Trainwreck Samantha Violet Bushart - Illiterate Perpetually Pregnant Mutant Baby Factory; In and out of jail. Redneck. FAT.

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Sammie has GRACED us by slaving away on some selfies today. And girl, that pregnancy weight is melting right off. No wonder she's the BlackHead Queen, she must be beating niggas off with both hands.




Becky’s Drawings
Let me review my nasty redneck check list:
Disney shirt
Greasy hair
Dirty bare feet
Toddler items in picture

Yep, it all checks out!

To be fair, if she does this in true trashy redneck fashion, a tattoo like that would cost $40 and would be done in a kitchen that smells like meth and cigarettes.
By some dude who learned how to “tattoo” in prison. Hello, hep C!


I've got more demons where that came from.


Pamela Swain Gave Me Ass Cancer
All I can think of when I see blackhead Queen is Sammie having a Doctor Pimple Popper-esque TV show where she’s extracting pus out of uncle cousin Billy Bushart III. Or maybe she takes a trip down to the local crack house and gives skincare advice for free.

My S/O has her added on FB and on god she RAN to me with a screenie of that “Antonio’s Pussy” tattoo post not even a second after she saw it and said “please god I hope they posted this on the farms”. She seems to be digging the tattoos lately. I wonder if she would be able to manage getting enough money for one what she would end up getting. Left arm niggas of the week, right arm miscarriage of the month? With that much mass the possibilities are almost endless.

I’m really late catching up on all of this and posting way past night night time excuse my lack of grammar.

Rabbit Bones

Hello, Hi, I'm a 2019 Guy.
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She seems to be digging the tattoos lately.
She goes through tattoo phases. She never gets any, because she's too broke to go to a real studio, and she doesn't know anyone who does kitchen scratching, but occasionally she'll post a ton of stolen pictures saying she's going to get this done. I honestly hope she actually gets the fucking Antonio's Pussy tattoo though. It would make her white trash Austin tiddy tattoo look like pure class.

By some dude who learned how to “tattoo” in prison. Hello, hep C!
Maybe Antonio can get her the hook up if he ever gets out.

Does anyone remember a fake dead baby named SJ? Nothing came up when I searched for the image but just means she probably stole it from someone elses FB or IG.

Muscle Bra

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Does anyone remember a fake dead baby named SJ? Nothing came up when I searched for the image but just means she probably stole it from someone elses FB or IG.
This honestly makes me sad. Sammie is back home right now and she has RL kids that she could play with/take selfies with/try to take care of, and she *still* trawls FB for pictures of niggo babies that she can post. :heart-empty:

eternal dog mongler
Does anyone remember a fake dead baby named SJ? Nothing came up when I searched for the image but just means she probably stole it from someone elses FB or IG.
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mysterious missing black baby wearing a rosary named SJ (which, if you don't know, is the Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits.)

Illuminati confirmed. That's why you never see any of Sammie's babies. Bushart more like Bilderberg.

Android raptor

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She's held a torch for Antonio for a while now. I'm surprised she hasn't moved on to another NOTW yet. Then again with him in jail I guess he can't as easily dump her.

How long is he going to be locked up for again? Also is Sammie visiting/calling him?

Rabbit Bones

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I wonder if part of the reason she's still hung up in Antonio is because some other woman wants him.
Exactly my thought. I think if Monica wasn't still around (Even though I think she's no longer a candidate because I do think she's the one who called the cops on him) Sammie would have been long gone. She just doesn't want to "lose". I also thinks she's a little wrapped up in this idea that she's a good hood wife and she'll stand by her man while he's in jail because she's a ride or die (I hate that phrase.) I think once she realizes that he probably isn't getting out in a month or two she's going to cut ties and give onto the new dick.


How unfortunate.
Wtf is BlackHeadQueen???? Last time I checked I thought Sammie was “Mexican”?
I feel like she heard the term "redhead" in reference to a ginger one time and bastardized it in Tru Sammie Fashun. guess she never heard the term brunette, though it's fitting as she is also a pus-filled lump.

Rest gently, O sweet babbies in Heaven.
it's okay they just despawned

Rabbit Bones

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Sammie, who seems to be a professional homeless nigga cum dump, is actually getting upset over being called a ho. I'm confused how she can claim to have only been with one man when she has two baby daddies tho.

The baby daddy thing made me laugh. She could have told the truth and said she only had one baby daddy... but she went with a weird half lie by including (I'm assuming) Antonio and his fake miscarriages. In truth, if we count all of her fake pregnancies, she has something like 10 baby daddies.


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If only I had instagram *sigh*

I’m curious as to who she follows. And who follows her. The number looks low, is she adding everyone that adds her like she used to, or is she being selective now? In other words, should I bother with making a sock for my own entertainment? Has she added anyone and is she updating as often?
Ask and ye shall receive (like 4 million years later but hey, whatever). I'll just say she adds total strangers, which considering the intelligence Sammie has, I shouldn't be surprised.

For some reason she changed her profile from Black Head Queen to Blonde Head Queen? ... even though she doesn't have blonde hair anymore?? I would argue that she doesn't need the 'head' in there if she's referring to the color of her hair but we all know that water is wet and that Sammie is a whore so she probably meant a different kind of head. IDK how many "babbies" in Heaven she has now, but according to Instagram lore, she only has 2 living babies and 2 dead ones.

This bitch is crazy fly gangster, y'all. Wonder if she'll ever find her Prince Charming aka a ride or die gangsta man.

Want to see more of her feet and a very flabby arm? Want no longer, let your eyes bleed.
The state of her feet. Ugh! Just how? And also huzzah to the hint that she's falling into Tess's line of thinking: only fat women are hawt.
Either she's really pale or I'm blind because I didn't notice that fat balloon hovering right near her face. Why did she think this angle worked? I would ask if she doesn't understand fat girl angles but then again I doubt she understands regular angles so whatever.

There really isn't much else in terms of new (to my knowledge) content on her Instagram but that's what I found. It's mostly stuff reposted from Facebook that has been posted here before. If it's demanded, I'll go digging through her older posts to see if I can find anything interesting but until then... Where's the bleach? (I think her feet need more bleaching than my mind does.)


Rabbit Bones

Hello, Hi, I'm a 2019 Guy.
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Yeah that's all from her Facebook. I generally don't post everything she posts because there's a fucking lot of it, and most of it isn't interesting/funny. I'm mainly interested in the kind of comments she gets on IG, if you could look into that? For whatever reason, she isn't adding my IG sock. Back in her Teen Mom 4 days, she used to get hilariously trolly comments on her IG.
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I am still absolutely 100% surprised that nobody has leaked her nudes yet.
I mean......She did do that boob-exposing “”photoshoot”” at the hospital while her baby Lucy had open heart surgery. Sammie is that type of exceptional individual that publicly posts her own noodz on her social media (even if one of her kids is literally undergoing a major, potentially life-threatening surgery at that moment).

Edit - found it. Page 44 of the thread - it was under her facebook “porn page” sammie purple, and I totally forgot about that sammie saga.
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