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RBG wins
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OMG 😱 I luv ur work and I love ❤ U!!!! I’m ur biggest fan and I want to be like u one day. I know all ur favorite things. Ur favorite color is green and u actually live in a glass house 🏠 because ur profile name says so. THAT IS SO COOL 😎. Later, I want u to show me ur favorite cartoons and hopefully we can go to the park and play on the playground!!!!! Also, I want u to show me how you keep your windows so clean 🧼 at a glass house 🏠 because it’s probably a lot of work. I’ll ask my mom 👩🏾‍🦱 if she thinks it’s okay 👌 to let me help you clean your glass house. Sorry, I need to go because my mom 👩🏾‍🦱 says it’s time for dinner and tonight it’s my favorite!!! Tonight I’m eating Mac and cheese 🧀 and it’s the Frozen shapes!!!!
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esoteric eco-fascist tomboy,don't @ me
your dumb fattyr!
i'm gonna facefuk you nerd lololsol4rok4lololol10!!!1221!!11


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
You're married to a cat! A CAT! A CAT!!


Why did you choose this damn dirty dog over me?!!?

I'm a wreck without you..... AAHHHWOOOOO!