Sarah Nyberg / @srhbutts / Sarah Butts / Nicholas Nyberg - 2809 UNION ST MADISON WI 53704-4513 USA (Pedophile, Tax Evader)

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Feb 3, 2013
Note: This is a thread about Sarah Butts. For his insane white knights, check the thread here.

[02:44] <Sarah> most people that look at lolicon aren’t pedophiles.


Surprised that he hasn't had a thread here, so let's get moving on this infamous dogfucker!

Pretty much anyone who browsed a little bit of GamerGate might know who is Sarah Butts. A little glance on his Twitter might show he's a typical anti-GamerGater: Tweeting something stupid about GamerGate without fact-checking, making Twitter his hugbox etc., but what makes him so notorious among other typical anti-GamerGaters? Well, here are some info to get you started:

1. Pedophilia
Despite him raging war against 8chan for being a "pedo board", a little history of him on FFShrine reveals the shitstain and the cringe. Sir Wulfington would be proud:



2. Dogfucker
Just as you thought the drama can't go even further, he expresses his desire in raping his dog. Enjoy.
[16:04] <Sarah> My wife and I are new to the K9 thing but are very aroused by it. We have both tried oral on our K9 but his Knott goes away after just a few minutes and loses his hard on. Is there anyway to help him keep it up? Also my wife wants to see me get taken anally by our K9. Is there any real difference between anal and vaginal K9 intercourse?
[03:12] <Sarah> will you find life amusing when you wake up and realize a rape dog is inside your mouth?

3. Current Events: On tax debt now

He's currently $48,612.35 $77,826.76 in debt now. The ride never ends on the dogfucker. (Search "nyberg" to see his debts)

4. External Links

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