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I absolutely loathe everything about this frog on a level deeper than perhaps anyone else who is and has been a dedicated Pokémon fan from the very beginning, from its simultaneously lazy yet confuted and unrestrained design, to its equally tasteless and ill-bred pre-evolutions, to Game Freak’s consistent forcing of its sickly face in every piece of media they churn out, and most especially, its equally tasteless and slavish fanbase.
If you will listen to me, I will show you my contentions, which stem from and delve into matters far deeper and more dangerous than the mildly annoying depictions as a “Narutomon”, or a “Lightning” or appealing to “Greniggers”, or any other shallow and base contention commonly spouted about here on this website.

In the meanwhile, I invite everyone who shares a deep, profound, and intellectual hatred for Greninja in any manner to share with me your additional contentions so that I may add them to this document. While you are at it, post pictures of Greninja being humiliated, bullied, tortured physical and emotionally, in a miserable or overwhelmingly taxing situation, and overall being degraded into the destructive and tasteless creature it always was. The degradation of Froakie and Frogadier is also permitted, but keep in mind that they are not essential to the theme of this thread.

Let us begin this essay with the very first aspect that approaches any player: The design.
Regarding the design alone, Once it is recognized that the chiaroscuro of Greninja’s physical traits, each in clashing contrast to one another in color, form, ideal, shape, symmetry, and concept, can only imply a hopeless blending of these parts together, an elimination of all those sharp contrasts which the compromising spirit of today’s commercialistic and universal age cannot abide, and a general hugging and embracing of all forms and representations by each other, at the cost of the life of all definite lines; once it is acknowledged, moreover, that all gradations and blurred zones of contact lead inevitably to the very worst forms of character design, and an overall mutilation of beauty and its benefits to the human condition.
The head, alone, transcends everything that I have ever felt disgust for in Pokémon designs (or Digimon, Yo-kai, or Naruto for the matter!) for consummate ineptitude in transfiguring and refusing to retain the bare essentials of beauty and sober design; and particularly in the breast and torso, there is a broadness and a sweeping ease, which ought to be attributed more to incomplete control of essentials than to their actual simplification, the whole figure breathes a spirit so artificial, so uncertain and so tasteless, that it is the nearest approach I can find in Japanese Art to that nadir of art which in fact the particular values of a people find their depths in the degenerated and confused example of their type.

Within the twiggy arms and legs of this creature, (Which I found made the creature look more like a sp3 hybridized orbital with two lone pairs of electrons rather than a humanoid frog in the official pose), Making any resistance or actual formidability in constitution manifest only as pitiful knuckle or slap to the face, I find the designers scrambling to find some sort of tether to realism (whether in actual faith to the model or merely an inability within themselves to confidently represent higher values or concepts within the simplification and application of the humble frog’s features to regard a grand style of life). In its ultimate form, it is beneath realism in coarseness and crudity. With this aspect in conjunction with the bubbles interspaced thoughtlessly across the limbs of the pitiful creature (warts?), I see a preponderance of overdesigning which reveals to what extent the inferior will of pandering, complexity, cloudiness, etc. was beginning to prevail. And when I study the path of Pokémon designs throughout the generations, and see this evil assuming such proportions as to make even modern players and young children deliberately denounce it, I cannot help but recognize the germs of this decay in the art which hitherto has been most praised and admired on this board. The really vital point was the public nature of the work Game Freak must have demanded; it was not done to please private and peculiar taste, it was not intended for the criticism of a small clique of partial admirers, but it was set up, or performed for the world together, for the fastidious, for the vulgar, for the learned, for the young, and for the ignorant. It seems to me that this necessity, and the consequent broad intention of the modern Pokémon designer, is the main reason why its effects upon the world have diminished, and why its lessons are eternal only to those whose tastelessness locks them within this realm of bitter closemindedness and superficial impudence.

Typical of the contest going on within the body of the Game Freak designer of today, and the vain aspirations of its soul, the lofty and detailed Pokémon are also symbolic of the discord and lack of equilibrium which, Gen IV introduced into the player’s relations to gameplay and to the world around him. And when we find Greninja’s errant head triangles and misdirected eye-stalks embracing each other as if to gain strength upon each other’s lack of independence, its flat nubbed toes and fingers grooved and striped to spread out like a fan, its 2D elements juxtaposed directly to the 3D model and its clash of blue, white-yellow (which reminds me of a pale anemic of Puritan times), and red displaying a nervous, neurotic, and hyperactive yet subdued image trying desperately to thrust itself at you, its wart bubbles jetting out at variance with one another(At least the shiny form of this creature mitigates this somewhat with its uniform darkness, a clear copout from an actual arrangement of color that may actually please the eye, but Greninja is a Pokémon for hiding, not letting itself be seen, so perhaps no matter to the design could be justified had Game Freak not let its image define nearly aspect of the Pokémon and its relation to the fanbase), and its groin/tail spike with the narrow and reed-like shins struggling against the crushing pressure of the inutile and obstructive thighs bearing the blatant symbolism of its ninja inspiration (as if they had to make it obvious that the actual design alone could not clearly convey this presentation) and the unbalanced and unwieldy feat of asymmetry; all these strive for individual effect, individual attention, and individual value, with a restlessness and an importunacy which knows no limits; until your eyes, bewildered and dazzled by the jutting, projecting and budding details, and startled by surprise, instinctively drop at last, and perhaps close in a paroxysm of despair, before the importune starter.

It is that strange disquietude of the modern Japanese spirit — that is its greatness, that restlessness of the dreaming mind that wanders hither and thither among the niches, and flickers feverishly around, and yet is not satisfied, nor shall be satisfied. The above factors are matters which fans of the Pokémon can and willingly, bring forward, even those things which even enemies of the Pokémon would be likely to overlook, they brings forward proudly and ingenuously, like a truculent mother presenting an ugly child to a friend, and with a broad smile in his forcible prose which sometimes throws even the experienced scholar quite off his guard.

Let us now move on to the representation of this “character” in regards to the masses, their superficial appeal, and their poor and ultimately destructive taste. Game Freak is a company aiming its audience for a universal target. It is only natural, therefore, that all creativity or ingenuity that belongs to it should have been whittled down, diluted, and despoiled of its dignity; and we must feel no surprise at finding that no pains have been spared which might reduce Pokémon also to a function that would be compatible with this mentality. All that savors of fun and enjoyment has become the work of committees, assemblies, herds, crowds, and mobs.

Therefore, if Pokémon designs are to be tolerated at all by any crowd, they must have a much more modest, humble, and pusillanimous comprehension of what their existence means, and of the purpose and aim of their work; and their claims, if they make any, must be meek, unprivileged, harmless and unassuming.
While, therefore, the designer, scarcely exists at all to-day, another breed of man has come to the fore in the graphic arts, whose very weakness is its passport, who makes no claims at establishing new values of beauty, and who contents himself modestly with exhibiting certain baffling dexterities, virtuosities and tricks, which at once amaze and delight ordinary spectators, simply because they themselves have not yet overcome even the difficulties of a technique.

For example, consider Greninja’s tongue scarf, merely designed to enthrall those whose creativity may only posit the quality of a unique trait by their respective familiarity to it and of how “unfamiliar” or “unheard of” it may be, regardless of its actual correspondence to the complete design. I will not go into the realistic aspects of this, its dirtiness and dryness which should not escape the attention of any observant thinker, and I will be able to let this go, for Pokémon was hardly designed as a game with realism in mind, as much as some designers may want to clash with that notion. Those who have seen Greninja’s face interact without its tongue will see a semblance of definite shape- however hunchbacked it may be.

The very fact that the designer input the tongue scarf as an unessential, and therefore destructive property of the frog, both aspects, tongue and without tongue, deeply lack a clear sense of deep intuitive thought or mastery or cohesiveness, the former as result of the addition itself making the design seem silly and absurd in a manner contrasting with the serious and stern ninja-demeanor within battle or otherwise (this lack of cohesive traits will appear later) (I do not object to fun or playtime in particular, but it has to be within the realm of the character of a constant product lest the character be lost in a sea of contrasting actions regarding any mode of thought or leisure implemented to it).

The latter being the neck and back space being poorly thought out and underdeveloped due to the tongue-scarf attempting to draw attention away from it, thus attempting to compromise a constant part of Greninja’s constitution, when any act of eating, of frog-like behavior forces this distraction- even momentarily- to subside and leave the barren and borderline crippled (Not too far removed from that of an asylumed invalid) shape of the neck to be revealed, in itself a contradiction to the tongue, only further supporting my thesis of the hopeless muddle behind this origami-esque freak of a clearly neurotic, distorted, and wavering mind (Given the typical morphology of the mouth of the frog, Greninja’s wide and back-parlor grin is forgivable to a degree, but only in relation to its realism, which is far from a reasonable excuse in regard to the style and overarching theme found in the Pokémon games to begin with, especially as a starter.) Given that the picture above was created as a preliminary reference sheet, there is little excuse for Game Freak to have done anything but deliberately leave this lack of insight and complete form within the Pokémon itself.

Those who attempt to try and figure this baffling addition to a profound message or complete idea can only impart their own plebian machinations to it- for Greninja’s design does not give. It takes. It no longer reflects beauty on reality: it seeks its beauty in reality, of some entirely abstract and unconnected theme done on a whim. And that is why it falls to pieces judged by the standard of profound design and artistry. It cannot bear the fierce light of an art that is intimate with Life and inseparable from Life. In its death-throes it has decked itself with all kinds of metaphysical plumes, in order that it may thus, perhaps, live after death- but only as a shallow remembrance of its former glory- the cry of a dying franchise.

Consider its presence in the anime, now (even those who are ardent supporters of this awkward muddle of a Pokémon will still admit that the degree of its presence is far overshadows its contemporary peers, so do not have to regard this for now). Greninja is supposed to be the determined, always training “warrior” type. In isolation, this is a very simple and positive, if perhaps a slightly shallow, representation of a fighter, noble in deed and potent in desire. However, if we attempt to lend heed to the attempts at trying to create a “multifaceted” character, we see Greninja’s apparent dorky and awkward nature appear as he is in isolation or without battle or strain. We can see this in effect merely by its conveyance of emotion via its eyes and their form. As a warrior, they are open, alert, and show depth, and vigor (in whatever dissolved form it may appear as) by its clear display of precision, alertness, and acute functions regarding the iris, pupils, cornea, etc., while as a nerd, they are but flat dashes, conveying levity, carelessness, clumsiness and lack of focus (except in meditation, but there is very little of this done by the Greninja in question to provide itself as little more than an exception)- all done willfully, not out of a lack of virtue or capacity, but a lack of instinct or will. In actuality, what does this mixture of personalities do? It breaks the will of the character.

Obviously, two voices instead of one now speak in its breast. When confronted by two alternatives, instead of being able to point to "this" or "that" without hesitation, Greninja now vacillates, temporizes, doubts, stammers, ponders, and is overcome by a paroxysm of perplexity. When coming upon two directions, instead of stepping deliberately and composedly into one of them, it now stumbles, falters, wonders, staggers, and often falls.

It becomes unreliable, unsteady, and uncertain. Not only can it not be trusted to choose the correct course of conduct for its trainer’s or friend’s interests, it can scarcely be trusted to choose the correct course of conduct for itself. As a result, attempting to add in this ill-thought extra dimension creates a notoriously characterless entity, forming a dangerous and ultimately fatal message, especially considering its leading role in the anime. Nothing is certain, nothing stands on solid ground, just like the Greninja’s own dependence on the external environment to determine its level of activity and thought by means of its cold-bloodedness— the very breeze about it makes a Greninja twist and turn like a weathercock.

Chaos is necessarily the result, and a state of absolute weakness supervenes. The instincts of the Greninja are confused and its will is, therefore, broken; its modicum of bodily strength, though it is the same as it was before, has now twenty instead of ten virtues amongst which to divide itself up, and consequently the vigor of its virtues, their power, declines. He is perhaps more versatile, more catholic, more ready to lend an ear to every sound; but it weak. As values of beauty and form give rise to particular virtues, so the faces and bodies of a Pokémon species come to be stamped with the character associated with the virtues most general among them. As a result of Greninja’s contrasting virtues, it is natural that in its face you notice strange features, unlike those of any powerful, proud, and handsome Pokémon; he is "ugly," and is very often so from every other point of view.

To those who wish to contest that Greninja merely is of the “gentleman” type, they are apparently not versed in the actual meaning, context, and representation of a gentleman except for that lousy caricature of a spineless and naïve fool, or the mustache, monocle, and top hat of a Victorian goober. One who studiesf Japanese culture beyond that of mass media and of lifeless and soulless little cartoon girls, we may understand how the Japanese "gentleman" was capable of practicing a constant theme of respect and dignity in both the battlefield and in the town center. It may be broadly stated that moral principles received no respect whatever from framers of political plots or planners of ruses de guerre. Yet the Taiko, who stands conspicuous among Japan's great leaders for improbity in the choice of means to a public or military end, desired to commit suicide rather than survive the ignominy of failure to fulfill a pledge.

Consider the wilderness, and its representation of savage verses civilized types. In the wild, the only animal that does not require to tread softly, to avoid crackling leaves and creaking branches, the only animal that can dispense with deceit and with make-believe, and who can come and go as he likes and trumpet forth the truth honestly to the world without either compromise or caution, is that animal whose power and strength are above the ordinary attacks of its neighbors, and whose food springs from the soil about him, without its having to lie in ambush for it to appear and be waylaid. All other animals must practice deceit, subterfuge, falsehood, ruse, craft and a great variety of attitudes. All other animals must be deceivers and profiteers of no mean attainments; they must know how to crouch, how to crawl, how to cringe, how to dissimulate, and how to pretend. Nature condones all these accomplishments in those of her creatures which are caught in the cruel wheel of the struggle for existence. If she did not condone these accomplishments, either they would never get a meal, or they would always be providing meals with their own bodies to those who were stronger than they. The Snorlax alone can afford to be honest, is honest. The Snorlax alone can practice sincerity, staunchness, levity, laziness, and constancy to principle; he alone can let others live.

Now where does Greninja fit into this niche? Its entire being, its defense, its breadwinning, its essence of living is composed of the practice and execution of deceit, subterfuge, falsehood, ruse, craft, stealth, substitution, takumi blocking, and of subtle weapons of Shuriken and blade. Its essence is the wilderness. Any acquiescing, any socialization with the outside elements, any attempts to step out of the shadows to attack directly, to converse, or to attempt to order the world around them would be fatal to their very constitution. Thus their actions are inscribed into their very blood and conscience, and any straying from them in any situation, however artificial, will lead to great discomfort, irritability, and failure, for they must lack the capacity to obtain such heights of thinking and of reasoning.
It is pure romanticism to suppose that the supporter and apologist for Greninja can have the virtue without the soil from which it springs. You cannot have your cake and eat it. Greninja may long in vain for the virtues which belong to the Pokémon that stands aloof from the jungle struggle, if they actually participate in that struggle. And to suppose that mere precept and education will cultivate these virtues in them, if they do not possess, or have not practiced them for generations, is to suppose that the Liepard can by a course of training change his spots in a single generation.

Today, by result of Greninja’s actions and impulses seeping into the popular-minded Pokémon fans, even the traditional players are being drawn, has been drawn, into the field of struggle. The very soil which alone is favorable to the growth of sincerity and staunchness and constancy to principle, is therefore no longer being tilled or cultivated. The influence of the principle of unrestricted has reduced everything within the game, even the power of being an influence for good or evil, to a struggle for existence, and as a result — unpleasant as the fact may seem — we are now undoubtedly witnessing the passing of the gentleman, in any Pokémon design, or its reflection upon those people who follow it.
Every Pokémon must now be one or the other of those lower inmates of the jungle. Everybody now must at some time or other in his life be a "profiteer of no mean attainments"; everybody must be wily, crafty, full of resource in subterfuge, presence, deceit and dissimulation. Sincerity, staunchness and constancy to a principle are dying out. It grows every day more and more difficult to find a Pokemon whom one can trust wholly and thoroughly to have a reliable constitution and clear direction in action and design.

The unwarrantable association by any Greninja supporter of falsity with gentlemanliness never seems to have affected their reputation within the community in the least, because it did not strike the educated and competitive Pokémon players, that the two were hopelessly incompatible. Greninja is either a gentleman, or it is false — it could not be both. But in a time in which uncontrolled lust for flair and eager design innovations prevail, the title "gentleman" evidently deteriorates just as surely as the genuine design of Pokémon itself does.
The Pokémon apparently immersed in the struggle for life, and the Pokémon who emerges from it successfully, are not therefore necessarily despicable or the reverse. All I maintain about them is that they never can, and never ought to, be placed in any high position where absolute sincerity and absolute staunchness and constancy to principle are the only safeguards that a people who will vote for them, or of the main company executives to push its image into every sector of merchandise and media they can allow. Greninja is simply wrong for its rank —all rank in which magnanimity, sincerity and absolute rigidity of principle are pre-requisites.

Is it considered “endearing” to a woman to watch her small-minded notion of a Frog “Prince” come about in the shape of a shapeless, characterless, hopeless putty of a beast? What charm does she find in the expansively opening maw of the foul-breathed creature, whose lanky form appears closer in form to a medieval depiction of a crucified Christ rather than the bold frescoes and poetry written of Poseidon & Proteus (A character that Greninja deserves no name for, even in mere ability.) For the attitude of the Game Freak’s ideal to Life, to the body, and to the world was an entirely negative one. The command from on high was, that the deeds of the body should be mortified through the Spirit.
What else, then, could possibly have been expected from such an ideal than the ultimate decline and uglification of the body of Greninja’s type? To what else did such an ideal actually aspire? For was not ugliness the strongest obstacle in the way of the loving one, in the way of it who wished only to achieve prominence by strength? What irrefutable evidence can it come from but both genders of Greninja being shaped in the same form, each depicted as a gangly, naked, humanoid monstrosities?

And to all who wish to exalt Greninja as some sort of “waifu” or ideal female figure for company, intimacy, sexual activities and possibly child-rearing, the contentions that will come after this may very well already supplant my rejection of this romantic ideal, but I may begin to elaborate further (This is based mostly upon the depiction of the feminine character within the cult –or clan- of Greninja, so this will certainly be a direct attack on their interpretation of the character as well as their instinct and taste in regard to it). The natural knock knees of the female Greninja, the awkwardness of the tiny hip in regard to the curvature of the body (How does one go about bearing healthy children with such an instrument?), and the Female breasts superimposed onto the masculine bear chest of the standard model are, aesthetically, the greatest blemish in the figure of the small narrow-shouldered, weak-limbed, and fat-thighed sex. Owing to their ninja instinct, they want to be independent: and to that end she is uglifying herself. For what must these clumsy attempts on the part of female Greninja, and those who attempt to extrapolate her character into the feminine, not bring to light, but pedanticism, superficiality, school-girl pettiness, petty presumption, petty unbridledness and petty immodesty— how could she possibly interact with any sort of ease or calmness around one of her fellow-creatures of the opposite gender? How would she raise a single child? — She does not want truth, nor beauty, but the same immodest aims that her masculine counterpart interjects into the minds of present children and lusty-minded attic-dwellers indeed.

