Sam Hyde

Jan 30, 2021
Why is Sam even considered right-wing? I always considered him an edgelord who found a niche with imageboard humor. I don't watch his new stuff though so maybe he got more political.
On one of his "enlightening" rambling videos he talked about previously trying to redpill his parents and how it was a waste of time, coupled with him clearly flirting with that side of the political spectrum at his peak.

I do get the confusion since he did shield himself under layers of absurdity.

Charls also mouthed the "vote trump" at the end of one of their World Peace skits, and I highly doubt those two were too far apart in political ideology.

Dec 19, 2014
Since the conversation has moved to fetishes, here's something from the old leaks. It claims Sam Hyde has a dildo collection, mentions gay handjobs, says he is a cuck and also includes a creepy pedo incest quote (first image, red boxes highlight).


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Sep 28, 2020
... what the fuck? Of all the legends of YouTube’s golden age to collab with Sam fucking Hyde, iDubbz????
IDubbz isn't really a legend. He directly ripped off people like Sam and FilthyFrank and was only funny because of all the edgy shit he would say, which he hasn't done for years.

IDubbz is just another boy-slave fallen into Sam's trap.


Degenerate Mommy
Jun 21, 2021
The whole video is a brilliant look at how two edgy retards in their late 30s are maliciously playing mind games with each other until the sparks fly and they burn out & get bored.
They are both trying to snake and cut into the other in little ways, lmfao, these men are two-faced and catty like women. Both Ian and Sam show off their femininity here.