Skitzocow Samuel Owen Hancock / King of Truth / Concave Earth Christians / Christian Concavers - Unemployed Yorkshireman, fighting a war against flat earthers, trolls, masons and feminists, one ranting video at a time


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Still living in the imaginary world? Do you rely on flesh intellect? Does your phone use 5G with algorithms to suck out your soul? Well have no fear, because the Concave Earth Christians are here to sound the wakeup call and
Samuel Hancock said:
All you TROLLS will regret not seeing it sooner.​


Meet Samuel Owen Hancock: Founder and self-proclaimed leader of the “Christian Concavers” .
Or in his own words:

Unfortunately Christ's chosen warrior is MATI quite often, usually at whomever he deems as trolls

But especially at other christians with more viewers and superchats:

Or just everyone in general for not meeting his demands:

Long-term unemployed. A self-described “deep person” throwing out (daily) rants targeting his detractors, as well as all others who conspire to cover up the truth about the earth's shape, he also uploads video/audio collages at times (though frankly I'm unsure if they all originate with him. By his own admission he just started out mirroring videos and got some channels struck down), my personal favorite being:

His content - and mental state - has only deteriorated over the years unfortunately. However, he has reiterated quite a few times that he'll be happy to respond to questions or have you come on to the stream and talk to him about his very serious cause. Chances are, if you are reading this, he's streamed within the last 24 hours or is doing so right now.

Christian Concavers... is the mission to unite all Christians in teaching the knowledge that Earth is Concave, allowing for agreement on the truth of The Father's location.
The non-canonical Gospel of Philp contains a quote from Jesus;
"the most high is the inner most". Above is the inner and below, the outer.
The Father is 'in the centre', in Heaven, in the Earth, surrounded by the "outer darkness". This is likely the Keys of Knowledge, mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
There was zero Christian groups or churches that teach or preach the true model until Christian Concavers founding
last year.
Prior to the recent founding of this Christian, Concave Earth related group, what had been established is what is known as the LSC cult and also, going back over a century ago, the Cyrus Teed "Koresh" cult. Both of which, were conTROLLed opposition groups of the same Luciferian secret societies that control the university system and space agencies etc.
The quote from Philip's gospel was nowhere to be found inside of the Concave community until I introduced this key knowledge in Jan '18.
But the elitist-concaver troll gatekeeper had interpreted canonical scripture
such as Job 38:33
The objective of CC is to unite the people in agreement
using the physical proof of the "concave revelation" and the knowledge of The Father's location, in the octahedral 'heaven' under 4K miles above our heads, in the centre of the Earth as explained by Jesus in Philip's gospel writing,
to spread the gospel message, The Way to salvation and eternal life.
Psalms 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Matthew 12:25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself.
Mark 3:25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
CC is here and is working primarily to create and unite
people in Christ, and in agreement, as concave Earthers.
The Flat Earth psyop and the TROLL network is the enemy's immediate frontline and resistance to Truth spreading andso all warriors should work to fully expose and stand against the fake gatekeepers in the alt. media.
CC are also here to here to give guidance,
in the fight against the 'troll' dividers.
There are fake Christian concaver trolls,
sent out to maintain division.
There is power in unity.
Andso our enemy work to keep us divided!
Christ requires, or demands unity.

But what, you might ask, about "competing" models, like the flat earth? Well, Sam will have you know that flat earthers are elite-controlled opposition agents, who have infiltrated alternative media to distract from the genuine truth. A stationary, spherical, cellular, concave earth.


Alright, enough ideology, let's talk biography. There's an old unlisted video that's over an hour long (full archive here) but the cliffnotes version with clips is as follows:

Born Halifax, Yorkshire May 16th 1985 (10 past 2 in the morning)


Cyrill Hancock ✝ – Sam says his dad was smart but didn’t do much with his life. Civil servant, government work. At some point his dad wrote some kind of detailed recommendation on how to run the country and sent it to the government in London via letter. They didn’t give a shit and sent it back. Lol.

Gwynnth Margaret Owen (2 sisters 1 brother) – elementary school teacher. Still alive. Seems to be in contact with her son every now and again.

1 brother: Benjamin. Relations are a bit strained:

Estranged from the rest of his family, he also has 4 other half sisters by his father.