If we are so willing to depict Greninja as an admirable character, at least in relativity to its surrounding posse, why are we so strapped to find its humor within its character as a ninja- a completely separate and already developed, in which the perfectly symmetrical aspect and position of the humor is both annoying and inartistic, owing to the fact that it was looked at by the designer or the humorist from a point at which it was orderly and arranged before he actually implanted wit into it, and could not therefore testify to his power of laughter-making— but simply to his ability to avail himself of another model's power, namely, the ninja and its former capacity and high culture as it was pre-commercialism. Likewise, implanting humor from watching Greninja go splat on the screen a la Smash, is simply one of the most bizarre and absurd paradoxes to present itself to the Pokémon world- a warrior as a homebody.

If my contentions with the fanbase and with Game Freak’s feeding of it are not apparent enough as of now, I shall clarify it: Even today, with as few sound designers who consider all the aspects of human nature to their creations, there is among the vast majority of video game buyers and players an insatiable thirst to obey, to find opinions ready-made, and to believe in some one or in some law. The way the name of science is invoked when a high authority is needed —the love of statistics and the meekness with which a company i.e. Game Freak grows silent when they are quoted; the fact that the most preposterous fashions are set in protagonists, in battle-design, and in music; the sheep-like way in which people will follow Game Freak, whether in the mainline video games, spinoffs, literature, or in anime, not to dilate upon the love of great names and the faith in the daily Press i.e. Kotaku, Polygon which nowadays, even prescribes schemes for college-commons conversation — all these things show what a vast amount of instinctive obedience still remains the birthright of the Genwunners and Unovabortions alike. For even advertisement hoardings and the excessive use of advertisements regarding Pokémon, in addition to the fact that they point unmistakably to the almost omnipotent power of their ability to direct attention to any Pokémon, feature, or petty spinoff(a power which vouchsafes them even the privilege of self-praise, which scarcely any other class of society could claim without incurring the charge of bad-taste), also show how docilely the greatest number must ultimately respond to repeated stimuli, and finally obey if they be told often enough to buy, or to go to see, any particular thing. We must look upon this with sympathy.

Again and again mere change within the system of Pokémon and its style has falsely been welcomed as Progress by those spiteful to ignorant Genwunners; mega evolutions have falsely been embraced as desirable evolutions, and uncontrolled new tendencies have been falsely acclaimed as inevitable developments. Only when it was too late, only when the evil results of such novelties became strikingly obvious, did these novelties begin to be problems. Today’s democratic polls letting Greninja come out on top once again without a single peep from those more cultured can only lead to the majority moving to degeneracy, for their tasteless opinions are not mere matters of selecting your favorite Poffin from the bakery. These “mere opinions” are a matter of will; they are always, or ought to be always, travelling tickets implying a certain definite aim and destination, and the opinions we hold concerning what is desirable as design in Pokémon must point to a certain object we see in Life; — hence there is just as great a market for opinions, and just as great a demand for fixed values to-day as there ever was, and the jealous love with which men will quote well-established views i.e Marriland, Serebii, etc., or begin to believe when they hear that a view is well established — a fact which is at the root of all the fruits of modern popularity — shows what a need and what a craving there is for authority, for authoritative information, and for unimpeachable coiners of opinions. The outcome of Ash’s Synchro evolution, disregarding any traditional members of the team and denying a chance at a permanent sort of characterization, for like any fad catering to the spirit of the times, they are bound to be swept away with little heed or lasting positive legacy, indirect or otherwise, upon Game Freak or the Pokémon community itself.

The purpose of the graphic arts of Pokémon and their relation to the graphics within the game itself, then, has remained the same as it ever was. It is to determine the values "ugly" and "beautiful" for those who wish to know what is ugly and what is beautiful. The fact that these designers and programmers have grown so tremulous and so little self-reliant as to claim only the right to imitate, to please and to amuse, does not affect this statement in the least; it is simply a reflection upon modern game designers.
Since, however, these values beautiful and ugly are themselves but the outcome of other more fundamental values which have ruled and molded a fanbase for centuries, it follows that the artist who would accentuate or determine the qualities beautiful or ugly, must bear some intimate relation to the past and possible future of the people.
The Pokémon of today, unholy and undivine as the Tower of Babel, seems to have incurred the wrath of a mighty godhead, not unlike an Arceus as opposed to a Mew, and those who were at work upon it have abandoned it to its fate, and have scattered apart — all speaking different tongues, and all filled with confusion. Precisely on account of the disorder which now prevails in this department of life, sincere and honest players find it difficult to show the interest in it, which would be only compatible with its importance.

Regarding Greninja’s effects on the common mind, even intelligence is adversely affected by the tendency the ninja frog Pokémon have of promoting the habit of forming snap judgments, of taking for granted one's ability to hold opinions on every possible question, no matter how abstruse, and of assenting to policies inadequately understood and only superficially pondered, all in line with Greninja’s deceptive, speed at all cost, and detection at all costs matter of thinking.

We have to consider Greninja’s means of wooing its current followers- immense success with dazzling its audience; its fabulous wealth of excess parts, and the bottomless till from which she drew the subsidies she needed for its various predecessor Pokémon in its struggle for ascendancy. Dazzled by these brilliant material achievements, which the Japanese world with its vulgar American inheritances found it difficult to resist, it is perhaps not surprising that many Pokémon player, with their sense of judgement momentarily numbed, assumed that where such phenomenal success was to be found, artistic beauty and sound principles towards Life must of course accompany it.

In addition, when over long periods the poor decisions of leading designers i.e Sugimori tend to alienate even alert players from the type of game and flair prevailing in their own day, there is always a tendency to swing over to hitherto untried, and superficially plausible innovations, if only as a release from past depression. When moreover we remember that the worst the existing generation may be, the less narrowly novel alternatives are likely to be examined, it cannot surprise us that Greninja found its strongest support in Sugimori’s misrule. The complexity and muddledness of Greninja thus understood, not as a spontaneous product of serious reflection and wisdom, but as a more or less automatic reaction, loses much of its respectability as a Pokémon. For although we may allow for the compelling force of misery and frustration, the acceptance of Greninja as the role model for future Pokémon designs, even as an automatic reaction, demands a considerable amount of intellectual goodwill and complacency.

The palpable nonsense of Greninja’s dominance, cannot be attributed to any deliberate or concerted action on the part of the populace themselves. But the worst misapprehension of all is to suppose that all this misunderstanding of beauty and what is desirable in regard to human life can possibly fail in the end to pervert and corrupt Pokémon and wipe out all the accumulated treasure in virtue and sanity which has been fostered and stored during former, more rational and more tasteful times.

The whole development was a productive and commercial success as long as it rested upon a layer of superior, bygone times which it eventually ate too far into to survive. On the same principle it is probable that the Clan of Greninja may be said to be still resting on proper game design and Pokémon design choices cultivated in bygone times and is likely to survive only so long as this store of virtue and ability remains not wholly corrupted and frittered away.

Thereby, I invite everyone who shares a deep, profound, and intellectual hatred for Greninja in any manner to share with me your additional contentions so that I may add them to this document. While you are at it, post pictures of Greninja in a poor state. I will tolerate him being humiliated, bullied, dehumanized (or perhaps dePokemonized) tortured physical and emotionally, in a miserable or overwhelmingly taxing situation, and overall being degraded into the destructive and tasteless creature it always was by those who have a more vulgar hatred of the Pokémon. The degradation of Froakie and Frogadier is also permitted, but keep in mind that they are not essential to the theme of this thread.

To those supporters of Greninja, either give me serious and intellectual refutations of this interpretation, or else go back to your anime hugbox. “Haters gonna hate” is only a pulpit for your indifference to the world, its capacity for achieving desirable things and its glories that result from it.

Thank you to all those who have read even partially into what I have to say. Even a single change of heart is enough to justify my effort.

I forgot to mention, any OC of any kind, by drawings or text similar to mine, is always welcome.

I will not try to force this thread anymore, but I will let it spontaneously grow or perish as necessary, for only a change within the people of Kiwi Farms can ennact a lasting and meaningful opinion.

(A friendly and nonmilitant note to the mods of Kiwi Farms: If you find that the content of my discourses somehow infringes on the rules of Kiwi Farms, then please send me a warning before deleting posts, and I will be happy to delete and reevaluate any points or pictures that breaks these rules before posting more. The last thing I want for this subforum if for it to descend into the anarchy it was prior to becoming Kiwi Farms)

Like before, I invite everyone who shares a deep, profound, and intellectual hatred for Greninja in any manner to share with me your additional contentions so that I may add them to this document. While you are at it, post pictures of Greninja being degraded into the destructive and tasteless creature it always was. The degradation of Froakie and Frogadier is also permitted, but keep in mind that they are not essential to the theme of this thread.

To those supporters of Greninja, either give me serious and intellectual refutations of this interpretation, or else go back to your anime hugbox. “Haters gonna hate” is only a pulpit for your indifference to the world, its capacity for achieving desirable things and its glories that result from it.
Any OC of any kind, by drawings or text similar to mine, is always welcome.

I will not try to force this thread anymore, but I will let it spontaneously grow or perish as necessary, for only a change within the people of Kiwi Farms can enact a lasting and meaningful opinion.

Prelude- 1: Reflections on the Responses to my First Discourse

The demand for a new and fresh edition of my original critical discourse has not induced me to make any alterations towards my original posts. By this I do not mean to imply that the discourse has not been attacked and criticized, for a greater majority of the thread than I am proud to speak of has done so, many in the most vulgar and crude methods, but rather that it does not appear to me to have been answered properly or refuted unanimously, or on a deep and profound level of thought, meditation, philosophy, and connection to the real world, its society, its people, and their unique and common elements and characteristic of their natures. Rightly or wrongly I felt convinced that a good many of the criticisms came from people who have mistaken my aim, while not a few emanated from readers who were bitter and ardent opponents from the beginning.

Of these antagonists to my perspective, let it be said without too great a disdain or resentment towards those in question that, in dealing with a subject regarding which feelings easily run high to the people on this board in particular, they were perhaps a little too prone to read anti-Pokemon, progenwunner or unovabortionistic views into a context that was only anti-Greninja, and to suppose that I was necessarily and wholly hostile to any specific generation or game, because I inveighed against certain current tendencies which I still believe are falsely assumed to express the fullest potential of the artistry and design of Pokémon, its idiosyncrasy with the gameplay, and its impact on children and adults alike.

Prelude- 2: Vindication of my Attitude to the Subject

It is, of course, difficult at a time when buzzwords are ruthlessly abused and when, as a result of this, much vagueness has been imparted even to the simplest terms or ideas, to escape the suspicion of Boeotian dullness, when I am really only a defender of the eternal flame and essence of artistry as a tool for the rich in inner strength, vigor, intelligence, and benevolence against the transitory, faddy, raving, superficial, sentimental, and sporadic claims of the internet. And seeing that my opponents' cause was not badly served by those who represented me as a preacher of hatred or unjust cruelty, it is not surprising that with many posts I have been regarded by those who are happy and satisfied with basing their judgments upon hearsay, as a determined hater.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and my posts are here to show to you. So far am I from being unfriendly and least of all unfair to Pokémon as a game and, especially, as a representative and imaginative world to project the customs, taste, and analysis of more learned and wise people onto those who desire to invest their time in the game, that I suggest many cogent reasons for believing that even the technical vices in the design, portrayal, character, and depth are essential to the game’s meaning and its influence on the masses, and can only be eradicated at our peril. This does not mean, however, that I do not attempt to advance many arguments which are discontenting and degrading to the modern Pokémon player and the so-called "man of taste". My previous thread and its lectures, in fact, is full of such arguments, many of which lose none of their capacity for constituting a whole hearted and genuine indictment of the type of people who exalt such a meagre figure as Greninja as such.

Prelude- 3: Regarding the General Attitude of my Opponents

And, although they do not seem to me to have been answered, it is not difficult to understand why, at the present time, they should have been misread or misinterpreted, even by the most meticulous readers among the fanbase.

As a rule, fanboys or girls will listen patiently when it is told of the reasons why some Pokémon are worse than others, based off of what emotions it arouses in its supporters and of characteristics it behold. But if one proceeds to scrape away the golden paint from those Pokémon, for instance, whose reasons for being enjoyed involve being a gregarious person, "unselfish," or of belonging to the umbrella known as "nobility," and point out how all these proclivities and character traits that makes the beholders consider these Pokémon of their standard or type invariably arise from purely selfish, ignorant, or shallow desires and emotions, and the bulk of the fanbase will immediately become both upset and distempered. And why?

Only because a huge proportion of the fans of these maligned Pokémon find the very basis of their self-esteem, their taste, and their strengths in the activities enumerated. To reveal the root of these activities, is therefore to wound and remove these people in and from their sanctuary of vanity; and those who are targeted usually retaliate with arguments and flames filled with both rancor and rage. It is certain that these men did not write merely to vex and disturb the world more than to correct it, but because they realized that falsifications and exaggerations of sentiment are dangerous and eventually leaks its way into the weathered stones of intemperance and fulfillment.

Prelude- 4: Attempts by Consumers to Take Control

Meanwhile, many changes have occurred, all of which have been directed at and with the ideal hopes of consolidating and extending the current fame and “significance” of these “serious but dorky” or “savage but civilized” character types within the games, manga, and anime, in both the humans and Pokémon depicted as such. But there is so little evidence of the minority of people who abstract these vicious and revolutionary suggestions- and the majority of parrots who wish to repeat that sentiment only as a means of retaining some matter of semblance to other franchises- having effected any improvement in the happiness either of those who play the games casually or competitively, or of the fanbase as a whole that, as a solution of our contemporary problems and difficulties, or even as a minor contribution to their solution and execution, it would seem that this idea of thinking must soon be as wholly discredited as was the Notch-eared Pichu of Generation Two, the constant forcing- with occasional diffusion- of that grossly and gravely overrated aura dog, Lucario, of Generation IV, or the cosplay Pikachus of today that will be disregarded within no less than a year’s time.

When things go wrong with the structure of a fanbase and its root company, through the general decline in the depth and stamina of its aesthetic and meaning, two distinct yet very much interrelated tendencies seem always to become noticeable. The first one is to interpret changes which are merely the break-down and decay of old and still beneficial concepts, as merely biased nostalgia (on this board this is called Genwunning or Nostalgiagoggles), and the other (owing to the arguably just loss of confidence in the current executives and lead designers of Game Freak) is for everyone, qualified or unqualified, to regard themselves as capable of making an attempt to put matters right.

Prelude- 5: The Mistake of Direct Pandering

This may take any creative form, whether it be creating Fakemon in their own petty style, or trying to enact petitions to form concepts for games completely outside the realm of the franchise’s original and intended meaning, i.e. a dark and edgy storyline, an MMO, and so on.

It is through the latter tendency that casual audiences naturally spring into prominence as zealous and eager helpers; but unfortunately, always with the misunderstood idea that a mere multiplication of ineffectual Pokémon and misguided design choices owing to incompatibilities within the different elements of the game itself (which Greninja remains a prime example- and infector- of) can compensate the franchise for its total lack of great or meaningful fun, enjoyment, and above all, significance. Truth to tell, such a multiplication of nobody Pokémon, far from producing something, merely increases the size of and complicates the already existing muddle.

This mistake has occurred so often in video game history i.e. Early Access, Minecraft, Psygnosis, and, to give a fresh example, Mighty No. 9, and always with the same disastrous results, that any ardent fan or follower of the process of video games is left wondering how often it will have to occur again, before the tired and weary truth becomes generally accepted that the only remedy for a struggling franchise, method, or company suffering from a impoverished imagination, is to build up that imagination afresh, and to preserve as far as possible the beneficial and prosperous traditional ideas or formulas of the franchise, until this re-building process has been accomplished. Most any other form of cure, antidote, or ointment is merely a red-herring drawn to divert the attention of the crowd from the real and only methods of salvation and reconquest of glory.

Prelude- 6: The Silent Minority

It is true that this misguided path may bring enormous temporary satisfaction to thousands of dedicated fans whose sense of vanity and self-entitlement are out of all proportion greater than either their acumen or their candor; but there are also hundreds of thousands of other players who are modest and intelligent enough to perceive the fishiness of the diversion, and who at the very core and center of their hearts are more predisposed to hope that their rejuvenated directors and designers may become the formidable builders of the future of Pokémon, than to believe that they themselves can ever lend a truly helpful hand in the task of revolutionizing the game.

Naturally, however, these more modest and shrewder fans are as a rule silent and unheard before the general public, while many of these fans, already conscious of the pitiful inadequacy of current Pokémon games, are apt to look on with a sort of haggard and skeptical curiosity at the experiment of today’s exaltation of Greninja and its characteristics, which henceforth I will refer to as –for lack of a better name, and implying that such a movement deserves even this formal of a title- as Greninjism, just as a battalion of troopers can be imagined to look up at a dark and stormy sky for a miracle that might possibly save them once their guarded city has been successfully sieges by oncoming enemies.

Prelude- 7: Support for my Cause

How do I know of the existence of these men, women, and children? Merely through the collective of supportive posts I have received in the last thread, as well as the sporadic exertions created by those frustrated as well with this current taste, which, as a writer and thinker engaged in anti-anarchistic and pro-lofty propaganda, have reached me from every part of 4chan and the rest of the internet during the last three years. And in these posts or replies I have read not only a deep sympathy with my destructive criticism of current Greninjism, but also an authentic and passionate desire to support my constructive proposal of a new era and direction of Pokémon, an all-encompassing embrace of the elements of Pokémon that gave its very first followers such a profound interest and deep-seated appreciation for the game.

Such is the subtle influence of prevailing values that few people are aware of the extremely one-dimensional standpoint of the present age. So acute is the accent of that “cute but cool” accent over every standard and canon of art, that the world has probably never been so near as it is to-day to forgetting the essential facts of what is an essential character, in regarding times of war, as well as times of engaging with friends and family, as Pokémon has so frequently depicted throughout its multi-decade long history as a franchise.

Prelude- 8: The Inspiration of Greninja

The greatest deception of all, in this respect, has, of course, been the introduction of the very first Pokémon to try and step into the frigid waters of this new and seemingly foreign, at least to Game Freak itself — Generation III — which in its exclusive concern about creating such antipodal characters, encouraging them of the possibility of having a complete shift in tone, of character, of behavior, and of aptitude, without a clear understanding of the mentality behind it. It may be simple enough to try and suggest that they have a predominant loyalty to their trainer and their team, enjoying leisure and comfort around them, while ready to act hostile, defensive, and intimidating in the presence of strangers or of opponents, especially when the trainer demands it. It is this master-slave relationship that presents itself as the best means of bonding and of mutual benefit.

