Save a Lolcow Farms Category - Only one shall remain

Which category's worth saving?

  • Community Watch

  • Animal Control

  • Beauty Parlor

  • Internet Famous

  • La Zorra

  • Tumblr

  • Weeb Wars

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If you had the chance to save only one of the lolcow farm categories from being deleted, which would you pick and why?

Note that all threads and content would not be moved to other categories, nor would it be archived or preserved on the site. All of it would be gone for good.
And no, none of the categories in Lolcow Cults would be options to choose from.



Cryptids are a Cute! CUTE!
Animal control is pretty interesting ever few months when a furry gets arrested for banging woodland creatures.
La Zora has a good amount of insanity and degeneracy so I like that.
Beauty parlor is a mixed bag for me, alot of good alot of boring, really like the atmosphere though.
As a man who values diversity Community Watch gets some major points for me and I love the fact it can reveal some batshit insane but obscure lolcows.
Overall I think community watch is my fav.

It's a split between Community Watch and Internet Famous for me. Community Watch covers a wide breadth of different communities from all over the internet, and has exposed me to many dark, dank corners of the internet that I had no idea about prior (for better or worse). Meanwhile Internet Famous does a great job of keeping up with the fast-paced lives of dumb Youtubers who constantly renege on their opinions, and occasionally delete or edit shit the same day they upload it.

I was so split that I had to flip a coin over it and Internet Famous won. Sorry Community Watch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Syaoran Li

Redneck Doomer
I voted for Weeb Wars, but honestly I'm split between Community Watch and Weeb Wars.

Community Watch is my main jam and most of the threads I follow are on there, but I voted for the Weeb Wars just because of the fact that Vic's lawsuit is still ongoing and this is very much a developing saga. If I could have multiple votes, I'd go with Community Watch and the Weeb Wars.

Kind of reminds me of Deagle Nation back in 2014-2015 when I was a lurker and I'd suspect that anyone who was around and following CWC during the "Classic Chris" era of the late 2000's would have felt similarly.

I think the weirdest part about the Weeb Wars is that it's even more over-the-top and dramatic than Deagle Nation was, only the drama and shocking developments are entirely 100% real.

Animal Control is decent solely for the fact that just when you think the furries have completely hit rock bottom, they end up outdoing themselves every single time, but I follow the Weeb Wars and Community Watch a lot more closely.

Internet Famous is something I can take or leave, and honestly I don't know why it's even a category. Most of those threads were already in the general Lolcows sub-forum. The only reason why Animal Control was created is because there are so many furry lolcows they warranted a whole new category.

Tumblr has a few decent threads but Tumblr is pretty much in its death throes anyway. Any Tumblr communities that survive the inevitable collapse could easily be ported over to Community Watch.

Beauty Parlor is something I could give a rat's ass about, the only thread I follow there is Pixyteri and she's pretty much moved on for the most part.
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I have the most fun in community watch out of those categories. Just my own personal experience.

When I first joined, Tumblr was big. Now it is literally 3% of its original market value. I can see why people didn’t choose that, tumblr has almost seen its day.


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Internet Famous should stay. Threads in the sub-forum is always entertaining to read through and interact on the various of lolcows on the internet.

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I did a very quick photoshop job of the trolly meme without giving it much thought, only for it to be pretty accurate of the current poll results. And the best coincidence is that I did not include Tumblr in the pic, which currently has 0 votes. Wow.


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I have to pick Beauty Parlour, it's where I've had most fun reading threads. When the best threads are inactive or content is scarce, there are threads about Tips and other Off topic stuff that are also fun on their own. I also like the overall posting culture in there and the quality people one gets to interact with. :heart-full:
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