He (of course) considered himself to be an intelligent child - having been kicked out of grammar school for undisclosed reasons, he attended the local high school. But then of course
Sam Owen said:
At 14, someone told me about the Illuminati​
And it's all gone downhill from there. In his teens Sam became a heavy weed smoker, a trend that continues to this day. Concerning drugs he has this to say:

As he developed into a "truther", he started losing friends and acquaintances. Former mates turned against him and stopped respecting him:

After school (I am uncertain whether he finished. He never mentions graduating) he worked at a McDonalds Drive Thru for 6 months, did some telesales, menial labor - he's been unemployed for a while now though. He now considers his streams his work for the community.

In his 20s he’d visit friends over the weekends, get drunk and party, but he got fed up because pretty much no one wanted to talk to him. He made friends with a “Richard”, a meth addict and fellow lunatic who reinforced his delusions. Yet somehow during that time, he did manage to get laid and consequently, got a woman pregnant. Sam's father passed just as his son "Jackson Jude" was born (possibly 2014, which would make him 6 or 7). His wife would go on to cheat on him with another, taller dude, an experience that has had a huge impact on his view of modern women and feminism:

When Sam found out, he left her and he's been rarely able to see his son ever since due to his feminist mom and those conspiring against him, even though he is clearly not dangerous and just wants to keep his son away from 4G:

And these people even have the audacity to tell him to smoke less:

Now friendless, childless and with only weed to keep him company, Sam seems to have brief moments where he does realize he's a big sadsack:

Hancock fell for the "trap" that is “Flat Earth” in 2015, but saw the truth of Concave Earth shortly afterwards. He then started fighting with a fringe group called “LSC” (Lord Steven Christ) – essentially concave earthers under a different leader with higher production values, believing himself to be the literal Christ-on-Earth. Quite possibly the bigger cow of the two - here he is telling Tila Tequila to repent (whilst also cursing her):

Hancock came to the conclusion that Steven is a controlled opposition agent, installed to make concave earth look ridiculous, thus deterring people from joining the movement – similar to Cyrus Teed in the 19th century. He refers to this as “concave earth gatekeeping”.

He credits himself with having "called out" and thus ultimately destroyed LSC, a make-believe achievement he brings up quite often:

But really, Steven probably just went to the looney bin or something. If you're curious about him and his groupies, check out this post as well.

After the fall of Steven, Sam Hancock started spreading his own version of the good concave word – a lot of the content is unfortunately lost to time, since various Youtube channels and groups have been deleted, ostensibly because he threatened war in various videos and got flagged for hate speech.
He insists that at time of deletion, his main channel had over 5000 subscribers (doubtful) and an earlier facebook group, generically named "people against secret societies" was approaching 100k (even more doubtful)

In may of 2020 Hancock announced he would retire from the internet and instead spread the truth in his local community after his other Youtube Channel got deleted, urging his "followers" to do the same:

Since then, he has uploaded over 230 new videos, bringing his total up to 337. It should be noted that his "rival", LSC, has 900 videos on his channel (fucking hell). Along with his own rants, there are dozens of unlisted videos, some made by third parties, some presumably from his previous pages, on his channel playlist page on diverse subjects such as “Luciferian elites”, the “Macro-Evolution Deception”, “WitchWATCH” and “INTERNATIONAL Maritime LAW”.

According to a localkiwi, he does also go around IRL and confront people about CC - along with what is apparently a disciple. His rantings suggests the name "Jeremy" but he doesn't go into him any further.

Whenever someone opposes his views, he will make a video calling them out in this playlist (archive)- he is particularly upset at women.
Samuel appears to be convinced that feminism is also somehow connected to witchcraft and Satan.

Well Sam knows what women say doesn't matter anyway:


(Based and christpilled?)

Currently, he streams on “King of Truth” and "Concave Earth Christians" - but he seems to just cast to those from a platform called "Streamyard". You can just take a screenshot of his address bar when he inevitably taps to it if you want to gain access to the lobby where he can see / interact with you.
In the span since I started going over material for this OP in the last 2 days, has done so 4 times while uploading 3 videos on his main channel “Concave Earth Christians”. The average viewcount is in the low single digit – at times, he will rant for an hour with literally no one watching, during or afterwards. While droning on for long stretches, he will at times talk himself into a rage, lashing out at trolls and opposition agents, as well as other movements.

