Trainwreck Samantha Violet Bushart - Illiterate Perpetually Pregnant Mutant Baby Factory; In and out of jail. White Trash. FAT.

I knew that there would be a fucking Halloween babby. I'm guessing she's three months pregnant now, will be seven months pregnant in two weeks, and will have the baby in three weeks, at which point we'll never hear about it again and it joins Genithys Printhis and Weezy and all of the rest in purgatory.

your birthday plus your birth month followed by 'nelson' = your dead babby name
1st - abdedegeungo
2nd - abongobongodialo
3rd - abortonio
4th - wankanda
5th - melaninandra
6th - loquacious
7th - lamarcious
8th - tyronicus
9th - tyshonkwondo
10th - tymaljarone
11th - quinshawn
12th - keishawn
13th - ebolashawnisha
14th - lashontay
15th - kingqueenicus
16th - caucasia
17th - bishpleasarion
18th - antwaine
19th - quidiqua
20th - shonkwikwibonikwi
21st - larayqua
22nd - lakwishon
23rd - mcmuffonda
24th - levronley
25th - jookweesha
26th - lamontondre
27th - androdredre
28th - johnathonondondrenaynay
29th - qweykwishon
30th - lemaricious
31st - dedbabbius

january - lamarkus
february - obamarama
march - lasagnay
april - kwodacious
may - negrandonio
june - aayliayah
july - sicklecellisha
august - quanondrus
september - dashawn
october - dysone
november - dyrellious
december - omaewamoushinderushius

my dead babby name is abortonio dysone nelson 👶🏾 💯 ✊🏾
If I were named Shonkwikwibonikwi Kwodacious, I'd fucking kill myself. Fortunately, any kid she decides has that name will also be a ghost babby within the next month or two.

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Honest to God, sometimes I wonder if Sammie is actually reading here and messing with us.
Just as an aside, I would fucking die if she just got that Austin tat crossed out and Antonio or her NOTW's name tatted right underneath so she can have a record. I knew this guy way back when who was really into making his car as exceptional as possible. He used to put decals of the person he was dating at the time's name on the passenger window and when it inevitably didn't work out he'd cross it out with a decal and add the next idiot who would date him. It seems a very Sammie thing to do.


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What’s her deal with the ‘&&’ shit?
fat finger, I'm guessing.

I wonder if since the video of Sammie went minor-viral she added randos to her facebook and is starting to be less of a trainwreck. :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:
Or she's simply being stupid on facebook less because she gets less asspats? Maybe Antonio was actually good for her?
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