Trainwreck Samantha Violet Bushart - Illiterate Perpetually Pregnant Mutant Baby Factory; In and out of jail. White Trash. FAT.

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My human and I talk shit about you
Anytime I see a BDSM-type photo with zip ties included it makes me cringe. Anybody who knows anything about this type of community knows that zip ties are one of the basic apparatuses kinksters avoid because their whole purpose is to get tighter with each movement and they have a high risk of cutting off a lot of blood flow and/or laceration.

Genuinely hope Sammie's stupidity doesn't get her killed.
Pretty sure that is a stolen photo, so don't worry. I mean, no way Sammie owns that many hair brushes.


Such a bloody wild ride that never actually goes anywhere, Sammie is just so consistent while never actually achieving or moving forward with anything.
She truly is the best cow
Totally agree, and I think the fact that she's not heading toward an early grave or particularly harming anyone else (her kids are obviously cared for and provided for, even if it's bare minimum from poor Mama Bushart) makes it even better. So useless. But so incredibly stupid/entertaining.

See, to me it looks like a healing bruise. Someone who may or may not be me has a habit of slipping down steps in winter and is very familiar with big purple bruises on soft body parts.

But now I'm imagining exactly how one gets friction burn on their gut. :cryblood:
Given what we know about Sammie's living situation -- a homeless drifter crashing wherever she can find a place to lay her head down, and gven the state and quality of her everyday clothes it is highly unlikely she has a set of pajamas or dedicated "sleeping clothes" -- I figured she was either sleeping or having sex on a carpeted floor when a bed or even a couch was not available.

Maybe she self harms by punching herself in the leg really hard? Could be lack of certain vitamins, diabetes injections - or any sort of injection or she waddled into some furniture at full speed.

Rabbit Bones

He Rapes To Make That Money For His Family
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She hasn't really been posting much worth shotting... just OMG quizzes basically. But this made me laugh. This is a woman who apparently graduated high school.

But, Dalton and Kim have been kind of active. And I really just hate this shit. This poor little kid looks dirty and beaten up and just, sick. :( And now he's apparently living in a fucking motel with his whore mother and her mouth breathing, newly homeless boyfriend.

By the way. This is the Motel 6 near the airport. It has bed bugs.

This skeezes me out so badly.



Five days before this, she was posted up with JJ, looking like a beached whale on the mattress on the floor in his filthy room.