Sam Hyde

Dec 19, 2014
Is this it? The final bomb, the blow off top to this guy's career?
Idubbbz may be a abhorrently stupid immoral faggot, but he has a rabid fanbase of loyal cucks, million of them even.
Now, the show truly begins!
I don't think so, unless this is the start of a longer pattern, where Sam Hyde picks fights with well-known people to build up his clout and notoriety. Given the scandals he is sitting on, flying too close to the sun might lead to him going down like Icarus. But this video alone wouldn't do it, I think.

What could happen at most is that Idubbbz takes this video badly and uses his platform to broadcast some of the scandals from Sam's past. I am a bit sceptical that he will do that though because he seems too mellow for that.

I think the generally positive Youtube audience reaction to this video makes me think the defensive shield Sam has around him is the legitimate level of support he has from his remaining fanbase. I think this relationship is what has made him scandal-proof thus far. Especially since his remaining fans aren't really the type of people who would be into "cancelling" and would be more likely to be sceptical of accusations from women, if anything. These people like his content and I think are willing to overlook a lot in return. And yeah - it's a bit fucked up, given what they're most likely overlooking.

I think there's some people in this thread that think there's a chance to "nail Sam". However, save for some really exposive new screencaps (like good quality evidence proving he had sex with a 15 year old), I think the Sam Hyde downfall will just take some time - could be several years, like I said. I think the right attitude to this is just having fun with the steady drumbeat of drama until eventually you get that big juicy trashfire at the end.
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Jan 31, 2021
I didn't realize it until this documentary came out but yeah, besides Nick, everyone around him is legit braindead retarded.
That fat retard making lean bragging about how he had some retarded drug 10 years ago was one of the gayest things I've ever seen. I can't tell if it was a skit or not, because these spergs actually act like that on the podcast and their own shit.

Oct 6, 2020
Yeah, I've seen him in other videos before and he seems less absent minded than those effeminate SoundCloud queers. He's talked genuinely and can pull off the "schizo" act well.
I thought so too months back before I stopped watching Sam but apparently he is the "worldcorp pedo guy". I don't know much about worldcorp just what is in the post earlier in this thread


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Jan 31, 2021
I don't know much about worldcorp just what is in the post earlier in this thread
I don't really either, I've skimmed through the thread and just found shit I didn't care about. Don't really care about past allegations, I just wanna know why the fuck he's doing any of this shit. It's so out of character, even without his rambling YouTube videos about life advice. It's so out of left field.


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Nov 8, 2017
I'm not sure I understand what the gaslighting was. The joke was that they were working on shitty beats and lyrics, while Sam was actually making shitty rap music for Fantano. The joke was their office looked like shit, then the next scene they're saying the building really is all fucked up and they work in a shitty cramped space. The joke was there's weed everywhere, then while waiting for iDubbz Sam is smoking a joint and there's probably weed and pills all over that place. The joke was they took him to the place under the bridge they probably do unironically kick each other in the head and just shout memes at each other.

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Jan 20, 2021
Wait until you get to 1:11:28
Best timestamp of the whole video.
That entire interview was fucking hilarious, especially the Joe Rogan bit. The way Sam sits hunched over looking down at an uncomfortable Ian, the black pole dividing the two, the periodic random table of elements on the wall... dunno why but it's kind of artistic.

Why the hell does Sam hang around giant unironic wiggers? I thought he was against the lazy SoundCloud crowd.
I dunno man probably to look smarter than he actually is. King of the fools.


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Jul 6, 2020
The footage Sam showed wasn't that funny. The funniest part was actually them going over the gaslighting plans. If they had actually pulled some of that stuff off successfully it would have been hilarious.

Maybe idubbbz has some funnier footage, but I kind of doubt it. If he is truly not planning to release the doc (it is possible he's just still been editing it, I know those projects take quite a bit of time), I would completely understand it. From a documentary perspective, I kinda doubt he could direct something coherent that also has a message he agrees with. It just sounds like Sam wasn't taking it seriously enough and idubbbz didn't have the balls to confront him and tell him to take it seriously.

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May 29, 2019
>tfw you set out to dance on the grave of the internet's greatest has-been and realize you walked into a whole insanitarium specifically crafted to take the piss at you

video is 6/10 but I'm impressed to see the junkie flunky crew around sam actually be remotely funny, for once
the jet(t?) guy seems at least halfway decent, but he could be equally as braindead as the rest, just covered by being able to talk like a functional human


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Aug 1, 2021
I didn't think this new doc was all that great, honestly feel like the only part worth watching is the one on one interview between Idubz and Sam for the nice little psychological battle going on between them. Their body language was pretty interesting too, Idubz's nervous smiles and Sam sitting higher up than Idubz leaning over towards him trying to intimidate him. This would have been so much better if they fully went through with their gaslighting plans.

Also this is exactly what I pictured the kind of girl that would hang around Sam and his crew would look like.
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