Terrorist Sam Ambreen / Samina Ambreen Salahuddin / @SamAmbreenSalah / @SamAmSalahuddin - Muslim apostate, paki, drug addict, far-left extremist, forced fem husband-slave, "raped in womb"

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How will the saga of Samina Salahuddin end?

  • Terryberry (suicide)

    Votes: 148 21.9%
  • William Atchison / FuckYou (Spree Killing, then Suicide)

    Votes: 100 14.8%
  • Nasim Najafi Aghdam (Twitter/etc Shooting, then Suicide)

    Votes: 138 20.4%
  • Allahu Ackbar

    Votes: 289 42.8%

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Samina Ambreen Salahuddin (@SamAmbreen_) is a 3rd generation Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom. Born into a religious family, she rejected faith and became a 'murtad firti' (apostate) early in life. 36 years old now, she is married to a English man she has dress up in drag, and appears to survive off disability income from the British government for what she claims is early-life induced PTSD. She is currently involved with Samuel Collingwood Smith, the 'Witchfinder General', a noted stalker of women and girls currently under federal investigation for attempting to incite panic with bomb threats directed at schools and hospitals.

Sam Ambreen does not work and has utilized her decades of unemployment to post over 200,000 tweets, as well as creating a massive Internet footprint going back years. Her greatest hits include:
- Declaring herself a Nazi hunter for hire, and therefore braver than service members, justifying not ever working.
- Advocating for free bleeding (allowing menstrual to drip into clothing and down your legs).
- Responding to a troll-sponsored fake Twitter campaign by upping the ante, calling all people racist, and starting her own #KillAllMen campaign.
- Being blocked by local law enforcement on Twitter after attempting to report an anti-islamic microaggression.
- Running a blog that featured hairy women, proclaiming any attempts to groom one's selfis internalized misogyny.
- Being trolled by GamerGate for the aforementioned until she developed 'agoraphobia', or a fear of talking to people.
- Calling anyone who disagrees with her a virgin with a small penis before encouraging them to come to her house and fight her because she'd love to kill them with her bare hands.

She originally had a thread on the Kiwi Farms in 2016, though it did not garner much attention. When Salahuddin found out, she doxed the user who made the original post and contacted them privately demanding they remove the thread. This prompted the user to silently edit their post into nonsense.

While this would be a massive victory to any other lolcow, they would usually try not to repeat the mistakes that brought them that attention to begin with. Samadin, however, would openly brag about her efforts on Twitter, prompting this thread to be created to figure out what exactly had gotten her a thread in the first place, and if her claims that she had done the impossible and taken her thread down was true to begin with.


They were, and she was not shy about this fact. As soon as this thread went up, she became aware of it and started threatening @CatParty if he didn't take it out, propping herself up as some force to be reckoned with, apparently not wise that this was a bad idea. Since 2016, the Kiwi Farms has had changes in place to stop people from ever deleting their own threads in on-topic boards, with strict editing rules in place to stop people from blanking their own work. Even if this would have worked before, it will not work now.

Sam remains very defensive on Twitter and is propping herself up as the victim already.

DOX courtesy of @zedkissed60:


Real name is Samina Ambreen Salahuddin. DOB is April 6, 1982 (age 36).

her twin sister, Shaheena Abeera Salahuddin

https://www.facebook.com/shaheena.salahuddinazad (http://archive.md/FUIvS)
https://myspace.com/bone_marrow_appeal/photos (http://archive.md/dwJsn)

all siblings and parents (photo courtesy of @Ride)



article about her niece
https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/last-chance-in-the-fight-for-alishba-qamer-67904 (http://archive.md/bBEHI)

father (deceased)

https://www.facebook.com/saavoo/ (http://archive.md/7q0EW)

7 June 2005
Samina A Salahuddin, Scrutiny Support Officer
"Learning in the 21st Century: 14–19 Education"
"How Young People are Involved in Decision-Making Within Education and What Difference This Makes to Policy and Practice"


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I found her original thread. My suspicions are correct. She stalked and hunted down the OP to intimidate them into closing their own thread before we had controls on such things.

https://kiwifarms.net/threads/18527 (will be undeleting this and moving it to spergatory for historical purposes)
Screenshot-2018-5-14 Dramacow - (stupid thread, please delete).png

Twitter chain where she says as much.

@SamAmbreen_ 19 Mar 2016
So the guy writing this shit is called Mark Sabine, a lecturer at Nottingham uni. Apparently teaches queer culture yet uses inappropriate >
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Apteryx Owenii

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Is told that dumb internet shit is not a crime \ wasting police time

Decides to stay on the internet forever at home instead of turning twitter off and going outside. Also decides to threaten the very websites she decries and thus get much more attention because... reasons.

makes sense.

She'll probably make an appearance on mailtime with Null