Culture Sarah Silverman latest in Hollywood to have past social media commentary resurface - Leftist cannibalism is a great spectator sport.

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I'm not sure how that really plays out, though.
The US has a legal definition of anti-semitism, which recently had "comparing Israeli policies to Nazi policies" appended to it. The reason this was appended was apparently to stifle people advocating for the right to boycott israel.
Either way, you can't get punished for mere antisemitic speech, thus "free speech" and "criticism of Israel is antisemitic" are disjoint statements.


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Silverman simply isn't useful anymore to providing the people with establishment propaganda. We won't see Kimmel booted from his show for blackface anytime soon. He influences far more, several millions more, women and bugmen than Silverman does.
One might argue that since he’s a bigger target, people would want to call him out more because he’s such an influencer.
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I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
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I saw someone post a tweet of her's claiming that 'fire culture' or whatever its called 'invaded the left'
Apparently mobs of people trying to get people fired for jokes they've made has been a right-wing thing these past years and not a left-wing one.
Look, I'm not going to lie and say that it's a leftish invention (because it's been around for so long who can really say who came up with it at this point), but it's a tactic that's very clearly been used mostly by the left for at least the last decade.

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