Particularly pathetic - it appears he will sometimes rewatch his own stream uploads and write short positive affirmation comments under them using his sock, even months later:


Apparently he has a son named Jackson, born in 2014, who is living with his mother. Mom seems to have taken the child and run off after sleeping with a taller man and he now curses those that stand in the way of him seeing Jackson:

There might be a current concave earth wife named "Angelique Sadal"
edit: since this OP started she seems to have "betrayed" him, so that's another one gone.

He also compiles lists of various enemies he thinks are agents of some nebulous organisation called the "clocktower" (reasoning on the right, it's all weird borderline schizo) and sorts them into various earth-shape related groups.

concave enemies.png
It is worth noting that there seem to have been some minor orbiters, but because Hancock is so incredibly inconsequential at this stage, they all seem to have deserted him - only one seems to show up every now and again in the chat window of his streams - a woman named "Varonika Maeigh" . Once in a blue moon she'll also upload a much more concise take on Sam:

And the Concave model:

(Original Full Video: "Who killed the Concave Earth? Can Self Proclaimed Leader of ALL Christians, Sam Owen, Resurrect it?" - she's pretty based tbh)

Guess she must be one of those feminist elite witches, working for Satan's matriarchy ey?

In the past month, Sam’s been getting more aggressive when it comes to his attempts at recruiting followers, adopting more of a drill sergeant personna. He’s on some 3 month countdown, thinking that’s how much time is left to gather and join CC (Concave Christians) before….the end times I suppose?

In conclusion: Get with the (concave) truth, or you’re going to hell.
Also don't talk back if you're a woman apparently.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

I archived on MEGA since I didn't want to shit up the site with 60 (even converted to 360p) gigs worth of lunacy:

Hancock MEGA Videos + Playlists Archive for January 2021 (some LSC vids might have snuck in there) and beyond
Steven Christopher MEGA Videos Archive for January 2021 (some Hancock vids might have snuck in there)
Zenith Atlas MEGA Videos Archive for April 2021 - He is some sort of (former?) antagonist to Hancock as well, still trying to figure out what exactly occurred.
Veronika Maeigh Archive - minor orbiter
Heaven Found Within Archive - minor crazy person mentioned a couple of times in conjunction with Sam. Thinks he can hear Jesus within himself by meditating.

I will attempt to update the thread with any breaking news should it occur. Probably won't though, what's going to happen in Yorkshire?

If anyone wants to go through some of the videos and post funny bits / results / revelations on Sam, Steve or any of the other nutjobs, I will gladly incorporate them into this OP (reply or feel free shoot me a PM and I'll edit it in - I need all the help I can get), because the amount of complete nonsense spouted here is massive, but also very repetitive and disjointed - frankly, I don't think I can ever go through it all alone, though I'll do my best over the coming days/weeks/centuries of course.
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I never understand these loons, assuming in some absurd reality they are right and the Earth is what they say it is, what will change other than I told you so?

He still will wake up unemployed, no custody, except now can't spend his life convincing the sheeple that the Earth is a concave. What will they achieve chasing their delusions if they reach the aha moment.
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I never understand these loons, assuming in some absurd reality they are right and the Earth is what they say it is, what will change other than I told you so?

He still will wake up unemployed, no custody, except now can't spend his live convincing the sheeple that the Earth is a concave. What will they achieve chasing their delusions if they reach the aha moment.
My understanding from engaging with similarly weird niche religious loons is that if you don't believe in particular fact X, you will go to hell after you die. They make that connection through some verse or another, linking not believing what is true (ie their shape of the earth) to not being a true believer and thus not being a proper disciple of, for example, Ya-hooo-wah. As such, they really really need to convert you, not to feed their own ego and delusions, but to save you of course.

In short: Autism.
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You inspired me to look into this with your OP and what I found can only be described as "tardception"

Corporate logos prove the earth is concave.

If you've ever considered buying merchandise to tell others how dumb you are.

No forum too obscure.

Steve the Christ makes an appearance.

A derelict forum for this shit. Who pays to keep the website running?

Shitty old maps!

It looks like this whole belief is a giant concave circle jerk.


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Holy shit this is some high grade autism. I knew there was smaller communities of weirdos but never bothered looking into them. He has an album playlist:

I looked a little into lord steven since he is mentioned in the OP and he seemed funny.

Lol this fucking pic had my side in orbit.
Time to get marked6.png

A little spiel about the NWO.
The New World Order has gotten a bad rap from most of you people. It's been mis-represented as this nefarious group of elites heading up certain countries and corporations. But realize that the soldiers of the world do not hold the same degenerative and avaricious concepts of their governmental officials. Most soldiers care for civilians, and will not want to carry out ANY of the evil plans that the rulers have or are trying to attempt to implement.

