SamanthaPrater / EruzaArto/ DefyingGravityAgain - Sociopath who harasses/trolls/bullies her family, complete strangers, and everyone else for speaking out against her

I bring you a tale most horrifying of a psycho named Emily. I warn you that this is not a short read, but its worth it! Lets begin! LOL!

This drama started in SL(secondlife) for some of us. One day, someone got fed up with her constant bullying, harassment, stalking of taken men, stealing money from residents, never taking no for an answer, and put her silly ass up on a site called Virtual Secrets in Late 2018. That escalated into the horror that is today. For 10 months of 2019 Emily stalked, harassed, spread rumors, and did some pretty dumb shit. Not surprising for some but hey, we all have to start somewhere. And Dumb shit is like putting her Real Life Drivers license on a gossip site for the world to see. Thankfully the owner, took it down, only for Emily to post it again. She also posted her Mom and her Step Dads real life address as well, so people could "Go after them." (Will touch on that further down)

October of 2019 is where things started getting real. When Emily, AKA SamanthaPrater, put a woman by the name of Ketsui up on another gossip site called the whisperer. That is when many of us who had been dealing with this particular troll got to hear of one story that sent many of us on a rampage. In this horrifying spastastic rant of hers she brings up a guy by the name of Zephyr. As soon as she does, this other poster comes out to defend him. What we found out was that Emily had been harassing this guy so bad that the guy barely logged on, and had filed complaints with his local PD against her. Here is why.

Zephyr suffers from a TBI(Traumatic Brain Injury) due to a car accident that killed his wife and left him with little ones to care for on his own. The other Poster, we call her Mama Bear, has been helping him to do this. He works full time, and has his own house. Well Emily thought it would be "Helpful" to harass him about his dead wife and because he wouldn't bow to her bullying went as far as to say that is children would be better off without him, and that he should be dead. That sent every single one of us reading that gossip site into pissed off mode.

Eventually the post would go down, but not the anger. As it would go, Emily would have a lovely ban waiting for her shortly after that, because she mouthed off to people on the Secondlife community forums, and they didn't like that. It would take 2 more bans before December of 2019 to finally get to the point that she was a menace to the Virtual World. And by January of 2020, she was banned for Age play and inappropriateness in SL.

Yes! Age play. See Emily admitted several times, she was 13 years old, escorting in secondlife, for grown men, lying about her age saying she was 18 years old. So people reported her for that, and spamming the hell out of groups. And I am not talking like memes but line after line after line of her screaming in caps ALL HER BUSINESS(just leaving an example here) stating that she wasn't screaming but infact emphasizing her points.

By now those of us who had been bullied and harassed, stalked, and threatened by her, had banded together. Because like many of us prior, we had no support. This chick is a monster. She threatened to harm people if she ever got near them, physical harm. Threatened to send "Warrior like Men" after one woman and her family. And went as far to say threatening things to that woman under an image of this woman's Autistic daughter, to purposely hurt her. She has threatened to use gun violence(To "Bear Arms") against the owner of Virtual Secrets on multiple occasions. Sent the police to her Step Dads home, to purposely trigger is PTSD. Her step dad is a United States Veteran, and has seen war time. She doesn't care in the slightest.

She has even gone as far to call a BOMB SCARE into her own apartment building, getting it evacuated, because she believed people were watching her through her light bulbs, mainly she believed her Step Dad was. This Evacuation was done to a building that housed disabled individuals with physical and mental disabilities. In the freezing cold, in February.

To make matters worse, that Zephyr guy I was talking about, we found out, she sent the Cops to his house, under false allegations to get him in trouble. So much so that CPS showed up because of her, only to find his kids and him were fine. But again Emily doesn't care. He didn't bow to her greatness. She was only trying to help him, as she put it, to grow up and get over his problems. TBI you can not just get over.

As 2020 progressed despite a global pandemic, this chick kept going. Getting herself put into the Mental Ward 4 times by December of 2020. Yes! 4 times she was sent to the mental ward, looney bin, crazy house, whatever you want to call it. How do you say? Well between calling her local PD about people on the internet being mean to her, calling the PD in her Mom and Step Dads state(More Bomb Scares, Murder threats, and the like), saying the most outlandish things. Like for example she believed she was related to the Russian Romanovs, Hitler, Cleopatra, and Trump, all because she believed they had the same physical abnormality she has(Velo Facial Cardio Syndrome). She screamed for months on end about how we should she letting her "Fix our minds" to her "Truths" because she was Royalty. She earned the name "Royal Hitler" because of her her crazy rants.

