Article Salon Jumps on the Jace Connors Bandwagon, Now With More Absurdity -


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Salon published an article this morning about Jan, as well as the man behind a revenge porn site. They decided to up the feminism ante and added some choice quotes such as comparing violence against women to white supremacy. Of course they heavily reference Jan's Buzzfeed article, which is ironic in itself since you'd think that a place that's (at least) trying to be a legitimate 'news' source should know not to take the masterpronker at anything other than face value. Some choice quotes:

Wu was not in on the “joke” and Rankowski’s satire just read as a particularly unhinged, frightening version of the harassment she’d been receiving from thousands of other men. But now that the truth of the video has caught up to him, the men it worked into a frenzy have turned on Rankowski. “They realized I was making fun of them with those videos,” he told BuzzFeed. “I started it as a joke, but it’s become far too real and I wish I could take it all back.”
But the truth is that Rankowski will never really understand what it’s like to be in “the other person’s shoes,” even if he felt sufficiently scared after being targeted. That’s not how life works. Rankowski got a bad shock. He was likely afraid that his job, or maybe even his personal safety, would be compromised by the people harassing him. But the reality is that the kind of abuse that women, people of color and queer women face online isn’t the same thing as a one-off experience of harassment, no matter how frightening.
That’s because this kind of violence stems from something structural, not incidental. A culture of violence against women and white supremacy isn’t a series of isolated events, it’s a system that devalue women’s lives.
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It might not be a bad idea to join all these articles in a single thread, given the diversity in content (or lack thereof).
Seconded. It seems to me every single article boils down to sucking Brianna Wu's E-peen and talking about how either Jan is a terrorist and/or deserves to be threatened.


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I find it a bit sad that they all keep taking the Buzzfeed interview at face value. I think only Sam Biddle of Gawker has doubted the veracity of Jan's statements in the interview, the others all just eat it up.
When Sam Biddle is the model of skepticism, these other dumb motherfuckers should be deeply ashamed at the pathetic failures they are as journalists.

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