9. What is a Sound Design?

I have said that the present condition of Game Freak does not by any means represent what I understand by the best: A most incontrovertible facts of science and human experience, that there is extraordinarily little chance and accident in the production of great and exceptional art. The appearance of a significant and meaningful design, by aesthetics, personality, and ability, or a designer of such creations, is not to be ascribed to any phenomenon akin to blind chance." Thus, a sound foundation of artistic knowledge, followed by a concrete direction to apply any diversity, any variance, any specializations, and any diversions in design towards, is necessary to render the production of profound and prudent creatures and design choices as probable— a conclusion to which the science of artistic and color theory is slowly but surely tending.

Now it can be laid down almost as a law concerning most of the present designers and concept legislators of Game Freak that they have always relied more or less indolently and ignorantly upon chance and accident, rather than upon willful and deliberate design and intention in the rearing of their great examples.
And if we turn to the current Generation and towards the dawning Generation VII, in particular, we find this principle carried to an absurdly dangerous extreme.
The production of a creature who is to be an example of artistic mastery and of excitation of the passions and imagination, involves four essential conditions: (1) An instinctual love for order; (2) A direction founded upon a long, healthy and cultured tradition within the inner workings of the designer or team of designers itself; (3) Rigorous discipline and trial in employed designers from the very beginning of their career, and (4) An optimum of conditions away from the vortex of realism and the impulse to take inspiration without reworking it towards the direction that the company has decided on for the franchise.

10. Carelessness in Greninja’s Design

Out of all of the above, number three is the only one of these conditions which can with any justice be said to have been fulfilled in the creation of Greninja; but, although it is important and indispensable, it is not in itself sufficient.

It is foolhardy and ridiculous to suppose that greatness will continue to show itself, generation after generation, if the very first conditions for its production are persistently scouted and ignored, as Greninja’s cloying oversights in the cohesion of its design perpetuate. Even a Pokémon breeder would hesitate to take as a mate a Pokémon that had not all the innate qualities and training of that particular class he desires, and yet for this vastly difficult and frequently underestimated in regards to its importance, mediocre designers are selected and fit to the company’s standards, almost at random and with the most frivolous carelessness imaginable.

I will say that Greninja, or any other confuted and hopelessly mixed Pokemon represents another Pokémon or a piece of inspiration that is selected at random, and developed and brought before the masses with a careless indifference to its ultimate purpose.

It would, also, be a great mistake to suppose, as many still do, that the creation of Greninja and Greninja’s subsequent gradual conquest of its Age was the struggle of the mind of an innovator and a work of art whose public required to be educated up to his aesthetic forms and to his ideas before they could appreciate him. This was not the case; for, as a matter of fact, most of the ideas he advanced were already victorious or nearly so before he became their poster boy.

11. Scant Innovation in Greninja’s Theme

The artificial and incompatible (at least regarding to an overarching practice, for it is possible, like I have said earlier, to have different mindsets regarding the situation at hand, but this is a matter of internal outlook and action, not a caprice of behavior akin to hiding your disdain for your friend’s spaghetti) combination of Stoicism towards internal troubles and strife, and materialistic and hedonism-distorted form of Epicureanism, the principal strings to its ideological and bow, were very much in the air and had hundreds of thousands of across the world; and it rose to popularity chiefly because it swam backstroke in champion style with those webbed feet and toes in these two powerful currents in a manner less like a frog than perhaps a thoughtless jellyfish.

His struggle was, therefore, not so much that of a prophet with a new message, but of a Pokémon who, being able to only create two forms of drama and picture without any facets or nuances between them — that of the duel, and that of the child’s playground — was concerned to get a public, conditioned by Serebii, Maryland, Verlisify, and others, to accept this one form as passionate entertainment.
Just as Bernard Shaw, stronger in dialectics than psychology, and Socrates, stronger in upsetting and indignifying than deep and observant thought and foresight, were faced with the personal problem of making their instinctual and aptitude-driven weaknesses the rules and criterion by which their respective artistry should be judged.

12. Attempting to Disguise Weakness as Strength

So Greninja, weak in plot, philosophy, psychology and, above all, personal passion, made it the script writer’s business to stagger the developing children and bourgeoisie attic-dwellers with the unexpected caprice of Greninja’s relationship with Ash, thereby allowing for the writers to dwell upon their ability to sell merchandise and market the pale frog’s derivative personality and superficial method of engaging life, thereby solving the problem of converting Greninja’s- and the writers- weaknesses into criterion for “success”.
Let me further elaborate upon the elements of the anime plot in general, and their relation to Greninja and those who hold him to a high, or even ideal, standard-
Every human being, kid, parent, scientist, artist, barbarian, civilian, imbecile, and intellectual, knows the fatal and surfeiting consequences of complete and exhaustive exploration: how it clings to you like a spur, how it nauseates you like a severe bout of indigestion! The very body, mind, and constitution of man as an organism with sentient capacities necessitates such consequences. As Herbert Spencer said in his Social Statics, “The repetition of a stimulus reduces the force of its appeal owing to the internal process of habituation that every human being, and any adaptable creature is prone to”. We laughed the first time Brock began to womanize; but the hundredth time we barely lift an eyelid.

13. The Subtle Falseness of Ash’s Relationship

Now, in the face of all these common and everyday facts of experience, it would be both absurd and unjustifiable to claim that any person, of any sex, age, or talent, could hope to spend years or decades of his life after reaching his loftiest dream with nothing left to pursue — not to mention a lifetime — without eventually and ultimately falling into the prey to indifference, if not disgust, and where the circumstances of their first steps towards this achievement bore an excessive warmth of feeling, the ultimate spurning of that feeling, by disillusionment and, among ignorant and foolish people, a surprise, must lead to an acute indifference to life and its joys.

Unlike the mere chasing and capturing of bodily necessities, in which the body and mind work together, share the same needs and interests, enjoy the same leisure and games, develop the same novel and greater desires and wants, or suffer the same pleasures and difficulties, the pursuit of a goal to end all goals is united chiefly by a rigid bond between mind and spirit which has its basis in the emotion and inner feelings of passion, a feeling of desire, and a feeling of power.

14. Passion and Desire as a Spontaneous and Stubborn Forces

But passion is largely and foremost a matter of surplus strength i.e. a Machoke’s power belt, violent stimulation i.e. an Electrode’s agitation towards a Pester Ball, and the lust of possession i.e a Sableye’s inner necessity to acquire gems, all of which are steadily and gradually worn down by a steady and gradual drain on surplus strength (there is little need to improve your strength and leadership in Pokémon training once you have already reached the horizon), the supervening of gradual callousness and indifference through the repetition of similar stimuli (Ash’s continual and seemingly psychotic energy and surprise at every Pokémon he catches, every battle he loses, and every Team Rocket contraption he bears witness to can hold no relation to any great or powerful person, but only to those with weak will, low spirit and ambitions), and / or , the consciousness of holding definitely, or rather indefinitely, the goal originally coveted (in this case, the prospect of Ash winning the Grand Tournament with Greninja, both satisfying their now emaciated, drawn out, and haggard desires)

Desire also, by being fulfilled and gratified, is stilled. The best cure for desire, errant or otherwise, is precisely gratification. But a cure is hardly what is desired or anticipated by the ambitious child, Pokémon, etc. That is why the world's greatest stories of either romance, passion, or ambition— those of The Divine Comedy, Romeo and Juliet, and The Sorrows of Young Werther — are all stories of a longing passion that was never fulfilled. In poetry and fiction, as in life, it is felt that for a great aspiration or romance to remain at its loftiest level of passion and desire, the individual or couple enacting it must never have a single opportunity to wholly and absolutely succeed at their divine goal.

15. Companionship and its Requirement of Power

With regard to the desire for power, which, despite the foolish and romantic claims of “friendship” and “exploration” and “learning” as the main drivers of Ash’s journey, or of Greninja’s desire to arduously train before and after he was booted from his posse, and to follow Ash in a state of quasi-submission, still accounts for more than half the savor of the relationship between Ash and Greninja, which is surely seriously impaired by the concept of Synchro evolutions as found within the recent “fusion” of master and slave, that the body of a prepubescent, underdeveloped, and surely far from optimal health, can merge its metaphysical fibers with the arduously trained warrior, whose body (as far as a lanky yet bulbous Greninja may proceed in, at this regard) is bred and itself which enjoins cohabitation as a duty upon the parties to a social contract.

Thus the indefinite continuance of the emotion which first lead a friendship, between humans or with a Pokémon, to unite, and the sine die of the delights of the early fulfillments of their wants, are bound, as it were, with calculable certainty to become impossible. But this makes any realistic relationship (to show how romantic and completely absurd the bond between Ash and Greninja, even with caprice aside) exceedingly difficult, and one which, far from abstracting a hopeful promise of happiness, is very much more probable to develop into a certain and inevitable guarantee of petty, negative and most tiring differences.

16. Ash’s Relationship is a Romantic Pipe Dream

To reply to these objections that there is a "love" that transcends all these difficulties, may sound pleasant, charming, and above all, good natured, but it is hardly candid or evident. For as stated before, the possibility of the creation and lasting of this rare kind of love (a sudden shift without clear justification, despite a lack of direct passion during the early stages of the companionship) does not justify us in making the concept, the desires, the needs, the promises, the problems, and the desired outcomes of friendship and leadership a white lie, a penny dreadful, bastard, or a burlesque for the majority of those who enjoy Pokémon.

17. Greninja’s Attempts to “Revolutionize”

Consequently, Greninja openly attacked, repudiated, and degenerated the conventional dramatic media style of passion, plot, and psychology, making it appear as if the ideally fluid and expressive cells of animation (now, In the Pokémon anime, as repetitive and choppy digitals of animation) were only a glorified Romantic and Pietist coliseum, in which men and Pokémon alike floored each other in the battlefield and chopped logic in the town centers at least twice every five minutes by ingenious yet obviously specious and unsubstantial battling tactics.

But in all this muddle of emotions, desires, and will, it should never be forgotten that Greninja was at bottom surveying and appealing to, certainly in a method that attempted to appear as a new and fresh relief to those Pokémon fans with a drought of “meaningful” characteristics in a Pokémon, sentiments which were already accepted, if not of paramount importance, to hundreds of thousands of Pokémon consumers already. Nor was its conception of the Pokémon as a means of surveying and taking advantage of the currents of the dispossessed and tasteless anime fans of the straightaway that forcibly clamored for their own superficial notion of a Byronic hero or a Don Juan- a sort of noble figure with both an austere theme accompanied with a figure of subsidiary levity- wholly an innovation. Even Lucario had done it before Greninja, and with far more (albeit still pitiable) consummate art.

18. Fan Discontents Preceded Greninja’s “Departure from the Norm”

From the middle and end of the Fourth Generation, the fans had gradually been growing more and more openly aware and conscious of the growing pains and insolences regarded in overdesigning by color, feature, and personality (It is beyond me that some people will regard Greninja as adequately designed with necessary restraint). Even those who still clung to their privileges and advantages were secretly all more or less convinced believers of this Fabian and Lettrist dogma, although they might profess Classical loyalties. When therefore, a designer or an anime writer appeared who happened also to be a close and intimate friend of both Expressionist and Surrealist artists, he could not, when he began to stage these Fabian conversations and encounters, be looked upon as a voice crying alone and distantly in the wilderness.

And the same is true of making every Pokémon cute and its head larger, eyes larger, etc., and especially regarding Pokémon whom people demand a second element, a quirk or trait directly at odds with their own appearance and their own manner of lifestyle, not for the means of creating a deep and complex character, which I must digress from the main point of this discourse to say that some of the simplest and least layered characters, i.e. Winston Smith, Marlow, Meursault, or Siegfried, whose few traits or characteristics were deep enough in themselves, or their connection to one another so profound in forming an innovative and novel approach towards perceiving a situation or environment, allowed them to engage with the events of their respective plots to form such interesting interactions and form such meaningful concepts that their own simplicity and consistent and concordant harmony and equilibrium within their character traits does not render them one-dimensional in any regard, nor the ideas they produce.

19. No Far-sightedness in Greninja’s Design

From at least the seventies of the last century to the date of the first production of Pokémon X and Y, the anime series, Cartesian Materialism had been scoring ever greater and wider victories. A designer who therefore did not mind playing snakes and ladders with history, biology, psychology, philosophy, and even probability, in order to press these Romantic-Impressionistic claims further home, could not have expected to meet with deaf ears. He was not blazing a new trail. He was merely heaping fuel on a fire which was already a Japanese, if not a first-world conflagration. And behind him, he had all the vanities, complexes, and secret hatreds and aspirations of the most dedicated watchers, players, and supporters in the world — the perverted and bitter cheats and posers of Deviantart.
It is here, that critics of Greninja, like the present author, reveal a misunderstanding the roots of its resounding success. For instance, it is customary for anyone regarding Greninja, whether with eulogy or contempt, that they mention to its credit that it was its dual nature of the protection of its loved ones, whether kind or fierce, awkward or slick, that won Greninja its audience, who in themselves would wish to implement their own personal conceptions of themselves onto what appeared to be a loftier and nobler species than them, like a child sticking his head into a cutout of a Medieval knight.

20. Pokémon that Already Explored Greninja’s Identity

But does anyone consider that this identical nature, even when raised to greater potency and subtlety, as it was in times past with Sceptile or Serperior for instance, would succeed its legacy at the turn of the Generation VI, if it had used it as if either of the two did in a more clear-headed and less sophistical age, to decry and disdain rather than to defend and demonstrate this Cognitive and Behavioral Dualism? It was by the exaggeration of Foundationalist sophistries (exaggeration being one of the best weapons of the modern designer) that Greninja won the hearts and souls of the vast multitude of Japanese, American, and European players — the children.

Ergo, It is idle and stupid to claim that Greninja, or its designers, innovated or perpetuated at all. I am certain that such a personality of Greninja’s, almost entirely unaware of the sweeping and immense forces that were impelling him to the top, and, giving it the benefit of the doubt regarding its position as a frog, while also deeply aware and conscious of its weakness, would be profoundly astonished, overwhelmed, and disconcerted by the sheer magnitude and utter intensity of his influence and support.

21. Greninja’s Personality as a Sellout

Thus Greninja, as his popularity became known, made its name as a warrior, a gentleman, a friend, a sneak, and a buffoon, chiefly owing to the immense energy that has been formed by its designers to put into the demonstration of opinions and errant ideas that were either already popular, or by which the crude and motley novelty had already been mitigated or attenuated by earlier and more fleshed out Pokepioneers. Nor did Greninja ever accomplish any task, goal, external ordering or introspective analysis in the spirit of a true character of folklore, in a manner calculated to make itself an enduring work of art with a specific appeal.

Greninja was, in fact, committed by its weaknesses to a form which had to subsist off of seducing its public by sheer persuasion of applying itself to the uninspired and base demands of the consumers. Greninja was only a noble and admirable character to the extent of having at its finger-tips the whole gamut of characteristics, guile, and histrionics of the successful and self-preservative capitalist.

21b. The Subjective Element in Interpretation

Now there is an instinctive inclination in every reader, watcher, or player to identify himself or herself with the picture of humanity, of nature, of society, and of the creatures (regarding their anthropomorphic traits) presented to him or her in the book, show, or video game that he or she happens to be perusing, whether it be a game of fantasy, a comedic show about awkward and ridiculous situations, a children’s game or book to captivate and to educate their young, supple, and imprintable minds, a documentary about the wilderness and the creatures that reside in it, or a realistic book set to ponder upon the philosophy, the psychology, and the reasoning of the world around us, and our instinctual reactions to them, positive or negative.

Naturally enough, therefore, he or she is exposed to the severest and most disconcerting shocks if at every turn, curveball, or plot element, he or she is prevented from idealizing and exalting his own familiar and conscious nature, or from thinking too well or highly of it, owing to the fact that the picture he is presented with and then contemplating is far too humiliating to be pleasant, and yet too captivating or convincing, however specious or refutable it may be when exposed to a larger and deeper understanding of its respective subject, to be lightly rejected.

22. Self-projection and Pokémon

I will say without meekness that the bulk of modern Pokémon players, especially those how have continued to play and talk about the game long after their childhood, are plagued with some form of autism. This fact, all too well known to the game developers and publishers, is quite poorly understood if we try to regard its influence on taste and quality in merchandise and design production. For not only does Greninja attempt to reveal the trait common to all watchers of the anime or players of the game- a tendency to identify themselves with any or multiple notable characters of the anime, game, etc. (beyond the player’s protagonist, of course), or with the portrait of humanity portrayed in a rationalistic or fantastical treatise- but they are also addicted to the practice of confounding that which is ideal, comfortable, and pleasant to themselves with that which is necessary and true. Thus in the autistic player or watcher, there is a doublefold tendency to be able to tolerate or to even applaud blatant hypocrisy, speciousness, superficiality, and / or cant.

For, on the one hand, they must view truth and achievement hedonistically, and, on the other hand, they must feel deep discomfort, either when they find themselves unable, through their false idealization of themselves, their motives, and the latter two in regards to the Pokémon or character that they must project themselves towards, in order to identify themselves with the deep, intellectual, meaningful, and, ultimately, contrary portrayal of a certain hero or heroine (The Marowak during the trainer battle before the Kanto Elite Four in the anime, for instance), or, when they find themselves reading of human nature, or worldly phenomena, which is based upon their idealized reading of themselves and their own specific environment, affronted and sent to the hull by a picture of humanity which shatters their rose-tinted view.

23. Greninja as a Transient and Unrooted Vegetable

If we regard this to Greninja, and see its relation to the modern, popular, and mostly unfortunate demands of the healthy and most commonly wealthy men and girls, which are spoilt by foolish fads and contemporary prejudices, not helped by Game Freak’s mentality of catering to these superficial demands to propagate sales and support rather than to elevate their taste and their capacity for wise judgement, that misguide them in this paramountly important criticism of the partner and companion with whom they are confronted by.

It is then that we can observe that the only real means of making this vapid personality a figure of note and of inspiration to those viewers and their massive proportion of children, is to provide the same measures applied to the perhaps equally superficial and flat character of Ash, that is, to provide the creature with numerous artificial and forced environments of tension, of battle, and of strife, engaging with a variety of equally weak typed or weak willed rivals upon an inconsistent terrain of various climes, each differing only by the manner in which it may provide an effectual display of lights, tricks, and destruction. By doing this, Greninja, the rootless and jellyfish-like essence of wavering in the wind, being swept away by a torrential downpour, or perhaps following the crowd upon their cheap, mindless, and “unanimous” decisions, can provide a landslide of various light shows and magic tricks upon this muddy and continually shifting ground of clime.

24. Transforming the Battleground into a Pageant

Just like a bourgeois member of the leisure class displays his gift of wealth, or of acquiring it, through gaudy displays of pretentious and materially rare treasures, each designed to captivate only those friends who lack the taste to discern the actual relationship or meaning of it as a symbol of capital rather than as a representation of beauty and noble pride, Greninja utilizes his gifts of combat and of stealth to create ostentatious and displays of color, of size, and of conspicuous, misguided power, found with the butterfly wings of water, the colossal shuriken of fire, breakneck speeds, and the novel frozen shurikens as ice skates.

