Culture San Francisco Declares NRA a "Domestic Terrorist Organization" -


Is it Morning Yet?
Going to be an interesting case for sure. Its a true product of our times. To my knowledge this could be the first major case to address the 1st amendment's freedom of association right as opposed to speech or religion. over two centuries of various local, state and federal governments and not one found it necessary to pass a "guilt by association" law.
"Political belief" is going to be added to the official "no discrimination" list along with sex, race, religion and nationality, and the left will blame the "Trump Court" for it when they lose that yet-to-be-decided USSC case, and have absolutely NO self-awareness that they brought it on themselves by trying to outlaw hanging out with "those" people.


Sergeant Lucy
First off, San Francisco is not the state of California, or the United States of America.
Secondly, the NRA has never directly attacked a group of people or commit crimes of their own will power.
This banning must be challenged in court.
I called it.
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