Sam Hyde Memorial Thread - I'm not Sam shilling himself on here i swear

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Bugfeed is years late to the party as usual

Sam just sent out an email on new videos and such, and included a snippet of his game from an Insta account.
He can describe it better than anyone can hope to at this point.
Sam Hyde said:
I know it looks like a Doom WAD now, but this is just one of several mini-games (and it's slapped together quick with temp. video assets and textures).

The main game is going to be an interactive 'Sam Hyde Hostage Escape Simulator', featuring very nicely-shot full-motion-video (we got a pro team lined up for this), like Night Trap or Sewer Shark, kinda.

The genre we are working in here is what we are calling Funny Psychological Horror AKA Emotional Abuse Jump Scare Gaming. No title picked out yet.

We are looking at a probably one-year-ish timeline here--even with non-perfectionism beta-blockers and strategic corner cutting SSRIs, it's gonna be a crazy amount of work. I'll post updates to Insta whenever we got something cool to look at, and when it's far enough along we might need to do a pre-sale or crowd-funding thing, so stay tuned for that pls pls


The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
True & Honest Fan
Sam offers 1k USD to the person who can spray paint a graffiti in the best location

He reveals himself as an expert street artist himself, using only the finest Rustoleum waterproof/rust proof metal primer and enamel from the local Home Depot.