Such knacks can only be good at trying to substitute the mastery of form and art of a beautifully planned and executed attack, or a silent and humble, yet cunning and clever shadow strike, by replacing it with mere size and flash. There are causes enough in all conscience, which are at work to-day, compassing the doom of the modern child’s intelligence and taste, but this principle of the omnipotence of size and what brings awe alone is surely the most potent of all. Such extravagant displays of offensive capacity can only ever tickle the fancy of its spectators, but never the sense of beauty, of actual practicality, of intellect, nor of the passion, the feeling of witnessing an almighty and exceptional being within their midst.

25. Absurdity of Greninja's Flamboyance in Regard to History

The best of the ancients, the best Taiko generals, even the most humble ninja clans would have laughed at the entirely materialistic notion that the mere scope and weight behind a tactic or an assault, or a judgment, was sufficient to consider - nay, execute that measure, policy or judgment in regard to intellectual, leadership, political, or individual decisions.

But to-day, with absolute sincerity and influence, with unagitatable calm and conviction, they leave may leave the moral judgments of the best and the most capable of leadership and deep thought, their intellectual discoveries, philosophies, and conclusions, their hard thought out plans and policies to take care of us and them, and all we do is to weigh objects, find their height by tape measure, or render it in a photometer to discover its luminosity and brightness.

26. The Mindless Haste of Greninja

With a note on speed in particular, it may be said that bustle and hurry to nowhere, to nothing, was arrested neither by Greninja nor Ash. On the contrary, frantic, hectic, and sublimely meaningless haste became the order of the battle. Ash nor Greninja never halted to think or to plan; they only just followed the shortest road to the main chance of victory. Prophetic views, views concerning the consequences of the charge and the future of the battle, began to yield before the immediate and extant concern about the quickest trick, the most opportune ruse, wherewith Greninja could outwit or oust its rival. As the season progressed, Greninja’s motion became more rapid; the very increase of motion began to be looked upon as a “superior means of battle and of overwhelming the opponent” and to deny this was commensurate to confessing oneself as indolent or imprudent.

Every one today, as reflection of this depraved notion, supposes that what they are doing is always and essentially “doing more” because they can move through common and meagre tasks at a more rapid pace than through sober meditation and intellectual connections and ordering of these plans. Whereas it would be far closer the truth to say that we accomplish less and with less success, because our nervous energy and vitality are being critically crippled by the rush and whirl of ceaseless uninstinctual motion.

27. Significant Decisions Made by Mere Pounds of Meat

Everybody who supported Greninja and its influence applauded, everybody got drunk and senseless with the mere sensation of speed — until nothing became too stupid, too preposterous, too brazen or too insane for the game makers or anime writers of Pokémon to think or to do. Hedonism of intellect and artistry, blatant and unscrupulous, was left as the refuge of the designers — and to the consumers.

The scales can descend to the left or to the right, the larger number of bodies or weight shouting "sure" have it — and the wisdom even of an Alakazam is cast carelessly on the hay stack. An Arceus, or Mew themselves could not contend or argue with any hope of success with this absolutely materialistic method of differentiating desire from disgust in doctrine and policy by the measure of a butcher's scales; but think of the debasing effect of the method upon those whose bodies, tasks, tactics, or unique thoughts only are weighed and whose judgment is then ignored, whose capacity for judgment is then ignored!

Think of the bottomless stupidity of the laughter of the Greninja, Charizard, or Lucario supporters when their meagre "arm-in-arm-together" opposition can outweigh the profound utterances of a practiced, tried and true, discriminating and, above all, tasteful thinker! What respect can they have for Arceus or man, for traditions or ponderance, for beauty or real and benevolent power, when this weighing of meat, this literal reckoning and sacred heeding of the size, number, weight, and / or quantity of mere carcasses, of lumens, of bones, flesh, photons, and blood, becomes the one and only criterion, the definitive and inequivocable test of superior prophesizing, planning, devising, selecting, rejecting, and executing!

28. A Sobering Hypothetical Situation

Imagine such a Greninja as Ash’s, with all of its talents, personality quirks, experiences, education, and relationships miraculously being transported to traditional Japan to a secluded and humble, yet happy, gleeful, and prosperous ninja village, attempting to enter their clan with the horribly misguided notion that mere size, mere scope, mere power, without refinement, wit, or deliberation, can win their reclusive and independent hearts to include him into their community, their customs, and their common goal, outlook, philosophy, mentality, allies, and enemies, tries to form one of his offensive lightshows upon the commons where the elder and sage leaders of the village may witness and judge it.

Not only would these aged, experienced, and wise ancients be baffled by the conception that such a wasteful, inefficient, and mindless attack could ever disable or kill any target of the group, but they would be utterly enraged at the absurdity of the spectacle. A firework display in the midst of gruella warfare, no less of the ninja’s talent and domain? An elephant to cross upon the aged wooden bridge, or to sneak across the side of a shadow shrouded temple? A giraffe to accompany one within the Maki-do Caves? And above all, the prospect of converting the more imprintable, and the more easily influenced children or students of the village to attempt to train and master this tasteless endeavor in battle or in thievery?

Rubbish! All of it nonsensical rubbish! No more sensual or less dangerous than granting the clumsy or crippled invalid the privilege of executing the group committed theft, the child of planning out the tactics for executing such a feat, or the narcissistic, self-invested capitalist of taking control of the laws and tone of the village!

29. The Passion and the Reproach of the Ancients

Such a brazen and detrimental attempt of policy must be exiled- no! it must be destroyed! And the wise and dominant patriarchs of the village, fully aware of the decay and decadence that could come of such a mindset, orders that the frog be carried away and imprisoned by the strongest leaders, and in the town center, be mutilated, humiliated, and ultimately executed, if only to make an example of the undesirability of such a wretched creature! They would demand that all come to see the spectacle, hand each towns men their wooden rods and shoes to have a go at beating, condemning, and spitting on the foreigner, the inter-herd ninja.

Greninja will have very little say or direction in the matter- his independence is emaciated from the cloying compliments and coddling compassion of Ash, and his capacity for moves are only relegated to his leader by means of body synchronization- that he, a child, to say the least, must direct Greninja’s body by himself in order to allow for these powerful attacks and tactics, never mind Ash, or any teacher as a matter of fact, trying to educate Greninja normally or even by the doctrine of experience. And his attacks, as enumerated above, have little more than flamboyant flare or heat when put up against the cunning and deceitful instinct of the true and traditional ninja. As a rule, no brute, no matter how well equipped, can deal with the man, or the team, who can devise, plan, and order his actions and attacks to their own prey.

30. A Seemingly Barbarous Punishment Justified

Is this execution barbarous by any reasonable standard? Absolutely not! Why? Because Greninja had sinned against a divine and uniting precept. Those leaders of the flourishing village, had taught independently that most valuable attack is the one that is cast in the shadows, growing in form and simplified in task, until it is ready to step into the light, if only for even a fraction of a second, to complete its mission. This, then, was a law of the village’s success in itself. To flout the wise bidding and desire of prosperity in life is, as I have said in the early part of this discussion, rank and rancid blasphemy. And blasphemy of that sort deserves death even more than homicide does, because it brings immanent jeopardy not only the life of one man, or one village, but the life of a whole nation, a whole culture.

You may argue that the Ash riddled Greninja was ignorant of the specific customs and manners of this aloof village, and had different manners, methods, and customs in its own home and team. But this only makes the matter far worse; for it means that instead of being only a single isolated dangerous, histrionic, and blaspheming barbarian, it must hail from a land, a species, and a culture teeming with such blaspheming barbarians, otherwise they would have learnt, or have had it developed hereditarily within them, that fundamental principle of prosperity and success at home. The sooner the lone such dangerous creature was killed, therefore, the better for the village, the clan, and its happiness.

31. The Necessary Disposal of the Culture Distorting Greninja

The Japanese burden-bearer and ninja was accustomed to live in a village, a country, and a culture where some true rulership and spirituality was rife; he, therefore, felt justified in enforcing and utilizing that principle of flourishing and fulfilled life which reads, in a nutshell "Respect the shadows". The Greninja, on the other hand, came from a world and was raised by a teacher where creating the most immediately awe striking and histrionic exhibit, no matter how ridiculous it was practically or in concept, went hand in hand with brutal victory for them in battle, in dialect, in climbing the ladder. The entirety of the species of Greninja were, ergo, dangerous; the blood of millions of noble and patriotic warrior Pokémon lead or influenced by their mentality and innate tactics was likely already on his species’ hands before they touched that ninja village, and it would be only right that the lone Greninja should be slaughtered like the blasphemer it was.

32. The Dire Consequence of Accepting This Behavior

Historical fact shows that the possible degeneration of this characteristic and uniting means of benevolent and dedicated leadership is prominent in every great country that has ever graced the face of the Earth, with Japan being no exception. If we watch the rise and fall of the noble and aristocratic Fujiwara family in Japan during the Heian Jidai (Epoch) (from the end of the 8th to the middle of the 12th centuries), we find that their decline, at the close of this sprawling and once prosperous epoch, was due to the fact that, at the acme of their power and greatness, they had foolishly allowed their defense of tenure of power to any foreign or incompatible visitor or influence independent of all qualifications or means to exercise it, with the consequence that, after a number of generations, during which they admittedly produced many geniuses, they, and the villagers whom they had granted the culture of the nation by means of tone setting, demonstration, and legislature had ultimately ceased to possess any proper qualifications whatever.

In this way, when their privileges were challenged and eventually usurped by the rising military and sacerdotal clans of the outer provinces, they were as powerless to defend them as the former ancient patriarchal families had been to defend their own besotted ground, at the time when the Fujiwara themselves had been the warriors, the conquerors, and the usurpers.

33. The Way of the Warrior

These military clans, however, whose highest caste were the of the bushi or samurai, certainly did not follow the demonstration of their predecessors in power, in so far as individual training and cooperative discipline was concerned. On the contrary, as a strict hierarchy of warriors, their mutual supervision and punishing influence was of the severest degree. We are told that a Japanese Shinto classic of the 17th century was able to lay down as an axiom that "it is impossible for an evil-hearted man to retain possession of a famous sword," and in every respect the Bushi-Do, in other words, the way of the warrior, was by all means and qualifications a way which was, by definition, the very reverse of smooth and easy-going in any element, clime, or period of life.

Truth and the most relentless and restricted self-control seem to have been expected from all who claimed the ownership and privilege of the bushi's or samurai's sword, and these virtues were practiced with such persistence and steadfastness, that they gradually became the characteristics of unity and culture for the whole nation.

Captain F. Brinkley, speaking of the bushi's and samurai's domestic morality, in his excellent and thoughtful, “Japan, Its History, Art, and Literature”, observes: "This doctrine of truthfulness, for the sake of the matter and spirit of uncompromising manliness, social order, and permanence of strength and principle, permeated society thoroughly throughout. In the 17th century, the promise to pay back a debt took the form not of the threatening of foreclosure of property, but of a contract that failure to pay would be to essentially forfeit the debtor's title of manhood. To this extent are a body of leaders and their followers able, if they choose, to establish an ideal, and a lofty, utile, and beneficial course of conduct for a whole people!

34. The Bushi Eager for any Task or Pain

Captain Brinkley than moves on to point out, “The Bushi was essentially a stoic. He made self-control the ideal of his existence, and practiced the courageous endurance of suffering so thoroughly that he could without hesitation inflict on his own body pain of the severest description”.

Do I really need to point out how far removed this proud and prosperous percept is from the current unmanly, weak, and decadent anime culture present in today’s diseased and contagious Japan? Can Greninja, the Pokémon with such a meagre defense in anime and in gameplay be able to step up to this necessary step to becoming a defender and conqueror at heart, akin the fragile constitution of the human being?

35. Greninja’s Most Notable Feature as Its Ultimate Absurdity

When faced with this percept alone in regards to the aspects of Greninja as a character, we have already noted the levity displayed by means of its ostentaneous displays and its unnecessarily flamboyant acrobatics while in fierce and dire combat, but what about the body of Greninja? As most Greninja fans have witnessed through faart and / or by mere deduction of principles, Greninja’s unwieldy tongue has a principle weakness- this sensation. Who knows how many horrid tastes, odors, and spoilt diseases has graced this wicked tongue through mere contact with the wilderness, combatants, or, the most crippling of all, by enemy trickery?

This giant tongue, once again flashy and ostentaneous in display like any other element of Greninja’s combat moves, can truly represent a primary function of how body and mind are ever connected in ever lofty and meaningful regard. With what ability can a Greninja round the corner when it insists upon keeping its wavering and listless tongue out by unrelinquishable instinct, to be swept by the wind into enemy sights, to be unable to fit within the tight confines of a blind spot of guards, to not be an obstruction to the equilibrium and precision of the creature in silent movement, or to be used as a paralyzer by any rational and aggressive opponent?

Even Greninja’s largest advocates draw out this fatal flaw- through means of “humor”- to have the wily, sneaky, deceitful, silent, and calculating creator be thwarted by the hot sauce, the mud puddle, the icy pole, or the urine puddle of an opposing Pokémon, a malicious member of one’s own species, a mere villager, or even the basic element of the forest. By this means, it is impossible for the Pokémon to have any of its mastery or possible talent be displayed when its own instinct for historicism prevents him from receding in its most colorful spot, its most distinct and notice attracting feature, its most vulnerable spot, and essentially, its marketability.

36. Can Greninja Become a Bushi?

Only by means of an internal faculty or experience can a Greninja, by means of the Bushi-do, learn to seek and embrace pain so that they may tolerate it to the utmost degree, and continue barraging at the twisted confusion of the opposing warrior, who has given his all and to no avail. Perhaps Greninja has learned to deny its taste buds the sensation of good food and drink by dulling its senses, or by practicing consistently using a menus akin to poison tolerance to allow it to become numb and dull in sensation. But this does not do anything to help any of the other weaknesses, and in fact, the odd sensation of the numbness of the tongue would only magnify the trouble of dealing with these other issues. And how can we really suggest that they have taken this measure considering the obstruction of any instances of either possibility within the anime, or the continued permutation of this one-trick pony of a joke?

And is it not ironic that they would cast the scarf, the part whose significant feature was to conceal the thoughts, emotions, and plans of the ninja by hiding the facial features, and thus body language, of the ninja, becomes not only the most distinct and noticeable part of the Greninja, but also its most sensitive part to external stimuli, and especially in regard to body language and instinctual spasms, doomed to give away the cover of any frog doomed to be in the presence of someone with at least the watchfulness of a drunk bodyguard?

37. The Shielding of Greninja’s Ugliness by an Ugly Feature

Even if the designers try to remove the tongue for a brief respite of consistency with the ninja mentality, they would have to deal with the grotesque, chummy, and desolate expanse of skin, flesh, and height that encompasses the ugly and unsightly portion of the Pokémon’s neck, mouth, and lower jaw, with somehow less grace, sympathy, or pleasantness than a standard frog or toad. Perhaps this is the only feat of artistry committed, in trying to hide this sickly feature from sight and mind- albeit a mediocre one nevertheless.

I am only too eager to display and enumerate for you all how the concept of a “beautiful spirit” or of “what’s on the inside that counts” or a “soul that redeems the spirit” is ultimately probably the most pretentious, stupid, perfunctory, dogmatic, ignoble, and above all, destructive “maxim” to have ever reared its ugly head upon the face of humanity ever since the petty, glib and depraved Socrates uttered it to hide his grotesque face under a metaphysical and “spiritual” cloud of sleight. To be brief, I will quote one of Herbert Spencer’s essays where he wisely stated "the saying that beauty is but skin deep, is but a skin-deep saying". Perhaps I will elaborate on this in greater detail at a later time.

The only solution, then, is to ignore the absurdity altogether.

38. Connecting the Gaudiness of Greninja’s Body and Soul

Thus, by means of connecting this brazen histrionic display of conspicuous flare in conjunction with Greninja’s other facial and bodily facets meant solely for attraction and ticking the uncultured fancy, we can begin to realize that the, to quote my earlier presentation:

”[Greninja bears] errant head triangles and misdirected eye-stalks embracing each other as if to gain strength upon each other’s lack of independence, its flat nubbed toes and fingers grooved and striped to spread out like a fan, its 2D elements juxtaposed directly to the 3D model and its clash of blue, white-yellow (which reminds me of a pale anemic of Puritan times), and red displaying a nervous, neurotic, and hyperactive yet subdued image trying desperately to thrust itself at you, its wart bubbles jetting out at variance with one another(At least the shiny form of this creature mitigates this somewhat with its uniform darkness, a clear copout from an actual arrangement of color that may actually please the eye, but Greninja is a Pokémon for hiding, not letting itself be seen, so perhaps no matter to the design could be justified had Game Freak not let its image define nearly aspect of the Pokémon and its relation to the fanbase), and its groin/tail spike with the narrow and reed-like shins struggling against the crushing pressure of the inutile and obstructive thighs bearing the blatant symbolism of its ninja inspiration (as if they had to make it obvious that the actual design alone could not clearly convey this presentation) and the unbalanced and unwieldy feat of asymmetry; all these strive for individual effect, individual attention, and individual value, with a restlessness and an importunacy which knows no limits; until your eyes, bewildered and dazzled by the jutting, projecting and budding details, and startled by surprise, instinctively drop at last, and perhaps close in a paroxysm of despair, before the importune starter.”
39. Getting Away with Poor Design by Consumer Tastelessness

And this style, by connection to the displays mentioned above, essentially indict the miserable creature into having every harmonious element of the body and mind be comprised of this horrid passion for display, for show, for attention- the three elements incompatible with any physical or spiritual feature of the humble and noble ninja! Thus, any attempt by any fan of Greninja to try and excuse its discordant and muddled mess of a figure with its personality, or by doing the converse by trying to compensate for its incompatibly flamboyant, inefficacious, and ultimately harmful personality with its looks, is merely a shallow attempt to try and cover up a single portion of the mess by attaching an equally representative portion to the front of the creature, followed by a vain and futile attempt to try and ignore the ultimate relationship between the two traits.

Fans will reply: "But surely a Pokémon and its designer is entitled to use anything that comes to hand or mind in order to entertain his audience — even the most absurd thoughts of the most wicked men!"

Perhaps so! But then do not let us speak of Greninja as the "redemption of Pokémon", the "Number One", the "proof of karmatic and immanent justice within the universe", as many recently have done. To be blinded to this extent by material and popular success and by the fact that a Pokémon’s name has, for the last three years, been constantly in the headlines of our media and our video game press, may be typical of modernity and of bourgeois decadence, but it is hardly reasonable or sane.

40. The Dusk of Greninja’s Influence

De mortuis nil nisi bonum! This can surely only apply to character, which, in Greninja’s case, had few admirable aspects. For one thing, excepting its implied advocacy of a reformed direction for design and personality, it hardly ever left the straight paths outlined for him by its Pokémon or cultures of inspiration. It mixed them up discordantly, as his amalgamation of Sceptile, Samurott, and Serperior, it never innovated beyond them as many more vain artists or corporate executives well versed in rationalism might have done.

