the room was just shocking to me and my American sensibility. And he said to me, wait until Al Qaeda bombs America, and you'll see this there. And I said no way, America's above that.
I was actually at the World Trade Center on September 11. I was at the bottom of it; I was one of the people running up the street. I was doing a law school clinic at the U.S. Attorney's Office on Tuesday mornings that fall. A massively traumatizing experience, but I'm very grateful to have lived through it. I firmly believed that we wouldn't go down that road that I saw in India, and that hasn't happened. Look, we've always had xenophobia and racism and misogyny and etcetera. The Republicans have used that to make everybody afraid of other brown people and terrorists, and that's why you see south Asian men gunned down. That's why I get strip-searched every time I go to the airport, which is not great for me, and it's terrible for my kids to see that. Every single time.
I think what's happened, though, is the Republicans have framed everything by way of fear against others. I think what's happened with Democrats, though, is they've framed everything, by way of fear, against Republicans. And everything is about resistance and resisting Trump. Let's stop talking about Donald Trump. Let's stop reacting to every asinine, hateful thing he says and start talk about solutions about putting an alternate reality rather than fear. It feels very much to me right now [that] we're in this moment where culturally, all we're doing is succumbing to fear on both sides. Progressives like me are actually like, "Let's not do that. Let's stop doing that."
Should we be focusing on Republicans? No, we should be focusing on Americans. We should be focusing on us, and coming up with a positive path forward that works for everyone that is not fear-based.

Chris Bianchi is a Westword contributor interested in politics.

One notable thing briefly mentioned by @Hamplanet Fitness is the existence of another one of her ventures, In This Together Media, which supposedly publishes books suitable for children.

It looks like ITTM is in delinquent status with the Colorado Secretary of State despite continuing to publish titles online (sorry these don't archive properly):

(I don't really care to dig into the history of this Carey person, but I'm willing to bet she was one of those "paid spokespeople" at that dinner.)

This person appears to have quite a few businesses and side-ventures. Considering her husband's line of work, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a shell company or two, as well. You just know this has to be the kind of smug power-couple that thinks they can out-smart the IRS. Maybe someone can do some research and notify the proper authorities if any irregularities are found. Tax evasion is a serious crime that hurts the people, after all.

She's keeping the current cash-cow on the up-and-up at least:

This is the only other entity registered in her name in the state of Colorado:

Haven Media appears to be the post-meltdown race-baiting "non-profit" that shucks a single artist's unremarkable work. They don't appear to have a physical location, so it's not much of an art gallery, let alone a non-profit. If any of these things are a tax shelter, I'd put this business venture under the highest suspicion.

I'd love to dig in further but I need to go do grown-up things for a while.

Edit: also lol @ Gaylord street.
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(I don't really care to dig into the history of this Carey person, but I'm willing to bet she was one of those "paid spokespeople" at that dinner.)
I didn’t dig deep but on a cursory search I found this:

“Carey Albertine and Saira Rao met rushing the same sorority at the University of Virginia and have worked well together ever since.”

Rao certainly went all-out to be the whitest Indian girl possible.

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Apparently sending PMs is a form of white supremacy.
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I'm starting to think this twat is legitimately mentally ill. All the political jargon is no different from a schizophrenic whose delusions focus on religious fanaticism and so his fantasies warp to conform to whatever mythology he's fixated on.