As the year progressed so did the harassment. People began to create full on repositories of her instablity, to prove to each other that what they were seeing was in fact what they were seeing, and to keep a running log of her actions, so when individuals unnamed can finally take her to court, she was going to go away for a long time. There was/is a discord for those victims of her bullying as well to talk and get support.

But it got better! By November of 2020 another victim was found on Deviantart. Her name is Candy. And Emily screamed she was "stealing" her art of an OC she had. No. What it was, was Candy made a Fan Art piece of My Immortals Ebony Raven what the fuck ever, character from that infamous story "My Immortal" that had quite a few people buzzing, and still buzzing today. That art piece has gone viral. And like most times, Emily wanted in on that Infamy because she loves to clout chase, believe she is "Famous" and an "Influencer". The only thing she does is give a lot of us headaches. But anyways, she went after this woman. And has finally stopped, but it brought back up another instance where Emily stole art from another artist Bridney1Widney, who made a Disney Edit of Esmeralda and Pocohontas, braiding hair. Thats it. But Emily Stole that. It was all over the old disney editing community forums, instagram, and such for a while of 2020. This lead to Emily being called out for tracing. And proof that she was tracing without crediting the original artist.

She also believes she is an Anti-Troll who controls Anonymous(Yes the hackers), and 4Chan. And that she is apart of some great big organization with herself at the lead of "HQ" and we should be nice to her because of that fact. She threatens to send people from the Dark Web and Anon after anyone that goes against her.

Now for the fun stuff. See this is just the origin story in short. There is a lot more. and I mean a lot. Examples.
-She doesn't bath often enough. According to her Step dad at one point they had to hose her down, because she refused to bath and said she was allergic to water.
-Makes horrible videos to "prove" her side, which none have ever had a lick of truth.
-Calls her step dad and mom at all hours of the day.(there was of 01-20-2021 225 voice mails from 20202 alone sent to her step dads phone)
-2,000+ emails sent to one woman who told her no.
-Numerous Reddit Posts
-Numerous FB posts, twitter, tumblr, and blog posts all made by her going after anyone that tells her No.
-Has tried to say she is Pansexual to be apart of the LGBTQ+ Movement so she would not get blamed for going after taken and married men. Only to recant and say she loves the Dick.
-Calls everyone names, but HOW DARE YOU call her anything. Her most hated names are Fat Ass and Turd
-Believes everyone is Jealous of her section 8 housing and Door Dash Budgeting.
-Believes everyone is after her for her "syndromes" and "disabilities", but has stated that people with Diabetes, and other disorders, should be not seen in public and should basically be hidden away from the "normal" people.
-Believes she is a "FinDomme" but hates anyone that does sex work and does not believe FinDomme is sex work.
-Believes its "Okay" to let a known Pedophile work on her computer unsupervised, despite the fact he is not to be on an un registered computer.
-Believes Visiuno Software is for "Hacking"
-Has No Clue what MetaData is(but believes you can hack people with it)
-Screams people "hacked her to get her IP address" but has no clue how IP address work
-Believes she is hacked all the time
-Believes everyone is her Step Dad and her mom, or a woman known as Aislinn
-Believes a 77IQ score she bragged about is smart. But then will claim that she can not be tested due to her having 22Q Deletion
-Will send Song Lyrics as a form of Proof and sublimanal messages that if you "ONLY LISTEN TO THE SONG" will free your mind from James(Her Step Dad) Mind Control.
-Believes everyone is gas lit from her Step Dad,
The list goes on and on

But don't take my word on it. Go see for yourself.

Reddit about LGBTQ+
Reddit post attacking her Step Dad
Trollorist Forum about Emily
Repository of LDR-Siren about Emily
Secret Agent Squirrels Repository about Emily
Elk's Youtube with Emily's "Proof" videos <--- There are pictures of her RL that are horrible to look at(Not R rated, she is just ugly)
Slambots VS Where they talk about her bullying a woman to kill herself <--- I am not joking either. Its suspected she bullied a woman to kill herself.
FB Archive of her HighSchool Years
Her FB
Her Blog
Her Twitter
Her Tumblr
Her Deviantart
Her Instagram
Her Youtube
Her Reddit
Some blog Project on Medium about Boomers

Here are all her known Aliases

Anise Castala
RavenRoth2009 & RavenRoth2013
Tigerlilly1(former DEC)
Elphaba Cathadlus
Hope Prater
Anise Darkfury

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How did this get out of Proving Grounds? Shit tier OP.
It didn't. OP joined yesterday, it's their first post, there are no images to break up the XBOX HUEG PERSONAL ARMY REQUEST ESSAY, and I would wager OP has read none of the pinned posts.

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