The sentiment expressed in this hackneyed and high-falutin’ Latin tag, however, does not forbid a discerning, inspecting, and lucid attempt at estimating the value of a Pokémon and its influence upon the consumers. And, as to this influence of Greninja’s, let it be said once more, if it lives beyond the Sixth Generation at all, it will do so more as a profound milestone in the history of merchandising than as an artistic opus, timeless, perpetual, universal, and perpetually and eternally precious.

Moreover, there is little doubt that he laid a firm foundation for the form of Pokémon creation and inspiration, which is preponderating stage-driven rather than doctrinally intellectual and merely profound or psychological. But just as the critics of Gen IV did an ill-service to their age to its good and meaningful Pokémon as well as to those it exorbitantly praised, by immoderately glorifying such Pokémon as Lucario, Weavile, etc., so the critics of our present generation, who, in their idolatry of success per se, exalt Greninja to the stature of Ampharos, Mewtwo, and Tyranitar, are doing not only their future Pokémon designs, but also contemporary art, philosophy, thought, and taste — not to mention even Greninja itself — a grave misdeed.

41. Moderating the Effervesce

Lastly, I need hardly say that I heartily disapprove of the notion that exalting a mediocre being or design will be beneficial to anyone, even itself. For there is absolutely no need for Greninja to rise above mediocrity. There is nothing disreputable in mediocrity per se, for mediocrity simply wants to be preserved against its own errors and mistakes in taste and judgement; it does not want to rise above itself — the idea is romantic and absurd! All it requires is to have its lack of proper design and character be supplemented from higher and superior Pokémon.

Thus, although in the forceful and shifting waves of the present rapid river of Greninja as a Pokémon and a mascot, this may seem much rather like a dam, it is hoped that some readers at least will appreciate the fact that when the torrent of enthusiasm become so wild as to threaten to redirect itself toward every one's houses and foundations, it may not be too otiose to attempt to calm down the current, even if the attempt may appear to like an effort to cut it off and drain it entirely.

Epode- 42. A Poem From a House’s Lawn

I shall conclude this discourse with a final poem that characterizes the perhaps ideal method of such a creation, as well as the absurdity of the actual product-


A toad the power mower caught,
Chewed and clipped of a leg, with a hobbling hop has got
To the garden verge, and sanctuaried him
Under the cineraria leaves, in the shade
Of the ashen and heartshaped leaves, in a dim,
Low, and a final glade.

The rare original heartsblood goes,
Spends in the earthen hide, in the folds and wizenings, flows
In the gutters of the banked and staring eyes. He lies
As still as if he would return to stone,
And soundlessly attending, dies
Toward some deep monotone,

Toward misted and ebullient seas
And cooling shores, toward lost Amphibia's emperies.
Day dwindles, drowning and at length is gone
In the wide and antique eyes, which still appear
To watch, across the castrate lawn,
The haggard daylight steer.

-Richard Wilbur

Once again, I give my sincerest thanks to all those who have read even partially into what I have to say. Even a single change of heart is enough to justify my effort.

A friendly and nonmilitant note to the mods of Kiwi Farms: If you find that the content of my discourses somehow infringes on the rules of Kiwi Farms, then please send me a warning before deleting posts, and I will be happy to delete and reevaluate any points or pictures that breaks these rules before posting more. The last thing I want for this board if for it to descend into the anarchy it was prior to becoming Kiwi Farms)

Like before, I invite everyone who shares a deep, profound, and intellectual hatred for Greninja in any manner to share with me your additional contentions so that I may add them to this document. While you are at it, post pictures of Greninja being degraded into the destructive and tasteless creature it always was. The degradation of Froakie and Frogadier is also permitted, but keep in mind that they are not essential to the theme of this thread.

To those supporters of Greninja, either give me serious and intellectual refutations of this interpretation, or else go back to your anime hugbox. “Haters gonna hate” is only a pulpit for your indifference to the world, its capacity for achieving desirable things and its glories that result from it.
Any OC of any kind, by drawings or text similar to mine, is always welcome.

I will not try to force this thread anymore, but I will let it spontaneously grow or perish as necessary, for only a change within the people of Kiwi Farms can enact a lasting and meaningful opinion.

Preface 1.- On the Making of This Particular Discourse

Before I begin to, once again, make my dash for modern culture, society, and the mentality of the business, the crowd, and their relationship to each other, like I have done in my prior critiques, I must begin with some preliminary facts, ideas, concepts, and considerations in order for every subsequent detail to have context and be comprehendible. That way, if anyone has any objections that can already be explained due to the content that they did not read in this, or any previous or following sections, then it will be easy to tell them, and it will only be their lack of contextual reading that has provided for their indignant murmuring. Otherwise, I will consider any objections for my next volume.

This particular volume was constructed by three all-nighters and a host of books both in my personal collection and those that I could only find on the internet, ranging from Greek classical texts to modern day studies publish a week prior, from a variety of genres ranging from philosophy, anatomy, physiology, psychology, physiognomy, psychoanalysis, and so on. Many external distractions coupled with multiple lapses of concentration on my part was the reason for the relative delay of this work. Primarily, however, when I set out to write this work, regarding the undesirability of the female Greninja as a mate and a companion, I was unaware of the scope I would have to spread myself out to in order to fully demonstrate and explain my thoughts on the subject, causing a single work to spawn into three sub topics, each of which I am currently incubating.

I apologize if the content presented here is not what I wholly promised before- that will come later. However, this present content will make your understanding and appreciation of the themes to come far more lucid and sensible, so patience is key. Many of the themes here will deal only subsequently with the female Greninja, and will include elements from both genders.

Prelude 2.- Frogs as a Positive Symbol in Egyptian Mythology

Whether we appeal to local folklore, to the proverbs of the nations of antiquity, or to the earliest legends that mankind has born from his mind and breast, we invariably encounter in the traditional animism, spirituality, and symbolism of humanity judgments and prejudices upon the frog which are more or less unanimous in representing it as a symbol of transition, metamorphosis, return, and, the most common of all, to fertility. In Ancient Egypt, beginning with the Early Dynastic Period (3150 BC – 2686 BC), and owing to their culture built around and wholly dedicated to flourishing life and its multiplication, the frog appears as a benevolent and auspicious symbol of reproduction.

This connection was so prominent, that the wise and observant mythmakers throughout the history of Egypt went so far as to characterize the water goddess Heket, or Heqit, either as a woman with the head of a frog, an anthropomorphic frog, or a frog in itself (Egyptian scribes would sometimes represent her role of fertility by depicting her atop an erect phallus, squatting upon it like a throne to her natural and masterful calling).

Midwife goddess Heqit ruled conception and birth, and from times before the unification of Egypt up to the suicide of Cleopatra, Egyptian women, during childbirth, would wear metal amulets in the shape and form of Heqit upon a lotus, in hopes of enlisting her good favor. She was the one who breathed life into the newborn body of Horus, and is thus depicted with not just birth, but resurrection, not to a faraway and eternal paradise, but back to the rich, fertile, and merry lands of ancient Egypt, whom the mythmakers deemed no world better than it, their own prideful homeland.

Prelude 3.- Frogs as a Symbol of Fertility and Growth

The reasons for capturing the animal in this very flattering symbol lied die to the fact that frogs appeared in great numbers each year at the flooding of the Nile, an event which was absolutely crucial to agriculture in that it provided water and irrigation for many distant fields, thus further propagating life for the contented Egyptians, and allowing them to extend their influence, their grasp, and their glory far beyond the delta and into the open desert itself. Frogs thrived in millions upon millions within the muddy bogs left by the receding waters after the annual inundation of the Nile, bringing crops and rich soil to otherwise desolate fields and empty landscapes.

Frogs at this time were so prominent to the Egyptians, that the frog eventually became a symbol for the number hefnu, which, depending on whether it was used for an economic function or an artistic function, meant either 100,000 or simply "an innumerable number." It is certainly the frogs' impressive fertility in conjunction with their symbolism with pure and flowing water, each a factor important for all forms of life and society that has led the Egyptians to see them as such potent and positive symbols as to exalt them to the status of gods and fortune-bringers.

Prelude 4.- The Frog in Asia as a Feminine Symbol

This is represented again thousands of miles and thousands of years away in the shrouded mountains and fields of ancient China, which saw the toad as an entirely female force, a negative "yin" in direct contrast to the positive "yang", which was a masculine symbol. The moon was the ultimate symbol of yin, and so many Chinese tales refer to the female bullfrog, Jin Chan, transformed into a frog for attempting to steal the Peaches of Immortality, and whose face is apparently visible at the full moon. The concept of the auspicious moon frog would repeat itself in the Japanese mythological character called the Gamma Sennin, or the Kosensei.

Prelude 5.- The Female Frog as the Universe in Mesoamerica

If we delve farther into time and space, we can see this representation once again repeated in a land, era, and culture completely foreign to either of the two civilizations previously explored, with the Incas of Peru and the Aztecs of Mesoamerica, each who possessed a goddess bearing the complete form of a frog, appears in a squatting position in order to give birth to the new world, as dead souls passed through her mouth to the netherworld. In one legend, Tlaltecuhti, the goddess frog of the Aztec mythology, is the source of the entire universe, when Quetzalcoatl tore her in half, splitting her body into heaven and Earth.

Prelude 6.- The Linkage of Frogs and Females to Sex

What is constant to each? Regardless to where we go in these traditional, and for the most part, long past, yet flourishing, influential, jolly, powerful, and, in legacy, permanent cultures, comes the essence of ancient wisdom with regard to the preservation of a valuable type, by means of exalting both woman and frog. And why did these ancient wish to exalt these two organisms to divine representations of life and prosperity?

Because of their gratitude for them. Because of their consciousness of their peculiar virtues. And what are these virtues, in detail? It is their circumnavigation, their nullifying, their cheating and usurping of death out of its conquest and its attempted control and destruction of Life, by the only means that any organic lifeform may continue to live when its individual species are doomed to Death’s dark and silencing embrace- by their virtues in regard to Sex.

Prelude 7.- Frogs as the Warriors of Life

By being the fullest propagators of sex, its primary superintendents, supervisors, bodyguards, and executors, they are essentially warriors against Death, the most noble, relentless, cunning, experienced, and insurmountable heroes and champions with their highest notions and functions, down to their very constitution, bound by nature herself to ward off the endless siege against Life from the torrent of Death’s very own lackeys, disease, morbidity, and degeneracy.

By this association, any person, idea, or religion that is in itself wholly and entirely against Sex, woman, and, to a symbolic degree, frogs, can thus only, by deductive logic, be a champion of Death, aiding it in its crusade against us mortal beings and our fleeting passions. With women and frogs, in their natural and instinctual state, being the ambassadors of reproduction, they must be a proponent to joyous and committed Life, and thus to the ancients of Egypt, were among the same terms and significance to their very order as nutritious food and drink, jubilant song and dance, benevolent and authoritative government, and, above all, national beauty.

Their natural lust, appetite, desire, motherhood, self-control of passions and love stand in itself as the most powerful weapons against ugliness, illness, mistreatment of the body, non-platonic without the intention or means to reproduce, excess which sacrifices the necessities of every other function of the body and soul for the sake of an addictive and hog-like greediness or lack of willpower, pretentiousness, and of sterility and impotence.

Prelude 8.- The Contrary Thought: Iniquity of Woman in Antiquity

But the ancients had another conception of woman, a direct and deliberate contrast to her innate function towards Life- one where her bad temper, her disloyalty, her dishonesty, her vanity, her malice and her indolence began to manifest. To begin, In the Law Book of Manu, Book IX, which represents the Aryan Hindu opinion regarding the character of women, says without fear or even consideration of blatancy:

“When creating them, Manu allotted to woman their affinity for the bed, their seat of ornament, their impure desires, wroth, dishonesty, malice and bad conduct. Through their passion for men, through their mutable temper, through their natural heartlessness, they become disloyal to their husbands, however carefully they may be guarded in this world. Knowing their disposition, which the Lord of creatures laid in them at the creation, to be such, (even) man must strenuously exert himself to guard them.”

Prelude 9.- The Prejudices and Observations of Europe and Arabia

Moving forward in time, the very attitude of the common people towards witchcraft, after the Protestant Reformation, points to a curious popular readiness to believe in the evil and undesirable influences of the female; for the fact that elderly women and not elderly men were particularly the suspected party in the persecutions against supposed cases of black magic, is significant, even if we deny the ruling and the truthfulness of the charges that were brought by Puritans, peasants, and Parliamentary Nonconformists alike against these unfortunate wretches. In cultures completely distant and different from the West, that of Classical and Hebrew religion, each possess a particular myth in which woman, in her entirety of manifestation, is specifically identified, blamed, and condemned with the introduction of evil on earth.

With Pandora and Eve, each the first woman created by the gods, and thus the very representation of woman at that time, came the end of an age of prosperity, glory, comfort, and beauty respective to their corresponding worlds. It cannot be merely a coincidence that in these oldest of human myths from the sagest cultures and legacies there is this indispensable connation between woman and evil.

Even with a culture lasting into the present lies the opinion of the Arabs and Muslims of today, which has denied woman a soul, notorious to the present opinion of Modern America and Europe today.

Prelude 10.- The Literary and Scientific Opinion

This view was even consolidated by Classical, Victorian, and Continental culture and schools of thought. From the 17th century to the 20th century, Novelists Jean de la Bruyere, Emile Zola, and Honore de Balzac, with Philosophers Otto Weininger, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, and even playwrights Moliere and William Shakespeare, believed that woman’s innate libelous and deceitful nature was imbedded in their constitution and blood, drawing these malicious traits to her physical and emotional weakness, her periods, her modesty, to the lust, pettiness, and slyness necessary to claim ascendancy over man, and to her duties of pregnancy and motherhood.

Prelude 11.- Frogs as Wicked Tools of Necromancers

And what revaluation followed this contrast? The very frog, when cast to aspects beyond that of reproduction and fertility, shows a similar and equally contrasting opinion held by those in power by virtue of their traditional wisdom.

The general public understanding of Mayan, Inca, Olmec, and Aztec cultures, along with many lesser tribes in that region, held that frogs were the purveyors of poison or of powerful drugs, which can heal or induce hallucinations by means of compounds found in the skin of some native species that are both poisonous and hallucinogenic. Many deceitful doctors and even murders used these frogs as a means of making poisons, while some priests used these frogs as hallucinogenic drugs for religious rituals.

Within the Classical culture of Greece and Rome, the great Pliny the Elder viewed frogs and toads as evil creatures whose blood was a potent poison and imputed many strange powers to frogs: a frog’s presence will silence a room full of people; a small bone from a frog's right side will keep water from boiling; while a bone from the left side of the frog will repel the attack of dogs. He goes further to talk of the “Toad Stone”, which, by means of cracking open a frog or toad’s skull and drilling into its brain, all while the poor creature was still alive, and driving the mystical stone from there, which could then be placed on a neckless, ring, or an amulet. One could find that this mythical stone could ward off poison by its change in color in the presence of it, and then act as an antidote by touching the stone to the poisoned area. Even the grand playwright Shakespeare and fantasy writer Cabell alluded to this in their own works.

Prelude 12.- Frogs and Woman in the Same Boat

From here, it would only make sense that the two symbols, each deemed by the myth makers as devious, dubious, and ominous as the other, would be eventually lumped together as it was in Medieval and Reformation era Europe.

Within Puritan England and British America especially, Toads and frogs were commonly seen as evil spirits, who accompanied witches and would assist them in their malevolent designs and deeds. In the annals of the witch trials at St. Osyth, in England, 1582, Ursula Kempe's younger son testified that one of her four daemons, a black toad by the name of Pigin, had once caused an illness in another young boy. Toads and frogs were also commonly used as poisonous ingredients in potions. It was said in the 15th to the 17th centuries that "the women-witches of ancient time which killed by poysoning, did much use toads in their confections." Male witches were also purported to use toads for their poisonous magic.

It appears that no matter what dogma we turn to, what period we ponder upon, or soil we visit, we seem to find, at its core, the same concepts of both good and evil regarding both the humble frog and the majestic woman. This will form the baseline, and the main ideas to keep in mind throughout the course of this dialogue.

Prelude 13.- My Outline for this Criticism

The object of this current discourse, and the ones that may sooner or later follow it, bears three aspects to introduce and review: in the first place to show the necessary traits, concerns, instincts, and actions necessary for a woman to be able to practice, prepare for, and commit duties that will bring her the greatest and most authentic satisfaction and contentment to herself, her family, and society, while condemning those that wither obstruct these necessary steps, or outright distort woman’s needs and constraints to apply her to areas where she can only end up as unhealthy, indignant, false, and miserable.

Prelude 14.- My Perspective on the Female Greninja

Secondly, I wish to reveal the female Greninja (fancy seeing this for the first time here!) as a careless piece of muddled art (in both the initial designers as well as fan interpretations, for what the fans interpret from the initial designs bears just as much weight as the original design itself, by virtue of both it being a common image of the common perception of the type of creature when adapted to a female or sexual role, and by means of the fan design or interpretation becoming the key or characteristic representation of the design itself, a “head canon” as most people here would choose to call it) whose most engaging characteristics to those who only consider their own sighted appearances and superficially ignorant ideas and understanding of said appearances, are but the outcome of the least vital qualities (regarding both aesthetic values and personality values, but these are all but linked together, as I have mentioned briefly in the past discourse, and am eager to present in this current volume) within her, but also as a poor model or mold for others to follow, in whom these seemingly most engaging characteristics themselves can only become disturbing and undesirable when she is exposed to the masses in her social and masculine form.

Thirdly and lastly, I wish to showcase why this presented mold is just as dangerous to those who wish to, rather than adopt her character traits, to try and find her as an ideal mate or partner, whether for brief intercourse or, even worse, a lifetime marriage.

Prelude 15.- My Intentions for this Dissertation

It has been my endeavor to defend the vital and healthy state of woman against certain commercial and well-founded designs and molds, by showing that the very traits in her character which have given rise to these charges form so necessary and fundamental a part of her own vital equipment that it would be harsh and dangerous to her people and to her nation to even slightly modify or to alter them.

Thus, despite the honest fact that there is much in this discourse that may possibly strike the reader as unfriendly and harsh, if not even antagonistic, I am aware of no other rant, work, or discourse in which such a rounded out and lengthy demand, regarding the needs of today, has been made in the destruction of contemporary false and romantic ideals of today’s whole character of what is considered to be an ideal mate, whether of male or female, whether of on the street or in bed, including the very side of it which the wisest of mankind, and the oldest traditions of mankind, have unanimously and consistently deprecated. It is through this that I use Greninja as a model for this foolish change in the demands of woman, by both those in power and by those in the cottage.

Prelude 16.- The Greninja as a Sickly, Abnormal, and Undesirable Woman

To be brief, my thesis boils down this, that, whether we contemplate a Greninja in the role of a Joan of Arc, of the deceiving ninja, of the subtle and refined Bushi, of the noble and aristocratic Samurai, or of the creature whose femininity has been the boon of men all ages; or whether we contemplate her as the staunchest and most brazen of lovers, or as the most loyal and reliable of allies, or as the loving mother whose noble and integral devotion to her offspring will drive her to any form or any extreme of danger in defense of them, we are always confronted by a creature whose best can, on complete analysis and synthesis, be shown to be only the outcome of her most unhealthy and most mediocre qualities, turned to fame by misappropriation and a lack of deep thought regarding human nature; and whose best is but the tired and forced expression of her fractured endowments.

