Samantha Violet Bushart - Illiterate Perpetually Pregnant Mutant Baby Factory; In and out of jail. White Trash. FAT.

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Jul 24, 2013
Sammie Bushart

April 23, 1996
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Mother of Bentley Raymond and Lucy Jane Mendenhall

Sammie could be any of the rednecks you know in life, a simple woman who got knocked up at 17 with her deadbeat high school boyfriend. She isn't a complicated person and her life revolves around three things: Gettin' niggas, makin' babies, and gettin' attention.

In her earlier life Sammie focused on making her boyfriend Austin Mendenhall happy and hanging out with her friends taking selfies. She lived with her mom and helped out around the house. Even the little eccentricity, like claiming to be a cousin to Brittney Spears, was laughed off by a large group of friends who were used to her making harmless outrageous claims. Even though she and Austin cheat on each other on a near-monthly basis, they always ended up back together. Because she is a woman she is quick to anger and has never held back from threatening to "Bit [any] Bitch" that looks at her man and how she "Heats Hoes"

Her pregnancies were unexpected, difficult, and within months of one another. Both children were born prematurely and in very poor health, with one a lumpy waterhead and the other requiring heart surgery within weeks of being born. However, after having a miscarriage in 2017 she went on a downward spiral of insanity. Despite being told by a doctor that she will most likely never bring another child to term due to damages she still tries - or when that became too much work just decided to lie about pregnancies for the attention. She has been arrested multiple times for 3rd degree assault against her mother and has since been booted from the house and lost custody of both her children to her. And please be on the lookout, because even though she's in her 20's any day now Sammie is going to be a super star on Teen Mom 4!

As of today, Sammie is currently faux bisexual with a Fakebook account and still in love with Austin while cheating on him with creepy rednecks and any black guy that so much as says hi to her. After the breakdown, We're going to begin the long series of Sammie's historical posts. Give thanks to @Rabbit Bones for this find, and buckle up for a great ride.



You aint the only one

"Get Ready For You're Ass To Get Bit The F*** Up Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is a common response from Sammie getting called out on something or caught in a lie. It's always "Someone" "talking shit" "behind her back" and "lying"


Weezy has been her dream guy for four years now.

"Me N My Cousin Britney Spears"


Lil Wayne Can I Kiss Those Big Black Lips For Yours :)

For a while she always posted "me sam" before her selfies and I have no idea why

I only screen capped this one because she spelled everything right

I never figured out what this one was for.

I don't know who Michael is, or Hunter Berry, because neither seem to show up ever again

Quick note: You're going to see Sam calling people her brother, her twin, her sister, her cuz, her son, and none of those are true. This is one of the few instances where she's trying to make a joke and not get attention. What she means is "Tyler is so close with me we're basically like twins!" but when put through the Redneck-o-tron it comes out like this

Guy #2. If you think this kind of exchange is funny than this is the thread for you because it will come up a lot


Oh yeah, and for some reason she loves Michael Meyers?

We never find out what happened :(

"I Heat Niggas That Treats Me Like A Pis Of Shit"

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Man there's a lot of Sammie lore to break down. Sammie has been "Getting married" since 2014 but all her rings are trashy Walmart tier. This is her biggest obsession besides having babies and I guess it the only thing she sees as giving her validation

*raises hand*

Considering how all her fights in 2017/2018 have turned out I wouldn't be concerned for Harley

Melanie Culvert-Bushart, mother [2nd facebook]
Scott Bushart, father
Sabrina Bushart, sister
Stephanie Bushart, sister [2nd facebook]
Austin Mendenhall, baby daddy [2nd facebook, 3rd facebook, 4th facebook]
Bentley Raymond Mendenhall, son
Lucy Jane Mendenhall, daughter

Additional Family
Rob Zombie, cousin
Eminem/Marshal Matthers, cousin
Britney Spears, cousin
Katy Perry, cousin
Miley Cyrus, cousin
Lil Wayne, baby daddy

Additional Children
Adalynn Faith
Brantly Lucifer
Ellie Mae
Lexah Marie
Lexi Noell
Michael Lesson
Weezy Dwayne Carter

Additional social media
Violeta Rose Bushart
Samantha Bushart
Sammie Austin Cole
SammieBoo Love
Austin "Fat Bastard" Mendenhall
Samantha V. Lemons
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Jul 24, 2013
Sammie is surprisingly accepting in a totally racist way. All she knows about black culture comes from stereotypes and rap music which leads to some hilarious exchanges where she chews out a guy for calling her a nigger lover because “nigga means friend don’t say the other word you racist!!” and then without irony says “haha I’m eating fried chicken must be some nigga in me!”

She’s the living embodiment of the Boondocks sketch with the clueless teacher. “It’s NIGGA, all day long nigga this nigga that how was I supposed to know it’s bad?”


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Mar 9, 2015
I've always found it amusing how white trash and SJWs both "pet" other cultures, as they are walking stereotypes.

I know black guys seem to have a thing for fat girls but I have no idea how either of them esp her, manage to find people that are willing to have affairs with them.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Jun 13, 2016
As @Lowtax would say. Her toxic womb is making heaven overcroweded.

Actually that was Zach Parson’s totally epic line, but Lowtax did hire him as a writer.

She’s like the typical redneck who dates black guys only 10x crazier and x2 as stupid. I have some personal cows along these lines (one of the few reasons to stay on FB is all the crazy trash that’s discovered it to broadcast their lives).

SHE'S FAT! SHE'S REALLY FUCKING FAT! Also, how is a redneck dating black people? I thought rednecks wanted to lynch every black person, not fuck them.

As the posters above explained fat redneck chicks usually date black guys. Many black guys tend to like heavier women and whites women are a bit of a status thing so it makes the chicks feel desirable.

Also, for people who don’t live in the USA it might seem confusing, but poor people in smaller cities are way more racially integrated than rich or middle class people. Many poor rednecks have lots more black friends than a rich liberals in the city. Most poor people live in subsidized housing or poorer neighborhoods, so you have black and white living side by side as one community.

The stereotypical redneck who hates minorities is getting rarer and they live out in rural areas or very small towns.

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