If the soldiers realize there is a new benevolent ruler on the rise, whose motives are to set up peace and prosperity and to usher in righteousness, especially to this vile and wicked world, which is bent on selfishness, greed, fighting and destruction; will they not desire to form an alliance with him and forsake their current leaders' agendas?

Won't they also realize that the ways of this new benevolent ruler that is on the rise, are to do the work and will of God in establishing an earthly Kingdom, in which it will replace all the other inferior kingdoms and governments of the world?

Soldiers have consciences and high responsibilities, and unlike most civilians, they are not motivated by capitalism or monetary wealth, but rather by honor, courage and dignity, to defend their country and it's civilians. They are more noble than the average civilian in this regard.

There will be a global coup d'etat happening shortly. For the military leaders will soon forsake their current commander in chiefs for a more worthy Commander in Chief. They see the corrupt ways of their "commanders", in whose motives are not for the best interests of the people of the world, but rather, are for selfish, political and monetary gain. In this current system of degradation, world hunger and poverty would continue, and the people of the world would continue to struggle and suffer to make ends meet. Sickness and disease would continue as well.

But the soldiers see that we are on the very cusp of ushering the Kingdom of God. They see how the universal Seal of God will replace the need for money. They understand that the LAWS of the Kingdom are within their hearts, and that they need not have any more regulations, restrictions and mandates. For the people of the Kingdom will be motivated to do the good work to their fellow man and woman from the goodness within their hearts. My law will be put into their inward parts, and I will write it on their hearts.

The soldiers of the world outnumber their corrupt and unworthy elite officials by probably a million to one. They will turn on these leaders to follow the new benevolent leader and will form a world alliance with all the cooperating countries of the world. They will implement the new leader's Seal of God, which will unite all the meek and good people of the world who are called into the Kingdom.

The earth will be their inheritance, as they pay homage to God by wearing His Seal, and as they become His righteous children. The Seal of the Living God will glue together His people in beautiful harmony.

Soon, this group of soldiers will manifest themselves to the world and instruct the people on how to prepare for the coming destruction of most of the world as the prophecies of old will be carried out. The hail will fall from the sky, the sun will scorch the world. However there is safety underground, and a "way of holiness" that leads to the New World.

One must not be deterred or dissuaded by the fear-mongers out there. These fear-monger do not understand the will of God, but are rather self-willed and presumptuous. They do not understand that the good soldiers of the world do not desire to harm or annihilate the majority of the people of the world. The do not understand that these good soldiers have advanced weaponry to completely obliterate any "boogie-men" down there.

Decreasing world population is not something that will be intended by these soldiers, but sadly rather, will be a result of the people who do not listen to them, or to their new benevolent leader, and will not obey, will not wear the Seal of God, and will not take shelter.

Come my people, enter into thy chambers and hide thyself for a little while, until the indignation pass.

I am your new benevolent leader.

Steven Joseph Christopher

November 14, 46 Regenerated Era (2012 C.E.)
Archives for his website*/
Facebook page:
Facebook group:
His old channel got deleted:*/
Here is a SA thread with his arrest for threatning Obama and Trump (most of the links are dead):
Some website made made some article on him: (A)
It says these mugshots are his from 2005:
Mughshots SJC.png
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damn looks like ALLAH is with israel lol
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Lord Steven Christ was really popular in the ASMR community for a while because of his particular style of super close-up schizo rambles about the concave earth and being Jesus and such. He keeps randomly shouting about niggers so his YouTube channels keep getting terminated, but a lot of his videos have been downloaded and reuploaded on random ASMR channels for the ASMR potential. Here's an example of one of his videos from a few years ago looped for an hour, and here's a playlist of some of the ASMR people's favorite videos of his.


Lord Steven Christ was really popular in the ASMR community for a while because of his particular style of super close-up schizo rambles about the concave earth and being Jesus and such. He keeps randomly shouting about niggers so his YouTube channels keep getting terminated, but a lot of his videos have been downloaded and reuploaded on random ASMR channels for the ASMR potential. Here's an example of one of his videos from a few years ago looped for an hour, and here's a playlist of some of the ASMR people's favorite videos of his.
I absolutely love the fact that people have saved and compiled this guy's insane rambling solely because it gives them a warm, fuzzy, tingly feeling.

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