Prelude 17.- The Combined Lack of Passion or Restraint

Seeing, however, that among the best environments which cause the female Greninja’s worst to appear to others as her best, I find it dangerous to exalt her, and to those who support find her features and character to be attractive and desirable, to a plane on which all her more ugly, more perturbing, and more dangerous yet slippery characteristics are whittled down to a desire or perusal of mere docility and compassion.

To those who their love and generosity towards a woman depends upon so absurd, confusing, and disgusting an idealization and romanticism of her nature as to enable them to entirely overlook or deny the innate "wickedness" in her, which is at once her most profound and greatest vital behavior, provided it be directed exclusively at reproductive matters and not with social matters, as the female Greninja seems to confute and swap without sense, will find very little to sustain them in this love throughout the present posts.

And, if in this age of "Safety first," they fancy that it is practical to create, idealize, and to love only those female Greninja from whom all "danger" has been removed, they will find that I have endeavored to demonstrate to them the extreme peril even of this plausible ideal.

18.- The Ill Standards of Beauty of those who Desire Greninja as a Mate

Let me begin this lengthy discussion by talking about beauty and ugliness in general and basic terms. It is now incumbent upon me, without yet attempting to differentiate between male and female beauty, to amplify, along scientific, historic and philosophical lines, the ideas, forms, and concepts that are so frequently and undoubtedly connected with human ugliness, by enumerating and elucidating those characteristics of a human face, feature, or figure, which make desirability and beauty impossible.

Because the audience of those who find Greninja cute, harmoniously designed, healthy, or even beautiful, is exclusively human, I have took it upon myself to compile a list of facial, bodily, and constitutional traits unequivocally abnormal to the human condition, and I hope that by pointing out these deviations from authentic and harmonious beauty and the health and fullness of life it represents to a normally developed and hereditarily sound human being, I can lead those whose constitutions and mind are not already wrecked or botched beyond repair to reconsider the aspects of beauty as I begin to point them out in regards to the condition of the Greninja.
Some of these aspects may very well be given the benefit of the doubt and assumed to be normal and healthy in regard to this fantastical species (I will fain point out the ones that are still morbid to the body and its functions, even to a supposed magical creature), but seeing as we are regarding what is desirable in features to human fans, whether out of mere passing comment or full out humping the pillow (or plush, perhaps!) lust, so it is still necessary to point out. Neither will I represent conditions or features that are only aesthetically unpleasing, for I have already discussed those in detail during my first discourse.

19.- The Ill Health Implied By Greninja’s Ugliness and Formlessness

You may question why I also include the negative health effects that are associated with each of the physical conditions I will enumerate below, for, with valid reason, one will suggest that because they are a unique species separate from both man and frog, even their conditions which deviate from both the normal and healthy morphology of both man and frog, which thus represents a healthy species whose parts and connections need not relate to human physiognomy and physiology in order to be healthy and beautiful.

We must understand the designers’ principle intentions towards creating this beast, which was presumably to attempt to mesh together a well constructed and carefully chosen collective of salts from both the physical features of the man and the frog into the solvent of the Sugimori and general Pokémon art style and character, in order that a homogenous and meridian solution of man and frog can be adequately formed, when, in reality, the fact that there are inherent differences in the aesthetic direction, the function, the soul or will it corresponds to, and the relation and dependency on each other of organs and parts, internal and external, is of profound significance when it is recalled that it involves the inevitable consequence that any aesthetic and personality related crossings in this manner can lead to serious disharmony.

But over 140 years ago, Herbert Spencer, in his Principles of Biology, had already explicitly stated before that “The offspring or outcome of two organisms, concepts, or art / beauty not identical in constitution, form, or details, by means of even careful selection is, and will always be, a heterogeneous mixture of the two, and not a homogeneous mean between them."

20.- Greninja’s Disharmony as Representative of Bad Character

150 years ago Darwin, in his THE VARIATION OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS UNDER DOMESTICATION, called attention to the fact and given many instances of it; his conclusion being that "With hybrids of body (and by extension, hybrids of thought and art) it frequently or even generally happens that one part of the body resembles more or less closely one parent and another part the other parent. Since his time, there has been abundant independent confirmation of this finding, as shown by Talbot, Kretschmer, Lavater, Davenport, Crew, Mjoen, and Lungborg, in their various works.

Essentially, a creature of such characteristics, even with the acme of traits from either species, can seldom expect to have even a fraction of either aspect of beauty, talent, or aptitude, let alone have an exceptional degree of each. Briefly stated, the consequence in question results from a curious freak of the mechanisms of heredity or art direction, depending on what you prefer to engage.

This occurs by which offspring inherit their bodily organs and parts, their external features, colors, juxtapositions, and shapes, not as one working outfit patterned on the constitution of either parent model, but as a haphazard omnium-gatherum of organs, parts, colors, and shapes passed down independently from either source. Thus even different parts of the same feature, such as the nose, may be contributed independently by either parent, so that one or two parts come from the father and the remainder from the mother. (It is this fact that explains the puzzling phenomenon so often seen of a host of ugly creations or works of art being born to disparate figures of art style, each of which is good looking in a different way- in their own way.

21.- Results of Organ and Aesthetic Incompatibility

Even with nature, whose flexible and adaptable organisms by design may have the ability to loosely hold together even the most unfavorable conjunctions of incompatible parts and features, and will continue life and movement to the degree that they may be considered “functional” in its most skeletal meaning, the functioning of these magnetically and disparately assorted parts will still function irregularly and improperly, and however faint or acute the consequences of these parts may be, are always the inevitable result; and no matter how heroically and perseveringly the body attempt to struggle and wrestle with its difficulties, some untoward effects in the form of obscure malaise, unpaired function or even actual disease, must occur and, of course, increase in gravity as age adds its share to the agencies causing the morbidity.

Ponder upon a creature with a frog’s heart fitted to a human’s body, and you will see what I mean by this. The relatively tiny heart, with its miniscule yet rapid and determined pumps, no matter how hard it may work, cannot even hope to deliver the necessary rate of blood to the gargantuan body without it going blue and collapsing in a heap no less than a moment after birth.

As I said above, there is much flexibility within the design of organisms, and with the design of any artist, such as a Pokémon designer, there is far more control. But even with this control, if the parts are innately incompatible, and will not fit together in a properly aesthetic or character pleasing manner, no matter what the permutation, than they will still cease to appear functional or sightly as soon as the first pencil lines are connected. This is one of the first things I elucidated in my first discourse.

22.- A More Sobering Example

Likewise, if we consider the amount of passion, desire, and power needed in the emotions, intellect, and instinct of a human in order to enjoy the company of another, to have sexual dominance and mastery over another human being, to fundamentally enjoy the moment of coitus as both the highest physical pleasure with the creation of a spiritual bond to boot, to enjoy sex rather than have it be another lifeless, disappointing, and mechanical function like many of our present societal standards and constraints have reduced our human functions down to, an inner fire is needed, a warm blooded and emotionally vivid instinct is needed.

For fire alone allows for the most alluring combinations and creations to be made achievable. Replace the exuberance of a human by reducing the fire in their blood and their soul, with the cold blooded, formulaic, and straight faced instinct and blood of a frog, and the very act of love and romance becomes somewhat of a trivial, bothersome affair. The procreation of frogs is accomplished without any embrace, without any grasp of the male and female essence: frogs are cold-blooded.

23.- Connecting Poor Beauty Standards to Decay

Now, if we turn to the function of happy, healthy, strong, smart, exuberant, beautiful, and prospering life, that is, to sex, if modern people, crowds, masses, and consumers find the admirable in that which is mixed together from disparate and incompatible traits without cohesion or a clear direction that Greninja shows in its formless shape, its thoughtless collage of colors, parts, and shapes, and its confused, indecisive, and split minded personality, if they find lust or prowess within the gaudy and instantaneous displays which Greninja must display even if only to intimidate the most feeble Weedle, if they find a model for their own condition and ideas that amount from the disorder that arises from Greninja’s hopeless jumble of character and limbs, if they find the need to raise up and demand that Greninja deserves the influence over unconscious ideals and tastes today, and that Game Freak dare form more Pokémon in its style— if these sentiments seem innate and inevitable within the very constitution of mankind today, it is entirely and provably due to these values.

24.- The Christian Roots of Ugliness and Besottedness

These values were inspected, garnered, purveyed, and deployed to the masses by Christianity, and by ambitiously garnering most of the nadirs- that of health, worth, and benefit- of wisdom to be found in ancient word. Christianity represents decay of the human condition, and do not be surprised if you may find a strong kinship to them today even if you strongly protest the alleged stupidity of those trailer park hillbillies in the South of the United States. In fact, I would suggest that all of modern America and Europe lies subtly and unconsciously closer to these values than any redneck would ever be willing to conform to.

And what came before Christianity to endow its saints, priests, and missionaries with the ludicrous and sentimental products of superficial and conceited “philosophy” – that of the propagated and unconsciously accepted theories of Dualism, the Immortality of the Soul, the superiority of the Soul over the Body, and the Soul's Independence of the Body?

25.- Hellenism’s Role in the Formation of Christian Ideals

Many scholars have traced insignificant vestiges of this within the earliest societies and their tribal animist creeds, but it was not until the supposed “golden age”- merely a layer of gold foil to disguise the decaying, decadent, and bourgeoisie art and culture of ancient Greece that these four positions, were fully outlined.

This philosophy began to take its root through the word of Xenophanes, and then Socrates, who was its main and essential cultivator, and then to Plato, who was its middleman, each having to uproot and deformalize the original mental soil that came before it, which had been planted ever since the inception of the Greek culture, and even to its ultimate end, continued to bear the brightest and most nutritious fruit for Grecian society to flourish from.

This essential philosophy and maxim was kαλὸς kἀγαθός, or Kalos kagathos, or “good looking, therefore good”, essentially, to value man as a complete entity, and not to value him by separate parts presumed independent of any connection or influence from any other part of the being. We can see the wisest men of their day, such as historian Herodotus and philosopher Aristotle (who still clung to the belief in his Nicomachean Ethics and Eudemian Ethics, despite popular pressure and even the teachings of his mentor Plato and his influence, Socrates, guiding him in the contrary, revolutionary direction)

26.- Socrates as Master Manipulator

However, the manipulative and sly mind of Socrates, based on the recorded dialogues of Plato assure every Greek that passed him in the agora that there was no effectual connation between an organism’s visible and invisible aspects, with Alcibiades, his male prostitute friend, mentioning that Socrates loathed any person with a semblance of beauty, him mentioning to the jury at his trial that he taught others to prize the soul above the body, and even while in jail declaring that we must be patient of any aesthetic or bodily defect, and that to love a man or woman for his / her soul is to love them for who they are (whatever that represents), with it all cumulating into the teachings of Plato and Xenophon, his dedicated scholars.

Gradually bodily defects were made respectable, disease were a special means of fame and notice. Any visible aspect, any body or physical element, became tinged and tainted with the stigma of the wicked and the corrupted, and any invisible aspect was the only meaningful and desirable part of a creature. Any sound biological or artistic attitude towards any man, woman, creature, or opus was made despicable and impossible to implant in the minds of those who followed this dogma.

Socrates’ dialogues were later noted by Christianity, before being praised and demanded in every corner and detail of it, bringing along the whole of the modern world with it.

27.- The Unconscious Christian Prejudices of Modernity

Any diseased, ugly, botched, or muddled creature could appear as desirable if one preached of its inner and “hidden” and true self, sanctifying the specious and deceptive pleas, commands, and thoughts of any wretched toad or poser that may have the gall to do so. To the world, beauty became only “skin deep”, and gently and softly creeped its way into the decisions and impulses, both automatic and intellectual, of any figure born and / or raised in this decadent Christian manner.

Thus today, any guy or gal from any class, race, or nationality, in response to any criticism towards any ugly, manic, stupid, exceptional, or weak willed person can only exclaim with indignance, “What did they do?” "They can’t help it!" “How is it their fault”, or the dreaded, incredulous, and bigoted retort common to all unconscious and conscious Christians in body and soul, “What did they ever do to you?”

Going from these statements, a person can help being a liar, a cheat, a prostitute, a murderer, a criminal, or a murderer. But they cannot help being a degenerate. Because we can pin their undesirable influence on others and society to their own actions in themselves, we cannot discriminate against them- to treat them as they should be treated for the better function and happiness of their peers, their nation, and even themselves, by the increased productivity and higher quality rules and products that may result from it.

28.- Greninja as a Sign and Propagator of these Corrupted Ideals

A purely moral valuation promotes Greninja just as Greninja promotes a purely moral valuation. They each, hand in hand, promote incompatibility, disease, and ugliness, all disguised as complexity, vigor, and beauty under the taste of today. For, in assessing the desirability to follow a certain model, the modern person is prepared to forgive stigmata which are nobody's fault, and ably forgets that in soft-heartedly forgiving that standard, he or she is cruelly foisting an undesirable parent on his or her offspring. And we all know that when one gazes into the abyss, the abyss gazes back- that if one finds Greninja a pleasant or noble character, that he or she cannot help but wrangle with their own character, valuations, and tastes- consciously or unconsciously- in order to fully conform to their experience set to their model’s character, whether it be a full-fledged aim to reach or merely the comfortable sides of a distant friendship.

Add to this the Christian notion and practice of pity, which is quite indiscriminate and makes people react with love and charity to all who suffer, irrespective and ignorant of their value to life and posterity, and you have a combination of evils which makes a complete degeneracy in taste, and thereby form and mind, a prophetic certainty. In any relation, Christian pity is a sentimental self-indulgence, but in defining taste, it is a criminal self-indulgence.

29.- Greninja as an Object of Pity

I do not mean to simply imply that pity should be suppressed altogether as an emotion or an instinct. It simply means that it should be controlled, utilized, and taught in a manner far different from the manner in which Christianity has hitherto preached it it. It should not be indiscriminate and uncontrolled. It should not be turned chiefly towards aesthetic, physical and organic garbage. Lastly, it should not be self-indulgent. In a nutshell, the quality of pity should be measured according to the value to humanity, life, and posterity of the creature pitied.

No honest and dedicated nature preserver would bother to care a single knock of the "rights" of invasive species, or whether they can help being invasive species. The same plight may go out to the farmer or gardener with bugs, weeds, and other pests which stop the growth of the plants that they are dependent or ennobled to. They pity the nobler plants in its struggle against the ignoble, and refuses to sacrifice the parasites, the impractical, and the unsightly plants to the latter plants.

30.- The Foolish and Conceited “Morality” of Today

Every penny paid, every eulogy spoke, every blogpost written, every design created and forced upon the world that enforces the upkeep of artistic, bodily, spiritual, and human rubbish is, and can only be, a sacrifice of the greater for the sake of the worse, and if any creator of desirable things decide that they must, in order to conform to the economic and social demands placed upon them by this invisible hand of Christian and Socratic sentiments, as an artist: redirect their subject of their work, their art style, or cease working altogether; as a teacher: to switch their teaching to conform to the common curriculum and remove all that may be offensive and out of reach to those who are lesser in aptitude; Or as a mother or father, to follow the same lessons taught by the moralist or the agitator, or to even curtail their family to meet the national disbursement for tasteless and besotted “people”, we plainly kill the best to save the worst.

But this cannot be the case, because we cannot bring ourselves to follow such hateful words? And why? For human beings are involved? Numbskull! Thus only human consequences can arise!

31.- Greninja as a Fantastical Attempt to Display Christian Ideals

When Chestnaught told his Greninja mate, which, by the implication of his own words, knew that she was ugly, knew that she was undesirable, and knew that every moment with her, no matter how pleasant the situation or the environment, must be spent in a constant inner struggle not get fed up with and reveal his natural disdain for her besotted face that he must face directly every time he were to dance, to sit face to face at a restaurant, to kiss, and to watch over as it is shrouded in the bridal gown at the steps of the wedding stage, that she “was still beautiful on the inside”, was he raving?

For it seems only fair to his case to presume that he was could not have been serious. Did he mistake his erotic vividness for some sort of mental fortitude or straightness? But enough for Chestnaught’s muddled head and his pathetic plight regarding his method of dealing with his feminine rubbish. I will perhaps talk about this little scene in greater detail at another time.

32.- A Sickly and Powerless Female as Undesirable

Nobody can deny that this is happening in today’s over-Christianized global culture, of both the East and the West. But at least we must free the concept of what is ideal in a figure, a mate, and a companion, from these artificially created and conditioned Christian reflexes, bred in the fetid atmosphere of Greece, Rome, Japan, and Europe for perhaps the last two thousand or so years.

To the man, uncontrolled Christian pity is in itself a peculiarly potent danger, because it often grants an extra boost to his instinctual lust to protect and succor the female. By this means, it may, and sadly, it often does, make the meek, small, frail, delicate, and sickly female appear more alluring, because she makes a heightened appeal to male strength (Hence the appeal of Katawa Shoujo and a particular doujin involving a Greninja and a Swampert. It also, in subsidiarity, covers the loli-mania present here on this imageboard and perhaps all of modern NEET Japan!).

To the female, uncontrolled Christian pity is also dangerous, because it may, and often does, stimulate her innate and internal maternal instincts, and delude her into supposing that the increase in emotion thus generated is really an increase in love.

33.- How the Body is Conjoined to the Soul, to Personality and Health

And this leads me to my next declaration: A soul distinct from body is as unreal as a body distinct from soul.

(A quick note: I took great inspiration in utilizing Leibnitz’s philosophy and general outlook on the Absolute in regard to these next few paragraphs, especially his Monadology- which a few wags on this website took the liberty of comparing the length of my first dissertation towards Greninja to it- his Discourse on the Metaphysics, and his Correspondence with Arnauld, each of which I must recommend wholly)

Let us now look at the facts accurately. From the standpoint of physical science any conscious reaction mainly depends on a variety of conditions, more and more has been revealed from those of physiological and psychological research since the 18th century gradually, and will continue to do today. Primarily, it is to be on a variety of seemingly extremely certain physical and chemical conditions, as a combined "normal" internal environment. From a physical and chemical point of the development and maintenance of normal environment is completely incomprehensible.

34.- The Anatomy of Man as Indicator

Secondly, it depends on other nervous influences conveyed to and from all parts of the body and its environment, in particular from different parts of the brain itself, including parts where the traces of system memory are stored. Therefore, we cannot locate a conscious nervous reaction in one place. All sorts of other reactions in different parts of the brain and its external environment are inseparably fused with each conscious reaction that we strive to follow, observe, record, and hypothesize about. But this merger is carried out in a manner that embodies the maintenance and continuity of personal interest, including our relations with the past and the anticipated events. Ordinary physical ideas lead us to a mere uncoordinated fusion of countless events, but with no conception whatever of how these events are the certain active pattern that we are familiar as those of us in a coordinated environment, both spatial and temporal, of what is of central interest to us.

