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Alex Krycek

He’s a goof, he’s aloof, he’s seeking out reason.
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You’re not a real doctor, and I bet your puke smells like poop and pee.


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You don't REALLY live in a cave in North Korea. What happened, did Donald Trump come over and give you internet? Hahahahaha
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Doctor Placebo

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Sounds like something a gook mole trying sap our precious shitposting reserves would say. How's the Corona Virus doing in the land of fat dweeb dictators and badly made missiles, Sum Ting Wong?

Alex Krycek

He’s a goof, he’s aloof, he’s seeking out reason.
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I’d think a Doctor would be able to combat any sort of Beer Virus. Evidently you really are just a placebo!

Science has proven that Fanta is a shitty soda.
Akshually, its scientifically proven that Fanta IS soda and not shitty. All that is required is for a suspension of Di-hydrogen Oxide and Carbon Di-Oxide be served as the base for the beverage, and that the beverage lack toxicity to humans and is safe for consumption. This is of course if we are referring to the beverage and not the actual scientific sodas which need to be a varying combination of Sodium. Mainly, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sodium Oxide. These serve as base ingredients for cooking or industrial products and some are probably not good ingested. Especially Sodium Hydroxide. That could cause perforations in your digestive tract which would trigger pain responses in your nervous system. But we are talking about Soda the Beverage, and not Soda the product. People probably started calling the beverage Soda because the bubbling is very similar to what happens when you put actual soda into water. Shitty refers to the addition of fecal matter to anything, or to otherwise make something taste like fecal matter. So now that we have defined your terms we need determine whether or not Fanta is a Shitty Soda. Breaking down what Fanta is we have four critical ingredients. Di-Hydrogen Oxide, Carbon Di-Oxide, a Soluble Carbohydrate more commonly known as Sugar, A combination of the food Dyes Red 40 and yellow 6, and citric acid. You will note that that there is no actual Orange in the recipe. So how is it an Orange soda? Well this is due to a fascinating trick our minds play on ourselves. Science has shown that when it comes to taste, the most important sensory organs are our eyes and nose. When you look at a bottle of Fanta, you see an Orange liquid named orange soda. When you open it, your nose gets that waft of citric acid which we attribute to citrus fruits like Oranges. When you finally taste it, your tongue simply confirms what your nose and eyes already determined. It tastes like orange. As another aside, this is why every Jelly Donut, regardless of flavor, uses Apple Jelly as the filling. The Apple Jelly is simply dyed the approriate color and an artificially derived scent based on the fruit its supposed to be is added. Isn't science fun? But we are talking about Fanta and whether or not it is Shitty Soda. Our first test, the suspension of Di-Hydrogen Oxide and Carbon Di-Oxide is easily met. So it is scientifically proven that it is, Soda. But is it shitty? Well I suppose that depends on where you buy it. Fecal matter is not, as a rule, one of the ingredients in Fanta. And Citric Acid, the primary flavoring compound, is not generally known to taste like feces. However, if you were to buy it in a less hygenic nation such as India, the odds that it might be Shitty increase. Getting the Fanta from a publicly accessible Soda fountain could also make it Shitty. As a general rule though and as intended it is not scientifically a shitty soda.