Finally, when we see what can be meant by the consciousness as an event, or
As a series of events occurring in the nervous tissue of the brain, we are led to Kant's conclusion that in the world we perceived as the known world, each distinguishable element is constituted by its relations to other elements, so that to speak of perception as something occurring in some particular part of it and at some particular time, is without meaning. To the world of perception, there is no outer limits either in time or space, since space and time are only relations within the world of perception itself. It may seem obvious to us at first, as if in perceiving anything, we perceive only the here and now, but in reality, we are also aware of what is around us, both in space and time.

35.- What is Personality?

It is not that physical description of conscious behavior is unsatisfactory up to a certain point, but it is totally inadequate that we need furnish any precise description of the features of conscious behavior as a whole. We cannot describe separate events or other Elements in our conscious experience, but we can describe the events in its essential Relation to a so together another one actively maintained whole education
Personality over both temporal and spatial relationships.

The elements in this are all connected to one another, so that the whole is expressed in each element. The Elements and beyond embody interests and values that are actively maintained; and is not a mere intellectual perception that they embody. They embody what relates to will, and what is called “personality” in a single word.

36.- What is Body and Soul?

What is a body? A body is a part of the physical world, a part of nature, and is thus no more than appearance, but a mental construct. The materials, of which it is made, are inseparably implicated with sensation and feeling, and deduced from phenomenological thinking, with many constructions and processes escaping our own observance despite still impacting our organism. By this meaning, the soul must then clearly be no more self-subsistent than the body. It is, by this side as well, a purely and entirely phenomenal existence, an appearance incomplete and inconsistent, and with virtually no will or power to properly and sustainably maintain itself as an independent “thing in itself”.

The soul is a finite core of immediate experience, a group of psychical events particular to its host body, that does not consider or even gaze upon the content in which it is exposed to, for our memories are constantly and relentlessly changing by result of forgetting and of changes in perspective that affect our view of the past, much like how interpretations of history fluctuate between values and its points of focus as time passes, even within a single nation or historian. Despite it being prone to these changes, it may still remain constant and familiar for a long period.

It must divide what is the self between what is not the self, thus the soul of a man is not what he thinks of; and yet he is the man he is, because of what he thinks of. One may hold a certain philosophy, system of morals, or system of logic, and not have it be a part of his / her soul, but it still has a great effect on the order and variation of its manifestation. Thus, the true fact is fact, only so far as it is ideal.

37.- The Self as Unconstant

The self can never correspond to true fact, to true reality, and our only means of improving our own relationship to the body and the soul is through fixing their interpretive meaning. As a result of this, I must deduce that if both the body and the soul are phenomenal entities, and that a soul is only constructed by means of psychical events- which cannot be inherently bonded in continuity, nor can it create any primary instincts or proclivities- and our present temporal and special relationship to them, then the soul cannot possibly independent of the body.

By its phenomenal nature, it must be merely an additional, metaphysical feature of the body, just as confused as the body is in regards to our current interpretation of it.

38.- Introduction to Physiognomy

If we can move to a more concrete example of these conclusions in play, let us consider the average man, probably you as well, and the mindset in which he may picture a person to fit whenever he hears of a specific kind of personality or behavior. To him, the devil is usually slim and has a thin beard growing on a narrow chin, while the fat devil has a strain of good-natured stupidity. The schemer has a hunchback and mild cough. The Old Witch shows a withered hawk-like face. From where there is brightness and cheerfulness, we see the fat knight Falstaff red nosed and with decadent foods surrounding him and in his stomach. The farmer woman with a good knowledge of human nature is perceived by the mind’s eye as undersized, roundish and standing with her arms turned outwards. Saints look unusually lanky, long-legged, of penetrating vision, pale and pious.

In short, the virtuous and the devil must have a pointed nose, while the comic must have a fat one. What allows us to say all that? Initially only so much: It may be the phenomena which the imagination of people have crystallized in the tradition of centuries of objective documents from folk psychology, records from the observation of humanity, perhaps all of which are worth a glance, even from the eyes of the experimenter.

39.- Pokémon Designers Conscious of Physiognomy

Even to the designers of Pokémon and to many of the people of this board, they can observe the innate facial features and bodily stances to infer the character of a Pokémon. Pokémon with naturally large, gaping mouths, like Exploud and Gyarados will find that they have a very abrasive, aggressive personality. Pokémon with large eyes proportionate to their bodies that tend to remain open, i.e. Smoochum, Poliwag, or Helioptile, imply a youthful, innocent character, while a Pokémon bearing that quality in conjunction to also having a particular arrangement of details and features- or lack thereof- that draw the eyes towards the entire face itself rather than singular parts of it or other features of the torso, limbs, etc., i.e. Jigglypuff or Snivy, signifies a deceptive character whose tricky and / or snide deeds lie within the false assumptions an amateur trainer may devise about their exclusive attention to the face.

In fact, the colorations, specific aesthetic features, arrangements of parts, and the very material that Pokémon are made of can altogether be a very consistent and accurate means of deciphering its type, with that in turn often signifying its character.

40.- Where Does Beauty Represent Character?

Now, it can be said with greater certainty that if any besotted figure attempts to seek out a mate with aesthetic features reminiscent of his favorite ninja Pokémon, then they will not only be seeking out a woman of ugly features, but also a woman of ill health, poor character, and a soul, or “what’s on the inside”-whatever that means to anyone who foolishly follows this sentimental prejudice- that is equally disgusting and repulsive as their outer beauty is.

To begin with, it may be regarded as an invariable and constant rule that no matter how regular the features may be to any humanoid or anthropomorphic creature, beauty and health cannot reside where there is any semblance of brutality or baseness — for lack of a better word — in the modelling or design of the face, for any manifestation of frugal scrimping on the part of Nature, so that the eyes seem to have only just enough depth, only just enough pupil, or hue, the mouth only just enough brightness or richness, the nose only just enough definition, to make a recognizable organic countenance. Such an organic countenance will always appear incomplete, trampy, sketchy, and unimportant, and it must be applied universally that an incomplete and unimportant result cannot be beautiful.

Secondly, it may generally be inferred that any face or body in which one principal feature alone, such as the mouth, or ears, or nose, or mouth, or limbs, or digits, is ugly, can never be a beautiful body, no matter how appealing or glorious the rest of it may be. In these cases — and, unfortunately, they form the majority of the so-called good-looking Pokémon in our haphazardly constructed and painted Pokedexes of today — a disappointing approximation to genuine and healthy beauty is achieved, which is all the more depressing and disillusioning for its abominable failure to reach an admirable and model standard of unity and harmony, namely, aesthetic achievement.

41.- Incompatibility as Sure Sign of Poor Constitution

Thirdly, it may be taken for granted that any marked lack of proper proportions regarding bodily features or limbs, or what is called “dysplasia”, makes a mask or body appear grotesque, badly grown, and in fact, ugly.

Fourthmost, it should be known that any abnormality, whether of the head or limbs or torso, conflicts with beauty and health.

Lastly, it should be known that any marked and profound departure from a standard of the species or of a hereditary stock, whether it be of height, or girth, or merely muscular formation, makes beauty an impossible attainment. I shall now elaborate these points by detailed illustration, the anon being requested to bear in mind that all the following characteristics are destructive of beauty and, therefore, require utmost suspicion if one must find these features in any potential companion, intimate or otherwise.

Let us begin.

42.- Noses: Noses Too Large

The Chinese have a proverb which says, "Gaze at a man's nose to know what he may be, at his mouth to know what he is." Like a sign-post, the nose stands on the map of the face, where it is the indicator primarily of will power and force. Such characteristics as wit, refinement, intellectual capacity, reserve, curiosity, love of luxury, suspicion, cruelty, are all denoted by the shape and size of the nose.

Greninja bears a nose / snout very much too large for the rest of the face. In line with Lavater’s method of thought, a nose of this type denotes a vain talkative person, a liar, and one of hard fortune. Its length, measured from the beginning to the end of the curve, far exceeds that of its forehead, indicating a lack of will and innate determination. Either side of it bends off from each other in incongruence and at an oddly shaped angle in regards to one another, suggesting an inability to reason. The point of the nose is far too sharp and angular to be aesthetically pleasing, and suggests a lack of refinement and self-control.

Here, however, the size must be such as definitely large and peculiarly shaped enough to suggest caricature; for we only have to remember the old and very sound French physiognomical proverb, that a large nose never spoils a fine face, basically meaning that in a mask that is already harmonious and fine, a large nose is not a great disfigurement. However, this is a proverb that applies far more regularly to men than to women, as a large nose, in conjunction to the rest of the face of the former seem to be able to remain wholly good-looking with noses of a size which would mar a woman's mask.

43.- Noses: Nostrils Abnormal and Destructive

In addition, according to sexual scientist and psychologist Havelock Ellis, bearing a nose or a snout abnormally large in proportion to the rest of the face (by measure of the beginning and the end of its curve, as well as how far out it may extend), bears association with abnormally shrunken external sex organs and genitals in females, a belief known well and prepared for in ancient Rome.

In addition, In accordance to ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle and Dr. Magnus Hirschfield, “When the nostrils are close and thin, they denote a man to have but little testicles and phallus, and to be very desirous of the enjoyment of women, but modest in his conversation.” – A feature that can only be indicative of Greninja’s slit nostrils.

Noses with such an appearance are a horrible feature, and will impart a villainous expression and a morbid constitution to even the otherwise finest face and best blood.

44.- Chins and Jaws: Prognathism

“Thus from the forehead to the chin we've shown
How mankind's inclinations may be known;
From which th' observing reader must find
We're more to evil than to good inclin'd”
- Aristotle, On the Judgement of Physiognomy

Greninja possesses, relative to the position of the mouth to the upper jaw and the frontal section of the face, an undue and unfortunately sever case of Maxillary Prognathism. This is a particularly disturbing extrusion of the upper jaw, so that the upper jaw projects in a manner which makes the mandible disappear into the neck, allowing the upper jaw to project in a way that gives the face a brutal, almost ape-like expression.

This will look terrifying if accompanied by the Greninja’s nose, which protrudes far from the depth of the forehead and is depressed at the root; and if, furthermore, there is a formation of teeth that does not allow for a proportionate covering of the typical mouth space standard in humans (impossible if we are to factor in the frog’s teeth, which by nature is short in size, and is normally confined to the area that humans may bear their inceptors with, the expression is wholly bestial.

This is a definite asymmetry, and an objectionable congenital defect.
Pronounced prognathism, renders it impossible to create a well-built and aesthetically pleasing prominent lower jaw, which requires strength, exercise, and arduous training and labor to develop in a normal healthy human being. Draper connects an unusually large protrusion of an upper jaw with a tendency to pernicious anæmia, and a wide angle at point of jaw with ulcer (gastric and duodenal), and a square or near right angled jaw with gall-bladder diseases.

45.- Chins and Jaws: Apophasis

In addition, Greninja also bears the "lemurian apophasis," a condition in which the angle of the jaw projects over its lower border. This gives the face a singularly brutal expression, and is known by correlation to be far more susceptible to gallbladder diseases and malfunctions than any other regular man.

This, in conjunction with the marked smallness of lower jaw, It can be associated with the asthenic schizophrenic type of character, which is often irritable, susceptible to any contagious disease, and is easily flustered, breaking down whenever it is in an environment that does not directly favor it. If we regard this to our previous observations with the nose, we can see that this information regarding the chin and the jaw is consistent, and only strengthens the current type we are developing.

Furthermore, we must consider the specific correlation and signal of the chin, that is, a person’s presence, or absence, of strength. A receding chin speaks the cold and dry- that is, smallness and fear- an overarching negativity towards life, its challenges, and its glories.

Pic related displays a Tongueless Greninja In comparison to a woman diagnosed with this variation of Apophasis, with both a receding chin and a small jaw.

46.- Heads: Indicating Greninja’s Proportionate Size

It can only be taken for granted that the normalcy and the measure of the head may be one of the most significant indicators of a person's inherited health, by means of both the attention merited naturally to the head by means of conversation and by eye contact, as well as by the very functions of the head and the organs it holds, bearing not only the sensory organs, our very gateway to the world, but also the central host of the nervous system, the brain, and the skull that protects it. It does not need any further explanation to how normal function of the brain is desired, and any morbid deviation should be met with extreme suspicion.

How can we measure the morbidity of the head humanoid Pokémon? If we are to continue to use standards surrounded around humans, both as a means of trying to discover the essential character of the bipedal frog by means of its body parts as they correspond the basic nature of any other creature of its form, whether it be ape or man, and to also try to compare the interest of love of a many perverted individuals on this board to an essential model whose features are far less hesitate and more indicative of proper health and constitution.

Because the meridian height of the Greninja is 4' 11", smaller than both the typical Japanese and American height of either female or male, we must gauge the size of the head as relative and proportionate to its own species, in order that we may find a proper ratio to compare each of the types.

47.- Heads: Macrocephaly

If we then use this size as an indicator of relative anthropomorphic health, we may come to the conclusion that Greninjas bear a uniform tendency towards Macrocephaly: a head far too large for its own body. This hereditary condition is usually accompanied by a generally defective development and growth of the osseous (skeletal) system, and it could possibly be a form of hydrocephaly (having water on the brain), which is plausible given Greninja's water typing.

This condition may also result from the inability of the dermal bones to fill their necessary space in the gaps of the chondrocranium at the proper period. In accordance with the general laws governing growth and development, having a deficiency in one place of an area is apt to result in an increase elsewhere in the same area.

48.- Heads: Chondocranial Dysfunction

The function of the dermal bones, whose chief purpose is to protect the brain from external harm, being later in development than their former armor-like function, is apt to be checked by poor health, intellect, and character in two ways in the first when the dermal bones and cartilage needed to suture the gaps in the skull between different plates and sections of the primary skull, or the chondrocranium, during the transition between childhood to adulthood, does not grow in size or sufficiently to unite with its fellows, or this growth may occur only for the benefit of health to the bone itself, through Herbert Spencer's law of individuation, so that a proper union with the other bones occurs far too early for the benefit of the organism as a whole.

Pic related is a picture of Greninja’s bodily proportions in comparison to that of an average man, with Greninja scaled so that its height from the top of its skull to its soles is equal to the height of the man, so that the differences in bodily proportions are made more evident. In between lies a proportional chart of a development from a baby to an adult human, made to demonstrate a comparison of Greninja’s macrocephaly to that of a babies, and as a severe anomaly to any man, monkey, or ape.

49.- Heads: Suture Malformation

To the factors underlying, this is due to the lack of an increase in cranial growth after puberty which occurs in the higher apes, and in some types of men. These checks also cater to the nutritional benefit of the older, more primary skull, whence result the many irregularities in development that constitutes so much of the stigmatic disgrace of the poorly formed cranium. The sutures, in some cases, do not form because sufficient gristle or stem cells are not produced to fill the gaps.

These subsidiary gaps are often filled or replaced by new dermal bones called Wormian bones. Sometimes this deficiency cohabitates with a premature synostosis elsewhere in the skull or the body. As Dr. Eugene Solomon Talbot’s notes in his physiological book, “Degeneracy: Its Causes, Signs, and Results”, “This type of skull, however, is usually associated with deep degeneracy… As a rule, this condition is found by idiots, and often renders them unteachable.”

50.- Heads: Platycephaly

o anyone who may point out that the morbidity of other Pokémon whose head size ratio far exceeds that of Greninja's must surely be akin can only be reminded that we refer specifically to anthropomorphic proportions, and that the head of many other species may be morbid in other ways.

Among its more severe and debilitating conditions is Platycephaly, which represents the extensive synostosis (union or fusion of osseous parts) of the temporal bones with the parietal, resulting ultimately in a flattened and wide head, and is often associated with neurotic behavior, epilepsy, idiocy, and other various personality and behavioral disorders when it is a condition caused exclusively by heredity, and not by environmental factors, which, in the case of Greninja, the latter cannot be stated logically as the cause due to the uniform shape of the head throughout its populace. Both of these conditions are equally undesirable and destructive of both health and beauty, each in regards to the anthromorph, and to the typical and best taste, discrimination, and judgement in regards to a man’s sense of beauty.

Pic related compares a Greninja’s head with and height to that of a Polish criminal, who bears Platycephaly, as well to that of a normal and functional human being.

51.- Heads: Absence of Forehead

“The form, height, arching, proportion, obliquity, and position of the skull, or bone of the forehead, show the propensity, degree of power, thought, and sensibility of man. The covering, or skin, of the forehead, its position, color, wrinkles, and tension, denote the passions and present state of the mind. The bones give the internal quantity, and their covering the application of power.”Aristotle, On the Judgement of Physiognomy

The shape of the forehead is formed by the frontal bone. This bone, which includes the whole region from the root of the nostrils to the temporal bones at the sides, and from the temporal bones to the center of the corona, consists of two parts.

Greninja, bearing such a prominent case of Platycephaly as mentioned above, lacks a forehead altogether, so there is little need, or even possibility for that matter, to attempt to decipher it, for there are no examples of human with such a natural born trait except for those hopelessly morbid and dysfunctional.

52.- Hair : Greninja’s Absence Of

Kretschmer declares in his Physique and Character that “A defective development of the pubes and hair under the armpits is rarely found among adults, and when it does occur it is always accompanied with serious disturbance of development in other respects in physiological and psychic quarters. It is therefore always to be considered as a dysplastic abnormality. The same is also true of a lasting and striking lack of development of hair on chin and upper lip, while the hair on the cheeks is very variable in the cases of perfectly well-developed men.

This is even true of the hair on the trunk, which varies among healthy men, from faint markings to what forms a covering for almost the entire surface… Visible hairiness of the legs belongs to the more constant characteristics, it is in any case less variable than the hairiness of the trunk. When, in adult age, it is absent or quite weak, one must attribute it to dysplastic abnormality.”
Essentially, Kretschmer, using his experiences in physiological cases and experiments, to conclude that a defective development of pubic or armpit hair is "always to be considered a dysplastic abnormality."

With Greninja, this condition must surely go without saying.

53.- Mouths and Teeth: Its Correspondance

Whatever is in the mind is communicated by the mouth. The very character of the mouth is full and detailed, whether at rest or speaking, by its infinite motions and manifestation sit my bear, and even in silence, it is eloquent. Whoever instinctually feels the worth of this significant facial feature, so different in form, movement, and function from every other organ or body part in the human organism, so inseparable, so simple, yet so various.

Any person who comes to learn, feel, and master this worth will speak and act with divine wisdom. As a general presentation of the abridged and still incomplete virtues of a sound mouth, it is the chief seat of wisdom and folly, power and debility, virtue and vice, beauty and deformity, of the human mind. It is the seat of all love, all hatred, all sincerity, all falsehood, all humility, all pride, all dissimulation, and all truth!

As Johann Gottfried Herder, in his Another Philosophy of History, states, "It’s from the mouth that the voice issues, interpreter of the heart and of the soul’s expression of feeling, of friendship, and of the purest enthusiasm. The upper lip translates the inclinations, the appetites, the disquietude of love; pride and passion contract it, cunning attenuates it; goodness of heart reflects it, debauchery enervates and debases it, love and the passions incarnate themselves there with an inexpressible charm."

54.- Mouths and Teeth: a Lack of Lips

According to Lavater, A lipless mouth, resembling a single drawn line, (as is with Greninja, a detail that contradicts the constitution of the frog) denotes coldness, industry, precision, housewifery; and if it be drawn upward at the two ends (Once again, as is with Greninja), affectation, pretension, vanity, and, which may ever be the production of cool vanity, malice. Bearing extremely small or nonexistent lips is a result of the hypotrophy of the adipose cellular tissue in the mouth, and the great atrophy of the orbicular muscle.

It has been proven by scientists like Kretschmer, Crew, Cattell, and Mjoen that his type nearly always coincides with a sort of barren and reluctant sensuality. This corresponds greatly to Greninja’s muddled personality and lack of manual, authentic motion beyond the puppetry of its environment and its trainer within the anime.

Even for frogs, this is an anomalous trait.

55.- Mouths and Teeth: Greninja’s Wide Mouth

It must also be said that a mouth is ugly and an omen of internal dissonance if it is too wide (as in at a neutral facial expression, that both corners of the mouth recede further behind the front of the head than the eyes do) or too far from the nose, when the upper lip is a sort of long curtain. Unless we are as sensual and hedonistic as some monkeys are, we think a mouth with too large a relative size of the circumference of the head is very ugly, which nearly always going with a prominent snout, or, to speak scientifically, with a prognathous face. It is supposed to be hereditary, and is a sign of arrested development of a part of a fetus during conception, which by rule will bear significant consequences and evil illnesses with other portions of the body as well

All in all, Greninja’s mouth is an irritable mouth, and is only justly concealed by its gargantuan tongue.

56.- Mouths and Teeth: Poor Dental Health

Moving on, nothing is more striking or continually visible regarding beauty and health and self-care than the characteristics of the teeth, and the manner in which they display themselves. Only when it opens, the teeth are of foremost importance to the face, to which they add a significant element of admiration or horror, of sympathy or repugnance. Placing bad teeth on even a Helen of Troy would render her a ghastly sight.

Conspicuously short and small teeth are certain signs of weakness and pusillanimity, a feature that is usually associated with so-called "gap-teeth" in which there are ugly gaps between the teeth. When the teeth are small, and very weak in being able to perform chewing, and especially if they are short and few in number, they will show the person to be of a weak constitution, and they, partially as a direct result of this, denote them to be of a meek disposition, faithful, honest, loyal, and secret in whatsoever he is entrusted with (once again corresponding to Greninja’s relationship to Ash in the anime). It is always the sign of early decay of the adult teeth before they have sprouted and taken the place of the baby teeth.

Crowded teeth are the outcome of disharmonies in inheritance of teeth and jaw from genetically disparate parents, and often are linked to or caused by the above issues with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. There may be malocclusion in all these cases and acute rheumatic fever may arise from it. It may also represent or correspond to the rise of prostate trouble, or even breast and uterus issues, based upon data which correlates this condition of the teeth with a far heightened probability of either of these conditions whether they are male or female. Science has yet to find the cause or root of both of these problems, and whether they are directly connected or merely joined at the root.

Pic related shows how Greninja’s teeth is a synthesis of abnormal conditions, all compared to normal and healthy teeth.

57.- Eyes: Proptosis and Goiter

The eye-balls of Greninja, by inference of its frontal portrait and the capacity for the eyes to be seen in the manner that they are angled, (This requires an understanding of perspective, and as much as the anime and the game likes to portray the eyes as flat, there are some notable positions or viewing angles where Greninja’s eyes can be seen at times when it would be impossible to see them had they not projected somewhat. Most episodes where Greninja is in battle will show this with a close look) comes the tendency for them to slightly, but surely and naturally project outwards, in a condition known as Proptosis, or Exophthalmos (pop-eyes). This may or may not be the sign of exophthalmic goiter, but is nevertheless very ugly.

Exophthalmic goiter is more common in women than in men. It seems to favor certain callings, particularly that of the menial worker or the school teacher, and it is rarely seen or diagnosed from birth to childhood to the exit of the teenage years, and it is associated with a type of woman who is volatile, lively and temperamental, and who, if the disease is not too far advanced, by which it has not yet made the sufferer appear ugly, is usually of a type distinctly attractive to the male. It may also represent a pancreas too miniscule for the body to handle, possibly resulting in type two diabetes.

At certain angles, such as when the camera is facing 10 to 30 degrees either to the left or the right of a frontal portrait, the eye-balls of a Greninja appear to sink into their orbital cavities, and lie hidden under the orbital arches, giving their owner a sickly or wild appearance.

58.- Eyes: Hypertelorism

The eyes of the Greninja are set very far apart, resulting in a condition known as hypertelorism. This is intolerably ugly and reminiscent of an embryonic fetus, a fish, or a deer, each an inferior species relative to hominids. This is often associated with pernicious anaemia and with sufferers from nephritis and hypertension. It is surely also a reversion, for in the fact that it represents the aesthetic of a lower species and is probably the most direct indicator of this principle of de-evolution, it may, as a result, correctly be classed as degenerate and undesirable. It may also associate itself with tuberculosis is select populations, and can be related to Rieger syndrome Turner syndrome Trisomy X Dysosteosclerosis, and many other mental defects. Even the closeness of the eyes such as that of a Jynx can never be quite as intolerably ugly as the above scruple.

The palpebral fissure (the space in between the tear duct of the eye and its adjacent corner, by necessity of its cold-blooded and amphibious roots, is about twice as small as its ratio should be in accordance to a typical, healthy human. This is hideous, and like the above trait, often regards itself to tuberculosis.

Pic related shows the angle of Greninja’s eyes compared to that of a normal person’s, and then shown with a human equivalent of the approximate angle.

59.- Eyes: The Outward Cast

Greninja, even when factoring in the extreme end angle at which its eyes are spaced from one another, it also has a slight squint outward, or outward cast, called Exotropia which, apparently without symptoms of vision problems, still gives the face a vague aspect, equine in resemblance, usually associated with a character who lacks the ability to concentrate, to be partial, and to be determined. In people who have not always had this affliction, its appearance indicates waning health. In people who have hitherto possessed an inward form of squint, the squint outward tends to appear at the time of impending death. Rarely do people ever notice it, and the average person does not pay attention to it, and often it cannot be viewed even when one is pointing to it.

Lastly, the eyelashes must be uniform and regular. Irregularly dispersed growth of eyelashes indicates a disease, especially scrofulitic inflammation of the eyes. This is not canon to the franchise, but is notorious among most artists who wish to depict a feminine Greninja, without the subtlety or mastery to depict it on the body, face, and limbs themselves.

60.- Hands and Nails: Our Understanding of Them

“The fingers are articulated and flexible levers which allow us to touch, to tickle, to press, to embrace, to possess, by multiplying sweet contacts and delicious sensations… In a caress one gives and receives at the same time. The hand which distributes love, as by a magnetic effusion, receives it in turn from the skin of the loved one. It is on this account that one of the most habitual and most voluptuous expressions of love consists in passing the hand through the hair. The hand finds, in this labyrinth of supple and living threads, an infinite multiplication of these amorous contacts. It seems that each hair is an electrical thread placing us in intimate connection with the senses, with the heart, and even with the thought of the one we love. It is not for nothing that the long tresses of women have been for all time a pledge of love, and that the bald bewail the loss of a whole province of the empire of pleasure.”- Paolo Mantegazza, Physiognomy and Expression

61:- Hands and Nails: Frog Hands Traced to Defects in Anthromorphs

Greninja hereditarily bears simple Syndactyly, a condition of webbed fingers, or fingers grown together, and is an obvious condition of Greninja, given its relationship to the frog. It is often associated with Apert Syndrome and may be linked to a deformation of other vital parts of the body, such as the face, the skull, the hands, the feet, and the limbs, caused due to a lack of selective cell death, or apoptosis, that allows for the digits to separate properly during growth as an embryo and a fetus. This may in turn correspond to a premature closure of the lambdoid, or any other, suture, causing to increase internal cranial pressure and mental exceptionalism, poor eyesight, and poor sleep.

Greninja also bears the syndrome of Oligodactyly, that is, a subrnumerary amount of fingers that are also a given by result of Greninja’s amphibious roots. In Greninja’s case, it is a tridactly regading its hands, and a didactyl at its feet. I fell that it bears repeating that the central focus of this list lies in what those who find Greninja attractive as a mate, that is, as substitution for the human reproductive instinct that primarily scouts out the most prefect human partner, in regard to their health, their beauty, and their character. The reason I list the symptoms is so that people may see the absurdity- nay, the destructiveness of a person who wishes to wed with a character with such features that can only correspond to ugliness and sickness in regards to a normal partner, to a human.

This congenital disorder lies within the central ray of the hand being affected, and usually appears with proximal deficiencies of nerves, vessels, tendons, muscles and bones in contrast to the radial and ulnar deficiencies. As a result of the disorder being linked to the gene 7q, the creature affected by it is most often affected also with sensourineural hearing loss, due to them being on the same corrupted gene.

62:- Hands and Nails: Inadequate Digits

The size of Greninja’s thumb in regard to its other digits (going by the assumption that Greninja bears such a thumb, by inferences deriving from its constant usage of Shurikens, grasping mats, and so on) is hideous and always a bad sign, particularly in a woman. People of no character or principles have these offensively large, and thus unwieldy thumbs. It is a regressive and therefore certainly a degenerate trait, because the moderately sized thumb is the essential feature which differentiates the human hand most completely from the ape's or the bonobo’s hand.

In addition, Greninja’s stumpy, dwarfed and bulbous fingertips, especially without any nails, are very ugly, and are generally associated with brutality and low-breeding, and commonly found among poor peasant stocks, and are prone to a nearly 60% chance of tuberculosis, physiological instability, and nervous unrest when attached to this condition.

63.- Skin: Mucous Skin Shows Disease

Mucous skin, as is a natural condition among frogs, is but a horrid condition in hominids. This seborrheic condition, apart from its general unsavoriness, indicates in its possessor a flabby, mucous-secreting gastro-intestinal tract, and an inability to resist the infections of mucous membranes of the throat and nose. The person exhibiting this condition is likely to be prone to chronic infection of the sinuses and lymphoid tissues and nodes, to pyorrhaea and gingivitis, to soft teeth and caries. Its respiratory tract is often of similar kind, its endocrine system is dysfunctional, and its nervous system lacks tone, as may be inferred from his circulation, behavior and habits.

It may also point to conditions such as asthenic phthisis or hyperplasia of the suprarenal cortex, or ovarian tumors. It is very ugly and usually indicates regression. Darwin mentions it as a sign of reversion. Kretschmer mentions it as among the flags of the schizophrenic, and MacAuliffe connects it with the hyperthyroid type.

64.- Limbs and Body: One of Greninja’s Most Definitive Features is Morbid

Any marked and noticeable asymmetry or disproportionality of body and limbs is always a grave sign. It indicates serious disharmony in the invisible character of a person, and is a warning of every imaginable trouble, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and otherwise.

Greninja bears thighs of extreme deviation from the normal, in fact, it is one of its signature characteristics, but to those who see it as a sexual lure can only be giving into a primal urge that disregards morbid excess or extremes, rather than bearing an instinct to beauty and health. The size of Greninja’s thighs, in conjunction with their oblong and fat shape, may indicate, besides disharmony, the inheritance only of the thigh segment of body from a thicker, more froglike parent, lipedema, eunuchoidism, rheumatic fever, and a neurotic or consumptive tendency. It may also indicate an abnormal growth of long bones, possibly as a result of gonad insufficiency at puberty and later.

To draw attention to these bulbous thighs, the designers of Greninja, once again under the assumption that mixing and matching traits of frog and human together without regard to beauty or concord, bestowed Greninja with very thin and weak thighs. In addition to the objections I made in my first critique, this is ugly and is associated with muscular dystrophy and tuberculosis. Indians of the 1500’s associated a long and meatless pair of shins in a girl with a cruel and vicious temperament, for it once again corresponds to the occasional sadism associated with the schizophrenic tendencies of the above feature. It may also be linked with hyperthyroidism and hypopituitarism as connected symptoms.

65.- Limbs and Body: A Sickly Neck and a Regressive Posture

To allot greater space for the width and size of Greninja’s boat bow shaped head, the designers bestowed Greninja with a very short neck where it is artistically put in by fan artists (perhaps to make the creature appear a little less disillusionary to its fans), or one that apparently seems to blend in with the connection to the head and the torso, with little form or indication of its existence. This is almost uglier than the legs of Greninja, and would stick out just as much had the Game Freak designers not also use their vestiges of artistic vision to cover up the oversight with Greninja’s tongue scarf.

It may be merely apparently short, in which case can be drawn to a habitually bad posture (and with such a forward hunched neck, who is to argue that it may not subsidarily be the case?) Dr. Havelock Ellis states that if it is genuinely short, it is usually also very large in girth (exactly!) and associates it with gall-bladder disease. He says that it also connects with hypothyroidism and Klippel-Feil syndrome, a severe malformation of the spine, which extends its symptoms to a host of other nervous and mental debilities and distortions.

Lastly, Greninja’s body is fixed or set in bad postural habits — stoops, rounded shoulders, leaning forward, head hunched forward, visceroptosis (a sagging belly), stiff straightening of shoulders with corresponding lordosis of many varieties, a curvature of the spine (without tuberculosis or any other disease) and so on. All are very ugly, and destructive of any nimble warrior’s ability to cohesively, silently, and fluidly engage in feats of gymnastics, speed, and precision, like that of an actual ninja.

66.- Is Greninja a Desirable Mate?

Even before we begin to examine the details that I will deliver anon, can anyone really suggest that Greninja, given the information presented to us in regards to human love and normal desire, is a desirable mate? Can anyone, at the altar, or even just as a trainer, conceivably believe that they would never revolt towards its diseased condition and physiologically dirty features? Can anyone ever suggest that nausea would never come of this, consciously or otherwise? Is this the character you wish to stare into the eyes of and smell the breath of on a moonlit midnight following an expensive dinner (payed by you, the trainer, of course)? Is this character “kissable”? Is it “savory”? Can one find the fire and exuberance that lies within its glazed, squinted eyes? Is it one that demands by your complete instinct and ancestral conscience that you make unscrupulous intimate contact with? Can one bear the mucous membrane of its mouth, or the exposure to its flesh in contact? And for the rest of your life? Can on suggest it be a proper and stable caretaker, even of its own kin?

Thus, we conclude that Greninja is not merely a poor composition between the frog and the human, but also a regression of both, essentially worse off in both health and beauty than either species. Only those who have no faith in their own character or looks are willing to try and extend themselves to a completely foreign character in both beauty, aptitudes, interests, and personality.

67.- How Sexual Lovers of Greninja Manifest

Today, by result of these perpetual influences you can hear people talking or discussing on the news or the press romantically and foolishly about the necessity of befriending and living with one's opposite extreme. This idea is but of sickness and of morbid self hatred. If there really were this apparent levelling tendency in nature, whence would come the superbly magnificent canine family, with all its beauty, strength, grace, intellect, courage and agility, side by side with the race of the skunks, of the sloths, and of the frogs and the flatworms of past and present ecosystems?

If strong and desirable art and character, which is the sum of an organism’s or an artist’s will, virtue, instinct, and beauty, is to be preserved, indiscriminate mixtures between nations and classes, species and animals, art styles and subjects, must not be allowed to go on persistently. But this is precisely what is allowed under times where Greninja is allowed to become the popular poll leader.

68.- The Weakness and Debility of Greninja’s Lovers

What happens then? Will, virtue, instinct, and beauty begin to gradually decline, and ultimately, they will disappear. Nobody is deeply nor proudly conscious of possessing something or having acquired something during their own lifetime which is indeed worthy of preservation and perpetuation in their lifetime and for their progeny. In fact, things today are even worse than this. There is scarcely a man or woman today who does not whole-heartedly believe that it is their duty in guiding themselves independently to choose a role model utterly different from themselves, so great is his internal and frequently unconscious self-contempt.

Also having no real pride in either their will, their virtues, their instincts, or their beauty, he feels intuitively that their object must be to find a corrective- that is to say, something that they know will transform, modify, or conflict with their own nature. And the popular mind is slowly but surely possessed by the idea that a person should select their other extreme!

69.- Greninja as the Disease of Taste

Thus, confusion rapidly multiplies among the population. Before long, everybody becomes a hopeless coil of petty discordant desires, motives, likes and dislikes, prejudices and proclivities, shallow virtues and shallow vices, and doubt, discontent, weakness and sorrow begin to lodge residents at their permanent headquarters in the minds and hearts of men and women.

Nobody knows what they want, not a single person bears any fixed belief, nobody is capable of attaining or holding any permanent passion, sentiment, or goal, and nobody is capable of consistency, automation or steadfastness and staunchness in any matter of principle. For in order for any organic being of necessity to have a steadfast aim, a dire conviction, a cheerful trustfulness in life, and a permanent passion or sentiment and steadfastness or staunchness in matters of principle — virtues, instincts above all, and will are necessary and indispensable. Only a man who does not possess a single vestige of any of these qualities may yearn to seek out a Greninja, essentially a pile of aesthetic, behavioral, and sexual pile of rubbish, as a companion, a disciple, or a mate.

Once again, I invite everyone who shares a deep, profound, and intellectual hatred for Greninja in any manner to share with me your additional contentions so that I may add them to this document. While you are at it, post pictures of Greninja in a poor state. I will tolerate him or her (the latter being preferred given the context of this and following threads) being humiliated, bullied, dehumanized (or perhaps dePokemonized) tortured physical and emotionally, in a miserable or overwhelmingly taxing situation, and overall being degraded into the destructive and tasteless creature it always was by those who have a more vulgar hatred of the Pokémon. The degradation of Froakie and Frogadier is also permitted, but keep in mind that they are not essential to the theme of this thread.

To those supporters of Greninja, either give me serious and intellectual refutations of this interpretation, or else go back to your anime hugbox. “Haters gonna hate” is only a pulpit for your indifference to the world, its capacity for achieving desirable things and its glories that result from it.

Thank you to all those who have read even partially into what I have to say. Even a single change of heart is enough to justify my effort.


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Hey, please, somebody can ban an user for me? They hurt my feelings and I'm no longer feeling like home on kiwifarms. I come here to escape reality, and some user made my life hell, because I cannot log here without seeing him spilling his vile ideas all over the threads.
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Gonna use something my severely autistic bro typed to me today after I made him chimp out by telling him Megatron is better than Optimus Prime. My bro types a lot of weird random words into his sentences when he's really mad and it's hilarious. I laughed about what he said today for like half an hour. I asked him if I can share what he typed today and he said yes because he laughed too after he calmed his ass down.

Me: "Hey, bro. Guess what? Optimus Prime is way cooler than Megatron."



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